Outsourcing on Upwork: How to find and work with low-cost collaborators

An entrepreneur must work on his business, not on his business. To create your independent life, you cannot waste all your time on the daily minutiae.

Engage in activities that add value: strategize, create products, deliver services, and write copy. You can’t get lost in accounting, entering data, or fixing a site that doesn’t work. And these are just a few examples.

As soon as possible, delegate all activities that do not add value. But there is a big catch: where do you find the money? It is a dog that chases its tail: if time is eaten by low-value activities, the earnings do not grow. But without money, you can’t delegate. How do you do?

The solution is to get cheap help. Upwork is the best site for this. Find collaborators from all over the world who have a limited hourly price thanks to a low cost of living.

But perhaps I would have heard horror stories before: developers blocking the site, assistants working so badly that it was better for you to go it alone, more time wasted communicating than you saved doing the job.

The speech is this: you have to pay if you want a collaborator, creative and proactive. Don’t hesitate to hire him if you have the money to do it.

But, if you are at the beginning this money, you cannot have it. Also, there’s no point in hiring a high-level professional when you have mundane tasks to delegate.

In these cases, Upwork is the solution, you have to know how to avoid scams, wasting time wasting money.

Over the years, I have worked with virtual assistants and developers from all over the world. I have assigned one-off projects and carried out long-term collaborations.

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