Selling on eBay - instructions, fees and benefits!

Selling on eBay – instructions, fees and benefits!

The eBay platform has established itself as an authentic brand that is indispensable. Almost everyone thinks of the trading portal with the advertising slogan “Three, two, one – mine,” almost everyone thinks of the trading portal. If you want to sell something, eBay is one of the most accessible places to go. Everything you need to know about selling on eBay can be found in our article.

Commercial and private sales on eBay

The first question for sellers on eBay is how to differentiate. Am I selling commercially or privately? In principle, every seller with an eBay account can sell privately. As a commercial seller, you have access to the entire eBay store with more professional display options. Which option you choose is initially up to you. However, several criteria have emerged to facilitate commercial activity. These include the following factors.

You regularly offer similar items or new items.
You purchase items for resale or repeat sales to third parties.
The number of offers or feedback is very high.
You are listed as a power seller or run your own eBay store.
What seller do obligations arise from selling on eBay?
Private sellers enjoy some advantages over commercial sellers on eBay due to the abovementioned points. Among other things, you can.

Selling on eBay - instructions, fees and benefits!
Selling on eBay – instructions, fees and benefits!

Exclude the warranty on sold items.
Exclude the right to return and cancel
and receive legal benefits related to competition, trademark, or copyright laws.
On the other hand, commercial sellers have the following obligations.

Must integrate the appropriate imprints into your profile.
Must grant, at least for private buyers, the right of withdrawal and return.
Must provide a guarantee of at least 24 months for new merchandise and 12 months for used inventory.
The risk of shipping lies with the seller.
To work as a commercial seller, you need to make transactions.

Business registration should not be a barrier to you and your selling on eBay. Sign up for a business listing, and you can’t go wrong!

New seller’s guide: How to find your way on eBay!
By the way, the portal offers many opportunities to sell your goods. This little guide will help you understand the structure and processes of eBay more easily. This way, you too can trade successfully.

Opening an account on eBay

If you don’t already have an eBay account, you can set one up very quickly. You’ll find the “Sign in” and “Register” buttons on the start page in the top left corner.
You can use your email address to store your data or connect directly to your Facebook account. Once you have done this, your eBay account is now active.

List products for sale

If you’re logged into eBay, you can find the “Sell” button in the subject line on the top left of the home page.
Depending on whether this is your first sale, you will have to enter additional personal data, such as an address, cell phone number, and date of birth. Your identity will then be checked briefly. Once the check is complete, you can use the “Create Offer” button to sell your item on eBay.

Selling on eBay - instructions, fees and benefits!
Selling on eBay – instructions, fees and benefits!

What steps must you consider?

To sell successfully on eBay and increase your turnover, perform the following steps in order.

Which item do you want to sell?

Make sure the information is as accurate as possible for precise allocation.

Select categories, items, and item conditions

Ideally, eBay already knows your item and suggests a category and an object that contains detailed product information. This can save you a lot of setup time.

Setting up acceptable payment methods

Above the entire input mask of your post, you will find the “Change offer settings” button in the upper right corner. If you click on this button, you can store the allowed payment options, etc. Currently, bank transfers, PayPal, and cash payments are accepted.
Uploading article photos

If eBay knows about your item, you can use the stock photos stored to sell it. However, you can also upload up to 12 images of your articles. Once you can showcase your product yourself, you should use it. Because successful product display, successful sales.

Selling on eBay - instructions, fees and benefits!
Selling on eBay – instructions, fees and benefits!

Specify project features and project description

Both are used to describe your project. You can select specific features from a fixed list, and sometimes you can create your descriptions.

Define (starting) price and shipping cost

You can set a starting price for a 7-day auction or a fixed selling price. Or even both. You can choose from specific vendors to fully customizable options for shipping, including setting shipping costs.
When you have finally defined all parameters, click on “Set as specified cost,” – and your auction begins.

Tip: If you make a mistake here, you can exit your ad auction no more than 30 days after the auction by clicking the “Cancel Transaction” button. However, this may result in a negative rating for you as a seller.

Selling and Shipping Products

Once you have advertised your product, you have to wait for the auction to end and sell your item. The buyer will then automatically receive the payment details you have stored. However, you should wait until you confirm that the customer has received payment. Only then send the item to the customer according to your specified delivery options.

Collect payment and evaluate the buyer

If you encounter a non-paying customer, you can open eBay after a few days (“Open unpaid item case”). If you still haven’t received your payment within the next four days, you can close the case. You get your sales commission back and can sell the item again.

You also have the opportunity to rate the buyer after completion. To do this, you can click on “My eBay” – “Sales – Overview” – “Sold” to view the transaction.
You can now “submit a review” here. Although you can only select the positive for the buyer, you can also choose to enter a personal review.

Selling on eBay - instructions, fees and benefits!
Selling on eBay – instructions, fees and benefits!

My eBay: Your overview of all transactions

You can find all your activity on eBay, including your sales and purchases. The best way to do this is to take a closer look at this control center at your leisure. Among other things, you can see the following in the Selling Portal.

What items are you currently selling?
Who is reading your posts?
Which bids have you already received for your items?
(Have (potential) buyers sent you questions or other information about the auction?
Have you received (deviating) price proposals for immediate purchases?
You can also mark whether the individual transaction has been paid for and shipped. So your buyers are always up to date.

What tools support me as a seller on eBay?

You can use several programs to help sell on eBay, including the following three.

Vendor Cockpit Pro
Seller CockpitPro

Seller Cockpit Pro is an eBay mask specifically tailored for sellers. Every potential selling opportunity on eBay is brought together in one tool. In addition to pure offer management, you can benefit from a detailed reporting system that you can use to analyze your activity on eBay in detail.

Sales Manager and Sales Manager Pro
Sales Manager Pro

In principle, the Sales Manager is part of the Salesperson Cockpit, but it can also be used separately. It provides you with streamlined options for creating and editing offers. Among other things, you can use it to create bundled offers, call up different views of deals and handle your sales post-processing exclusively.

eBay App
The eBay app
The eBay app in the Google Playstore
You can also conduct all your sales activities tailored to mobile devices with the eBay app. It’s compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

Private sellers
Setting up an auction is usually free. Only if you post more than 300 auctions per month, and in some cases posting an offer will incur a fee of 0.50€. The sales commission is a flat 10% of the value of the sale, excluding shipping, up to a maximum of 199€ per auction.

Commercial sellers
Commercial sellers have an essential monthly subscription that allows them to set a certain number of auctions (four variants), a fixed price for additional auctions, and a sales commission for free. This covers the total cost of the commercial seller.

The sales commission for commercial sellers is usually 8.5% plus a one-time fee of 0.05€. If the service status is below average, the commission will increase by 12.5%.

Selling on eBay - instructions, fees and benefits!
Selling on eBay – instructions, fees and benefits!

What are the advantages of selling on eBay?

Many e-commerce operators use eBay as a distribution and sales platform. This offers several advantages. For example, you don’t have to create your online store. Other advantages are

Access to a large and diverse customer base
Customer acquisition and retention through professional store referrals
Less effort to create auctions
Direct launch without website and marketing
It can also be used as a complement to your online store
The difference between selling on Amazon
On Amazon…

You have access to more buyers.
Is the competition from sellers more intense?
It’s harder to achieve high-profit margins.
The average number of orders processed is three times higher than on eBay.
On eBay…

In addition to selling at a fixed price, you can also sell at an auction.
Sellers find it easier to navigate.
Competition for sellers is not as fierce as on Amazon.
positive reviews have a more significant impact on the qualitative classification of a store, and
Sales commissions are usually lower.
Amazon vs. eBay


eBay is a great selling platform for all occasions. Although eBay has had to make concessions to Amazon in terms of reach, it still has enormous sales potential with about 17 million users (as of 2017). Private sellers and newcomers to commercial online selling, in particular, can use the platform very quickly. Selling on eBay can also be a helpful addition or preliminary step to your online store. The flexibility of using the selling platform is correspondingly high.

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