Seven tips for getting started as a freelancer on Fiverr

Making money on the internet sounds like a dream. That’s exactly what you can do with the Fiverr freelance platform, but the competition is tough! In this article, you will learn seven tips from a successful Fiverr freelancer, with which you can also assert yourself and succeed on the platform.

Making money on the internet is one of the many benefits of digitization and the 21st century. You don’t need an office, a master’s degree, or a big budget. All you need to build a net income is passion, discipline and a bit of creativity.

The freelance life is therefore increasingly popular. Just open the laptop and go. In reality, however, it is not that easy to make money online. Before getting to the heart of the matter, topics such as acquisition, communication with customers and task planning await you.

Many people give up at an early stage, when their fingers have been burned on their first cold call attempts or they have completely lost track of the situation due to a lack of experience in confusing orders and customers.

If you want to succeed as a freelancer despite these obstacles, sooner or later you will come across service provider platforms. What is that ? It’s simple: imagine an online marketplace like Amazon. Only here vendors do not sell products to ship, but their services such as logo design, video editing, website programming, and many more.

Fiverr: your entry into the world of freelancers

One of the most popular of these platforms is Fiverr. Founded in Israel in 2010, Fiverr has long been popular in North America and Asia. Meanwhile, the exchange of freelancers is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Over 3.8 million active buyers worldwide are on Fiverr (as of March 31, 2021 ).

At first, the platform was known for its low prices. Even today, services of all kinds start at five dollars, hence the name “Five(rr)”. But in the meantime, there are also much more expensive offers and services that individuals and companies can take advantage of.

If you want to succeed on Fiverr and build a side income as a freelancer, there are a few things to consider. After all, the competition is huge and, between you and me, it can be frustrating when you created your account with a lot of anticipation and no orders come in for several days.

As a writer on Fiverr, I’ve been active on the platform for a long time now and have had many valuable experiences (and mistakes) to learn from.

In this article, I want to offer you my seven tips on how to get started on Fiverr.

Tip 1: the right profile

Your journey on Fiverr starts with your profile. When you sign up, you have to answer a few questions about yourself and your business. You also have the possibility to define your appearance on Fiverr, i.e. what potential buyers will see of you afterwards.

This includes the profile photo and description, as well as other useful information (we’ll get to that at the end of Tip 1).

Profile picture

An authentic profile photo is extremely important to give the impression of seriousness. It will be displayed on your profile page as well as on all your ad pages.

High-quality portrait photos and photos that show you “in action” work especially well. For example, if you offer photography, I recommend a photo of you with a camera.

In this way, you signal competence and authenticity. Also, a real photo of you instead of a logo is ideal for establishing a personal and familiar base with potential customers from the start.

Once you’ve taken or had the perfect shot taken, make sure the image is high quality and not pixelated or blurry. You also have to pay attention to the correct aspect ratio: Fiverr specifies a 1:1 aspect ratio, so the photo must be square. Also, the minimum width and height should be 250 pixels.

Profile Description

Next comes the profile description. This is to highlight your competence, but also to tell something about you.

People like to work with interesting personalities. Try to answer the following questions as concisely as possible in your description text:

· What’s your name ?

· How did you come to do what you do (design, photography, whatever applies to you)?

· What do you like most about your job?

· How can you help someone with your skills?

· What values and virtues are particularly important to you at work (perfectionism, precision, punctuality, etc.)?

Spend more time on your profile description until you’ve managed to answer these questions in fluent text. Don’t underestimate the importance of the profile description. It’s the equivalent of a product description on Amazon, except that on Fiverr, you’re not offering a product, but your work.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll have an attractive description of yourself that commands attention, exudes professionalism, and showcases your skills.

Other useful data

Profile photo and description available? Great ! You have already taken the most important steps in building a serious profile.

Fiverr also offers you other ways to get to know yourself better on your profile:

· Languages: here you indicate which languages you speak and at which level. This is important because the majority of buyers on Fiverr are international. The more language skills, the better. With English and French, you already start well.

· Completed Tests: Fiverr now offers tests that you can take for free. There are tests for different fields (graphic design, marketing, content writing). With a positive result, you can improve your profile.

· Linked accounts: are you active on Facebook, Github or Twitter and do you have a good reputation there? If you link your account here, it is an ideal reference.

· Skills: Here you define your skills (Fiverr offers predefined titles) and your level of experience (beginner, intermediate, expert). Potential clients get an idea of your skills.

· Academic background: do you have a diploma or certified training? You can save it under this point.

· Certificates: Certificates are the final piece of the puzzle. For example, if you have participated in IED certified courses or Google Future Workshop courses, you can mention it in this column.

The more comprehensive and detailed you work on these points, the more serious and professional your Fiverr profile will appear. As a result, your chances of actually generating orders from people who view your profile increase.

Tip 2: the perfect Gig

You have now created your profile. The second step is to create the ads for the services, what Fiverr calls the Gigs. When crafting your Gigs, it is important to pay attention to certain quality factors. The essential points are the title, the description and the photo of the Gig.

Gig title

Every Gig title on Fiverr begins with the two words “I will”. Again and again we see people who have not understood the problem. You’ll come across headlines like “I’ll take care of your Facebook ads.” You can imagine that this is not serious and no one will click on this Gig, no matter how attractive the profile or the offer.

Therefore, avoid this mistake at all costs and craft a title that uses the initial words to form a fluent English sentence. Consider the following factors for a successful title:

· Be concise (not too long)

· Catch (keyword that attracts attention)

· Respond directly to the need (What do you offer?)

Facebook marketing and ads HYPERLINK “”, for example, your title might be:

“I will create your Facebook advertising strategy that will change the situation”.

Group photo

The title and the photo are the first things that will be seen from your Gig. So make sure your Gig photo is clean and has a modern design. Consider the following factors for successful photography:

· Short and concise text

· Pattern Burst: Creates an eye-catching design that catches the eye as you scroll through the pages

· Authenticity: illustrates your connection to the offer (e.g. camera as picture element for photography)

· Correct format: 1100 x 740 pixels

· No clickbait

· Avoid copying other users.

Description of the Gig

If you manage to convince with your photo and your title, you will also encourage people to click on your Gig. It is now essential that this flow of visitors does not fade away but is actually converted into orders for you.

The most important factor is the description of your Gig. You will then have the opportunity to explain to interested parties why you are the ideal person for this position.

Note the following factors for a successful description:

· No textual deserts (write concisely and use paragraphs)

· Explain the problem (that you can solve) and address the pain point customer.

· How can you solve the problem?

· What is your promise (professionalism, reliability, punctuality, diligence, etc.)?

With these guidelines, you’re sure to find an irresistible description. If you’re having trouble doing this, don’t despair! Take a few hours to do it. The description is so important that it will be worth it in any case.

Tip 3: get the first orders

Optimizing your Gig and your profile is the basis of your success on Fiverr. Unfortunately, even that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a lot of orders quickly; the competition on the platform is just too much for that.

Fiverr’s algorithm has to get to know you first. The best way to do this is to provide customers with positive experiences and good reviews. But how do you get there if you’re not generating orders yet?

A few “shortcuts” to your first commands and reviews will help you kick off your Fiverr profile. These include “buyer inquiries” and existing customers and an annoying little thing that everyone faces at the start of the Fiverr journey. : “sell below its fair value.”

Buyer inquiries

Buyer requests are a great way to get orders on Fiverr, even as a newbie. Here you find people who have placed a unique and individual mandate.

Anyone who offers services in this area can apply for this order. The more convincing your application and offer, the more likely you will be accepted.

You can send ten of these requests per day. I highly recommend that you take full advantage of these ten daily applications initially! If you make an effort and persevere, you will find an order sooner or later.

Existing customers

If you already have customers outside of Fiverr, it is interesting to offer them to place an order once through Fiverr. This way, you get a rating for your profile, and Fiverr also registers that you provide good services for the first time.

You sell your services below their fair value.

It might sound strange, but it is an essential lesson that many Fiverrers have learned the painful way on closer inspection.

You often see newcomers and newcomers on the platform who do not yet have reviews and hardly any references but who offer services in a three-digit price segment. The likelihood of someone accepting such an offer is slim due to the vast offer on Fiverr.

Therefore, you will have to sacrifice a high hourly wage at the beginning, even if you already have a lot of experience in your field. It is recommended to have a few Gigs where you start at $5, the cheapest package. This way, you increase the chances of someone clicking on your Gig and buying.

The more reviews you collect and the more reputation you build on Fiverr, the higher the prices you can set. If people see that you consistently deliver excellent service and that many of their buyers have already had positive experiences with you, they’ll be willing to pay more.

Tip 4: make your profile irresistible

You have already invested hours in creating your profile, Gigs, descriptive texts, and photos, yet there is no order insight? Please do not despair; it may take a few weeks before the breakthrough.

On the other hand, you can do something to make your profile irresistible. Fiverr has a relatively new offering called “Learn from Fiverr.” You’ll find plenty of courses in marketing, graphic design, programming, Photoshop, texting, business, and photography.

The video courses have been designed and delivered by highly experienced people in their respective fields. By taking these courses, you earn badges placed in a very aesthetic way on your profile, clearly marking your expertise in an area.

However, the courses don’t just sharpen your profile; they can also give you practical knowledge. All classes are produced by experts and have a consistent content plan.

The only problem is that the courses are paid for. However, they are incredibly cheap. You can buy a one or two-hour lesson for 30 dollars (25 euros). An investment whose profitability is guaranteed!

Tip 5: Returning Customers Thanks to Service Excellence

When the orders start pouring in, you have to do everything to retain those customers for the long term. In this way, you will gradually build up a safe and predictable volume of orders.

The potential is enormous: companies looking for freelancers on Fiverr don’t want to find a new person every week. If they had a good experience with you and there’s a level of trust, you can be sure they’ll come back to you when they need something.

Good service is defined on Fiverr mainly by communication, indulgence, and quality.


Good communication is a fundamental part of good service, not only on Fiverr but also outside the platforms. Imagine that you have a business and work with service providers to advance your projects on which you work with a lot of passion and dedication. Do you want to be kept up to date and know what the progress looks like?

From experience, I can assure you that most buyers on Fiverr appreciate receiving regular status updates. So you can tell your customers that something is happening, that the order is being processed, and that you are working on a solution to their problem.

Communication is key if there are complications and you cannot deliver on time. Communicate in time that it will take longer, ask for forgiveness and explain the delay. The best way to make up for it is to offer a discount on the next order or a free extra service.

In such cases, good communication is the key to enabling a positive customer experience and even getting a good review. Honesty and sincerity are just as important as quality.


Regarding quality, you must provide services by the presentation of your profile and your Gig. Even the best communication will not bring a customer back if the result is unsatisfactory.

Therefore, always work with care and precision and, if you are unsure, ask again for a requirement to be explained to you. It is essential that you deliver what the client imagined.

The rule is: it is better to ask too many questions once than too few.


Some people are inexperienced and start their journey as freelancers on Fiverr. Likewise, some buy on Fiverr for the first time and have no experience with the usual processes.

Therefore, be prepared to face the following pitfalls:

· Requirements are met incompletely

· Requirements are worded unclearly

· Unrealistic demands that exceed supply

It is very important to keep calm and be lenient in such a case. Take the initiative and start communicating. Kindly and professionally explain the information you are still missing so that you can offer the best possible service.

This courtesy is not self-evident and is generally gratefully accepted and honored.

If, for example, you try to work on the order despite an inadequate briefing, the result will most likely be something the customer doesn’t want. Arguments and discussions are then inevitable.

Therefore, always be forgiving and patient in your dealings with clients and get all the information you need to get started.

Tip 6: Go the extra mile!

Do you know what’s great? Receive something as a gift. We are all happy when we receive a gift from our family or friends. In the business world, where all services are generally reimbursed, it is even more extraordinary to receive a gift unexpectedly.

If you really want to succeed on Fiverr and have a long-term career there, this advice is essential. It’s probably the best way to inspire people and get them to notice you.

Concretely, this means that you receive an order whose scope and requirements are clear. When you’ve done your homework, think about how you could help the customer and prepare a gift that exceeds their expectations.

For example, you are a graphic designer and receive an order to create a logo. After completing the logo, you can find out if the client is present on social networks, for example on, Instagram. Designing highlight icons to go with the logo that massively enhances the Instagram profile, for example, is an ideal bonus.

When you write texts and receive the order for a blog article, it is good to proofread texts from other websites and correct spelling mistakes. Whatever the field in which you evolve, there is always a way to give a gift to your customers. Be creative! Your creativity will be rewarded.

Tip #7: Patience and discipline pay off

One last thought I would like to give you at the end: Many people give up quickly on Fiverr because they don’t receive an order for a few weeks, they’ve already invested a lot of time, and the charges they want don’t arrive at all. just not.

This first phase, during which you have to work hard for each order and each criticism, is the most important. The key is to persevere and be patient. If you do everything to achieve your goals on Fiverr, sooner or later, success will come and you will breakthrough.

If you lose track of your dashboard as orders pour in, you’ll even briefly hope for those “simpler” times to return.

You now have the best conditions to start your adventure on Fiverr with confidence and anticipation; you’ll love it!

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