Selling on Shopify. They do it with referrals and customer loyalty

Selling on Shopify is not easy. The most effective methods of referring your customers to your Shopify site and retaining them.
Successfully selling on Shopify to make your Shopify online store a profitable business is not easy. The most effective way to do this is to get your customers to recommend your Shopify site and to keep them coming back.

Selling on Shopify is not easy.
France will have more than 190,000 online stores in 2021, according to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD). A figure continues to grow because, according to the same Federation, more than 10,000 e-commerce sites are created each year.

In these conditions, you see it every day. It becomes very complicated to differentiate your Shopify or another online store.

So how do you go about having a chance to sell on Shopify in this minefield?

Succeeding on Shopify. The case of Les Envies de Marie online store.
Let’s present the numbers seen by one of our clients right off the bat. She chose to boost her Shopify online store. Our Shopify application consists of building loyalty among customers who recommend her online store: Les Envies de Marie. Her goal was to sell on Shopify a little more than usual successfully.

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The numbers you get are as follows:

sell on Shopify
Admittedly, our client has not been able to attract new customers to her Shopify site. However, we will go into a little more detail. To see how her positive customer reviews on her Shopify site and an effective retention strategy generated more than €250 in additional revenue per month.

I am selling on Shopify. Why is it essential to have good reviews and customer recommendations?

In the world of online sales, customer recommendation has become fundamental. It is a phenomenon that is growing day by day with the power of influencers and the social proof they create.

So, people will order from your Shopify online store if they feel it is famous and shows some social proof. So before your products, it’s marketing that’s the essential thing today to successfully sell your products on Shopify. So recommendations and customer reviews will help you attract new customers to your Shopify site because people will tell themselves that it is popular.

Selling on Shopify
Furthermore, recommendations and customer reviews have another impact on your Shopify site. They build and emphasize trust in your Shopify online store. This allows you to optimize your conversions. Mainly with your historical customers at first. They already know you and therefore visit your Shopify site regularly. By consistently demonstrating this trust, you make them feel more confident about ordering from your Shopify site. The effect is also expressed in new visitors.

Thus, referrals help sell on Shopify because of the popularity and trust they imply.

Generally speaking, today, 78% of consumers trust strangers more than brand advertising. So you can advertise your Shopify site as much as you want. You’ll never present it as well as your customers themselves…

I am selling on Shopify. Why is it essential to retain your historical customers?
There are many reasons.

First, it’s much easier to sell to a customer who has already ordered from your Shopify online store than it is to recruit new ones. But on the other hand, your customers are not your own. If they find better elsewhere, you know the rest…

Secondly, retaining your customers means acting on two marketing levers to succeed in selling on Shopify. And sell more. These two levers are:

The frequency of purchase of your customers. Schematically, an effectively loyal customer is a customer who consumes more regularly from you. Have you ever tested discounts with time validity? Devastating as a result.

The average baskets of your customers. Similarly, a loyal customer is a customer who tends to order for more significant amounts. Thanks to the psychological impact of the loyalty program. Again, have you ever tested discounts from a minimum purchase amount? Just as devastating.

Convinced by this, we even designed a Shopify application for all Shopify online stores that want to succeed in selling on Shopify with customer recommendation and loyalty.

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