Pinterest’s three methods to make ‘ant savings’ in 2022

Saving tiny amounts of money a little at a time, so you don’t feel its effect on your wallet is possible with these ideas.
We are starting 2022, and with it, some of our New Year’s resolutions begin to die. One of those that tend to disappear faster is to save more, thanks to the multiple “ant expenses,” those little treats that, when accumulated, hit our wallets hard.

But, if there are “ant expenses,” why not have “ant savings”? That is to say, to save very small amounts of money little by little so as not to feel its effect in the wallet and that with the passing of the weeks, it adds up to a good amount without us noticing it.

There are several ways to get that “little bit saved” if you find the right inspiration and, believe it or not, a great place to discover financial ideas is Pinterest.

That’s right; the visual discovery engine offers at least three methods you can use to reach your goals in a realistic and fun way. We bring you the results of the Pinterest 100 report of popular trends, which sheds light on what users of this social network have posted about personal finance.

Keep reading, and maybe you’ll find that idea you need to grow your piggy bank without hurting!

1.52-week savings challenge: one step at a time
According to Pinterest 100, searches for this challenge have grown 295% because it’s a simple method to raise money without feeling like you’re giving up anything. This challenge allows you to save a little money each week, starting with just 10 pesos in week 1 of the year and increasing little by little! By the time the holidays roll around, you’ll have 13,000 pesos saved.
2.30-Day Savings Challenge: Grow your capital in just one month
Searches for “savings challenge” increased 391 percent on Pinterest because it’s a method with a shorter commitment and a big reward. You start the challenge by saving one pesto a day and following the progression on the chart, you can save up to 6,435 pesos.
3.10 peso challenge: how many coins fit in two liters of water?
This involves putting a 10-peso coin in a two-liter bottle of water and giving that money a clear objective (your birthday, a concert, your anniversary, the video game you want, etc.). When you have filled the bottle, you will have saved five thousand pesos.

Do you have other ideas? Share them on our social networks so that other members of the community can make “ant savings”!

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