Our eight alternatives to Stripe to secure your sales

Want some good news? Stripe doesn’t have a monopoly on securing online payments! Yet, many of you are in love with the king in payment provider… And if you are reading me, I guess you are one of the victims of “cash freeze,” or you live in a country not served by Stripe… In our article on Stripe blockages, we already suggested you diversify your internet payment solutions. If you could find some alternatives to Stripe, here is a list of temporary or permanent solutions to save your business from the leader’s whims.

Mollie, the easy-to-use payment platform

Unlike Stripe, the SIRET is mandatory to register on Mollie (and all other gateways). If it accepts dropshipping, it also blocks your account for one month in case of a dispute. So, be transparent about your company and identity to avoid conflict with this platform. With a rate almost identical to Stripe, Mollie offers several payment methods which facilitate transactions abroad:

Credit card, worldwide credit card ( Visa, Mastercard, American Express),
SEPA transfer, Apple Pay
The preferred payment methods are in Belgium with Bancontact, Germany with Giropay, Austria with EPS, and IDEAL in the Netherlands…
Mollie is appreciated for its transparency and ease of download. A simple free plug-in is enough. You only pay for your validated transactions—no false fees. Even the support is included!

And to make matters worse, your data is secure, and you can unsubscribe without notice.

Alma, the Stripe alternative for high ticket sites
If its 3.8% commission hinders many e-merchants, Alma is an exciting alternative to Stripe to offer payment in installments. An ideal payment platform when you sell luxury products and expensive services!

With no commitment, no setup fees, and no subscription fees, Alma attracts customers who want to defer their payment 3 or 4 times. If your customer pays later, Alma credits you at the time of order. An attractive service that brings 20% additional turnover.

An excellent compensation considering its pricing… Much higher than its competitors.

Cardinality and affordable Internet payment site

With only 1.35%/sales amount + 25 cts of management fees/transaction, Cardinity is an excellent choice for many drop shippers. By accepting all types of cards from worldwide, it is easy to sell in many European countries. By managing invoicing, fraud, and subscriptions, Cardinity is a comfortable all-in-one solution with email and phone support. More and more e-tailers appreciate this secure transaction platform.

On the Cardinality website, opening an account is simple and free. By filling in all the information, be sure to get your alternative to Stripe very quickly!

Payplug, a French payment gateway

With a fixed price of 10 euros/month + 1.6% to 0.5% commission depending on your CA formula, Payplug revolutionizes online payment systems:

Customize your Checkout page and impose your branding to reassure your customers.
Unlock the impulse to buy with split or deferred payments.
The card can register securely and build customer loyalty.
An integrated chat window links to the payment page with one click.
Protect your customers’ data with 3D Secure.
Analyze your transactions on a dedicated portal.
Because Payplug communicates with French banks, we advise you to be solvent 😉

Autorize.net, the pioneer of transaction solutions

Known for its reliability, this payment gateway is not new (1996). However:

It offers a wide range of payment options: internet, of course, mail, telephone, retail terminals, and cell phones… A feature that could reassure an older clientele less comfortable with card payments.
Always up to date, Autorize.net integrates easily with Shopify.
It allows you to make payments by subscription and advises you with 24/7 non-robot support!
Finally, fees start at $25 per month for the gateway and 10 cents per transaction.

Paypal is the must-have for a Shopify store

Renowned and appreciated by consumers, Paypal is the authority, trust, and security for Internet users. With more than 200 million users, this digital payment alternative reassures the Internet user more than the disclosure of data. A solution that is not to be underestimated and even highly recommended to ensure sales to the fans of the American company.

While fast and straightforward, Paypal allows paying in 200 countries and 25 currencies.

Without subscription or registration fees, the cost of Paypal is only 0,35 € per transaction and 2,90 % of the order amount.

Google and Apple Pay, the connected payment methods

These mobile payment solutions are very popular with students and highly connected people. Simple and within reach of the smartphone, Google Pay and Apple Pay play on the convenience of contactless payment. Intuitive and secure, your customer protects his data and no longer loses 5 minutes looking for his credit card at the bottom of the bag or wallet! With a single-click payment method, Internet users think less about pleasing themselves… One more minor psychological break in the purchase intention!

Blue Snap, the Stripe for expatriates

With the same structure and functionality as Stripe, Blue Snap is an affordable alternative that offers one-click upsell, bump, or monthly payment… By touching more than 100 countries, it has reactive support offering real solutions to specific transaction hazards. These are vital points that we criticize Stripe for…

What are the disadvantages of Blue Snap? It is in English, and the subscription process is slower than its competitor.

Its price? 1.25% + €0.25 per successful transaction. No monthly fees for the first 12 months.

Without Stripe in your pocket, creating payment gateways in advance is inevitably THE solution to secure your e-commerce shop. Fortunately, many transaction gateways are available today that cater to all types of customers. E-wallet payments, payments in countries that do not have access to credit cards or for high ticket products… Find the one that fits your business and your audience in all these alternatives.

In this video, Cedric talks about the payment providers recommended and tested by Speedecom customers:

And you, which processor did you choose? Could you share your experience with us?

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