Rename the admin user in WordPress

Renaming the admin user of a WordPress site is an operation that should always be done in all areas. Security experts recommend that you never use the default name “admin” for the administrator of your WordPress site. In case you have already created it or you have found this user already created by someone else, do not despair; you can remedy it with today’s advice.

Try to use the user management

If you try to use the WordPress user management page, you will soon find that you can edit a lot of user information, except the username. Immediately next to this is the phrase “The username cannot be changed.” Even if the start is not the most encouraging, do not despair because I will show you three simple methods to carry out this change equally and safely.

Rename admin in WordPress with user management

The first method is the simplest but also the most cumbersome. This consists of creating a new user with the desired new name and administrator role. However, when making this new user, you will need to specify a different email address than the one already for the admin user since WordPress does not allow two users to use the same email address. At this point, exit the site administration panel (log out) and log in again but with the credentials of the new user you just created. Then move to the user management page and quietly delete the old admin user. Remember that when you delete a user, WordPress asks what to do with that user’s content. Make sure to transfer all content belonging to the admin to the new user. Once you have successfully deleted the old admin, you can change the email address and enter the previously used address for admin.

Rename admin in WordPress with a plugin

The second method involves using a third-party plugin. Even if you are among those users who do not want to install plugins, remember that in this case, it is possible to delete the plugin safely once the username has been changed. A suitable plugin for this purpose is Daniel J. Griffiths’ Username Changer, but there are many others. After installing and activating it, directly from the plugin management page, a link will appear next to each user (instead of the writing. The user name cannot be changed “) through which you can change the user name. Remember to save the new username by clicking on the save button to make the change effective.

Rename admin in WordPress by editing the database

The third method is the more complicated of the three and requires access to your site’s database. This method is not recommended for those unfamiliar with this type of operation as it can cause considerable damage to the site to the point of making it unusable. Before making any changes to the data, remember to make a complete backup of the database. First, you need to access the hosting management panel provided by your provider (if you don’t have it, you need to contact your hosting provider). Once logged in, locate the access to phpMyAdmin. By accessing the phpMyAdmin web panel, you will see the tables that make up your database. Search for the user’s table (by default, it is called wp_users), open it, and click on ‘admin’ (the user’s name you want to change). At this point, change the value of the “user_login” field and remember to save the change.


By following one of these three methods, you will surely be able to make this slight improvement in the security of your site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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