Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence

Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence

Do you want to open an Etsy store and start self-employment? Then you’ve come to the right place, and be sure to read this article to the end. One of the largest online marketplaces globally, Etsy is undoubtedly a perfect choice here. With a circle of creative people and many small entrepreneurs, you will get a lot of great opportunities and, of course, a lot of tips about what you must consider. Yes, of course, we will also provide you with many tips and advice in this article and support you in your projects.

Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence
Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence

Etsy Store: What is it?

Etsy is one of the largest online marketplaces globally, mainly for artists, designers, and collectors. Here you will find a suitable place to sell your products, handmade goods, vintage items, or other everyday creative needs. The Etsy community is mainly composed of people passionate about the rare and unusual. The Etsy experience shows that the platform aims to create a better world for you as a small business owner. You are especially expected to make a bigger and better impact on parts of the economy and make some people happy with your product. Technically, Etsy is a platform where you can find good art supplies sell or buy homemade products or antiques. The Etsy Community prefers to describe itself as “a global marketplace for special, creative, unique and extraordinary merchandise.”

In addition to our headquarters in New York, you have also had a branch in our capital city of Berlin since 2010.

Selling on Etsy – but what and how?

If you are now comparing Etsy with other selling platforms such as eBay, you are wrong. At least this applies to the products offered there. Etsy is a selling platform where you can only deliver products in three different categories.

Category 1 – Handmade items: This applies to all products you make or design yourself.

Category 2 – Vintage Items: Not everything that looks old is vintage. This differs from Etsy in that only at least 20 years old items are allowed.

Category 3 – Creative Goods: Creative goods are materials, components, and tools used to make products or design special occasions.

Each of these three categories has very precisely defined rules. You must follow them entirely and, as a seller, you must also confirm them. If you do not manufacture the goods yourself, you as a seller must specify all partners involved in the manufacturing. The description of the product needs to be true to the report. You may only use your photos for any items you list in your Etsy store.

Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence
Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence

Business Registration for Your Etsy Store

Anyone who produces or buys something and then resells those items is in business. This also applies if you want to open and register an Etsy store. Specifically, this means that you need a business license to register your Etsy business. You can learn how to apply for a trade license in our blog post. It doesn’t matter if your sales on Etsy are intended to be profitable or not. However, there are a few options you must be aware of that have particular points related to business registration.

Option 1: Business registration as an artist and freelancer

If you are an artist or freelancer, you do not need to register to open an Etsy store. The rules for traders do not apply here.

Option 2: Reporting to the Chamber of Crafts

If you designate craft activities as a focus when registering your business, you will receive an inquiry from the Craft Chamber. This means that you will have to contribute to the Chamber of Crafts in the future. However, it is likely that you will be exempt from these contributions or will only have to pay a reduced contribution. That depends entirely on the craft chamber that is responsible for you. You can find more information in person or on their website.

Overview of crafts and professions

You can find out if the Craft Chamber is genuinely responsible for your profession from the Craft Register. You can also find jobs in this craft register that can only be practiced independently if you have a master’s degree. The craft roll is divided into two areas.

Appendix A: List of all trades requiring licensing

Appendices B1 and B2: List of all occupations and craft-like professions that do not require admission

Option 3: Registration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

If your activity is more sales-oriented and you state this accordingly when registering your business, you will most likely be contacted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Activities that are not craft-based and are not arts or freelance fall under the domain of the IHK referred to as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence
Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence


In this case, it is also possible that you are exempt from paying contributions in some cases. However, you should contact the responsible Chamber of Commerce and Industry for advice and information.

Open an Etsy store – step by step to open an Etsy store!

Before you can open your Etsy store and start selling on Etsy, there are a few things you need to do and complete. It’s not hard, and with the following step-by-step instructions, we can make it as easy as possible for you to get started. You must first create an account with Etsy and sign in to open your Etsy store. We’ll explain the following steps in more detail below—a summary.

I am setting up store settings and store names.

It is essential that you choose a name and set the country, currency, and language in the settings. You must also indicate how much time you invest in your Etsy store. You should pay attention to the following points.

Store language: The language you choose for your store will become the default language for the description of the products in the store. Please note that you cannot change this language afterward. However, if you want to add translations in other languages, you can register them. You can do this once you have opened your Etsy store.

Country where the store is located: You must make sure that you select the correct country/region for your Etsy store.

Currency from the store: This is a critical point. You must enter the money here, which is also used to price your items. Also, remember that this currency should be at most the same as the currency of your business account. If this is different from your store’s money, you may incur non-negligible exchange fees at your bank.

Temporary activity: Here, you must indicate whether you want to sell your products in the Etsy store full-time or part-time. However, this is purely informal and has no impact on the setup of your Etsy store.

You should think carefully about the name of your Etsy store beforehand. In any case, it should match your style and keep your future potential customers in mind. When specifying a store name, you must comply with the following requirements.

Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence
Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence

Store names must be between 4 and 20 characters long

No spaces or special characters are allowed

Store names must not contain obscene expressions or swear words

Other members of Etsy must not already use your store name

You may not use your name to infringe on someone else’s trademark

If the store name you want is already on Etsy, you will see it immediately. In this case, you will also receive some automatic suggestions for your store name. Once you have chosen a word, it will remain for you throughout the setup of your Etsy store.

Payment and billing for your items

When you open and set up your Etsy store, you must also set up the payment method you want to use. The choice of the correct payment method also depends on whether you have a store in a so-called supported country/region. Here, you can use the advantages of Etsy Payments. This will also please future customers because, with Etsy Payments, they can receive multiple payment methods from you. If this feature is not supported in your country, you can also set up your own PayPal account, which you use to accept all payments. When setting up your Etsy store, you will also need to make sure you provide a credit or debit card to open the store. However, this also depends on the country/region you live in. If access is required, it must be one of the following card types.

American Express



Carte Bleue (France)


In some countries, this is necessary only as proof of your identity. An authorization fee may also be required to validate the card provided. However, once the card has been successfully validated, this amount will be removed from your statement.

Good to know.

But you don’t have to worry about the card details as they are safe on Etsy. However, it is unnecessary to deposit the card to all sellers in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence
Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence

Tips and tricks for a successful sale on Etsy

You must always be aware that you are not the only seller on Etsy and that many other people have opened Etsy stores. Experience has shown that many of them give up again because they don’t sell fast enough and don’t have the patience. But that’s precisely what you need, along with some tips and tricks on how to succeed in an Etsy store. It’s not that difficult, as long as you pay attention.

High-quality photos – even with a smartphone

Good photos and good photo quality are essential for the customer and are decisive factors for buying from you. After all, he wants to know precisely what he is ordering. You can also take beautiful photos with your smartphone. Just pay attention to a few basic things and practice a little.

Set tags for search results

When placing products in your Etsy store, make sure your products are easy to find later. Under each product, you can indicate where and how your product is on Etsy. As a seller, you can use these tags successfully for yourself. Also, see how other successful sellers are doing it and think about searching for your products yourself.

Stay active – distribute likes and show activity on your profile.

It would help if you tried to be more active on Etsy. Etsy loves this. This means that if you walk around the store every day, that will be a good and beneficial thing. Update your store regularly, take out the old stuff that doesn’t sell, and show your customers what you’re up to. You can do this, for example, by distributing likes or browsing the Etsy forums because you should never forget that Etsy is a community.

Marketing – Use Instagram and Pinterest

If you don’t leave the marketing to Etsy, this is a great tip. Again, it’s recommended that you be active yourself. So why not use platforms like Instagram or Pinterest for marketing? You can use it to attract the attention of many visitors to your store. This is just a hint.

Dealing with high prices

To be successful, price is naturally essential too. Do you have the right price? What about your competitors? When many potential customers visit your store, but few buy, it is always indicated that you have to do something here. This is usually an indication that your prices may be too high or that shipping costs may be unreasonable. Improvements are necessary here and will soon have a positive impact.

Open an Etsy store - start your digital independence
Open an Etsy store – start your digital independence


The Etsy store allows you to sell your products online. Etsy is aimed at people who want to buy or sell unique and creative goods. If you’re going to open an Etsy store, you have a global marketplace where you can do whatever excites you as a seller. Etsy offers you low fees and many valuable tools as a store operator! Millions of customers are waiting for you and your products on Etsy. The Etsy store is transparent, with buyer protection, and secure all transactions. You can easily manage your store and have more time for your customers using simple tools.

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