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Online Jobs: How to Earn Your Money Online Easily

More and more online jobs are being created worldwide and in entirely different industries in digitization. More and more companies outsource part of their office work to freelancers, who then work from their home computers. Perhaps the company also offers its employees the opportunity to work from home and, for example, only have to appear at the company once a week.

Some even set up a company themselves and set up their online shop, for example. Others may offer their services as a journalist, copywriter, concept designer, virtual assistant, rental chef, graphic designer, web designer, programmer, or translator, to name a few examples. In such a job, it is particularly advantageous that you can respond to your customers’ wishes individually, set your working hours and your income yourself, without a boss intervening.

the essentials in brief

  • The selection of online jobs is enormous and will undoubtedly increase in the future.
  • To survive successfully in the market, you should have extensive experience in the chosen profession, for example, through studies, vocational training, and employment.
  • Entry is possible both as a part-time job and full-time, although you can, of course, determine the amount of time yourself.

Definition: what is an online job?

As the name suggests, online jobs offer the opportunity to earn income on the Internet. Up to 100 percent of your professional activity is spent on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or computer. You can keep in touch with the client via the Internet (for example, by e-mail, Facebook message, or chat) or via the traditional telephone. You can meet with the customer in advance in their company and plan the cooperation.

Background: What you should know about online jobs

If you want to take on an online job, you should know that the start is sometimes not that easy. Here you first have to build a particular reputation and thus constantly expand your customer base. That’s why much time is spent on customer acquisition at the beginning.

An online job sounds like easy money. But even in an online appointment, you often have to invest a lot of patience and much work.

That is why it makes perfect sense to initially do the online job as a part-time job and thus create a customer base. It is essential that you have already been able to gain initial experience in the area in which you want to work. Here, among other things, a traineeship or internship in an agency, appropriate professional training, and initial experience in a company would be an inestimable advantage.

What types of online jobs are there?

A distinction is made between online part-time jobs and online jobs carried out full-time. Online part-time jobs are ideal, for example, for students who benefit from the free time management and want to use the income to improve their student loans or who want to provide for themselves ultimately, as the parents’ income is too high for the possible student loans. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of generating a passive income. This is possible, for example, as a blogger. Here you can place advertising on your website, for which you will then receive a fixed amount. Many also choose to set up their own YouTube channel. The contributions uploaded here are provided with advertising by YouTube. For this, you will receive a predetermined share from YouTube.

What are the requirements for an online job?

Of course, you need extensive knowledge of the industry you have chosen. During your studies and vocational training, you can acquire these through sufficient practical experience, internships, and participation in (online) courses, webinars, etc. The technical equipment must, of course, also be available. This includes a computer, laptop, or notebook, an Internet connection, and possibly various software products that can make your work easier. Having your website is now almost mandatory to win new customers.

What are the advantages of an online job?

One of the most significant advantages of an online job is that you can organize your working hours freely. Anyone who has a baby or toddler will appreciate that they can mainly do their work in the afternoon or evening when the partner is back home or the child is already asleep. If the child goes to kindergarten or school later, you can also work during these times.

If your child has to stay at home due to illness, you can quickly reschedule your working hours. As an employee, you would have to go to a pediatrician with your child and have them issue you with a sick note. This kind of thing does not always bring joy to colleagues, especially.

Another advantage is that you can determine your income yourself and adjust it at any time. On the other hand, employees have to negotiate their wages with the boss.

Overcrowded local trains and miles of traffic jams on the way to work – with your online job that is now a thing of the past. Since you usually work from your home PC, there is no commute. It is, of course, different if you have rented an office in a co-working space. But here you can divide your work so don’t leave in the morning rush hour.

Anyone who has already worked in an open-plan office will appreciate being able to set up their study individually. Here you can realize your ideas and create a cozy atmosphere.

What are the disadvantages of an online job?

Of course, the disadvantages of an online job cannot be denied. For example, those who set up their online shop often have to deal with dissatisfied customers and primarily depend on sales. In some months, business is somewhat sluggish, while in others, the income is gushing – provided you use the right marketing strategy and regularly acquire new customers. In many places, one is also dependent on the customer ratings, so that the motto “The customer is king” should be used.

Unfortunately, there are always customers who are very hesitant to pay their bills. You should set up reserves for such cases. If you are working with a customer for the first time, you can also insist on a partial prepayment or down payment. It remains to be seen whether we will then work together.

How much do I earn with an online job?

This question can not be answered generally. Among other things, it depends on the amount of time you spend online, on your previous knowledge, and above all on the industry in which you want to work. If you are currently in the starting shoes as a copywriter or journalist, your income will be relatively low and maybe – depending on how much time you spend – 500 euros (possibly in a part-time job) or 1,000 euros gross. But if you have years of experience and can provide relevant references, things can look different. Income in the range of 2,000 euros and more is possible here.

On the other hand, if you open an online shop specializing in industry and whose products are in high demand, your monthly wages can be a lot higher. However, the time required here is likely to be significantly higher.

If you run your blog or YouTube channel, it is possible, among other things, to earn a four-digit amount per month through affiliate links in the posts and advertisements in your videos with the appropriate reach.

Online Jobs: With these jobs, you can earn money online

There are a variety of jobs that you can do for money online. If you like to write and are not at war with spelling and grammar, you could try your luck as a copywriter, author, editor, proofreader, blogger, or writer.

Those who like to sell may be interested in setting up an online shop. Perhaps this is where regional products or articles from neighboring countries enjoying ever more significant demand in Germany are sold. If you like sewing, crocheting, or knitting, you might want to set up your shop at Etsy and sell your instructions and finished pieces via this portal. You can also try your luck on eBay, eBay classifieds, and the Amazon Marketplace. We briefly present some popular online jobs below.

Copywriter, editor, or translator

As a copywriter, you have the opportunity to create articles, advice articles, product descriptions, and other website texts for private customers, companies, and agencies. To do this, you need good spelling and grammar skills.

If you want to become a copywriter, the joy of writing should, of course, not be missing. With good grammar and spelling skills, you can also become a lecturer. (Image source: pexells.com / Judit Peter)

Many texts are edited or corrected by another person before they are published. You could therefore also offer your services as a lecturer or proofreader. Editing ensures that the text has a structure and corrects spelling, grammar, expression, and typing errors (e.g., shifted letters).

While an interpreter is responsible for the oral translation of texts, the translator does the written translation work. Many translators work in a translation agency or work from their home PC. You need excellent knowledge of the second language as a translator.

Online Marketing Manager

An online marketing manager can be found in almost every company, not just in the online area. He is often referred to as the Digital Marketing Manager. One of his tasks is to ensure that the company is well visible in digital media and take care of digital communication with customers or other companies.

He plans and monitors all digital marketing efforts of the company, for example, the conception of online campaigns, plans content processes, is responsible for controlling the Google Ad Words accounts and creates performance reports. His other tasks include the preparation of important key figures and the implementation of competition and market analyzes. He is responsible for the content conception of digital campaigns and landing pages and, at the same time, controls the company’s newsletter marketing.

His other tasks include coordinating agencies, editors, and copywriters on the respective subject areas. If he works in smaller companies or start-ups, he often also takes on the tasks of a social media manager.

The online marketing manager should have a degree in business administration, media or communication sciences, or business informatics to guarantee all of this. Of course, it is also possible to work as an online marketing manager with comparable training. With enough practical experience, you can also be successful as a complete career changer in online marketing.

Lateral entrants: You can enter these professions without specific training

In any case, you should have taken part in several internships and be able to prove this. A high level of initiative is essential for online marketing managers. He also has to manage a budget, guide and brief people and at the same time be able to take on much responsibility. Business-fluent English skills are a prerequisite for the job, especially in international companies.

Web designer

Web designers are responsible for the conception, graphic design, and user guidance of websites and interfaces. This also includes the implementation of the corporate identity and corporate strategy. You have completed a degree in graphics and have relevant professional experience.

Often, web designers also know scripting and programming languages ​​that enable the creation of websites. In addition, knowledge in search engine optimization, usability, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) can come because web designers are increasingly responsible for creating the complete website concept.

You work as an employee, self-employed, or freelancer in or for advertising, multimedia, online marketing or full-service agencies, authorities, clubs, and associations, but also IT, PR, and graphics departments of companies from any industry who manage their website themselves. By the way, they are active in the company’s Internet activities and often also for the closed, internal company intranet, which is usually used for communication between the individual departments.

Product tester

Numerous companies have their products tested before they advertise them on a large scale. To get an impression of how the customer receives the device, they instruct people to try the product at their leisure and write a corresponding report.

Very often, these reports are presented in blogs with a corresponding reach. As a product tester, you will usually receive the object free of charge and continue using it. However, some companies also pay a set amount per click or successful purchase to carry out the test or link in your blog (so-called affiliate links).

Virtual assistant

Companies are increasingly outsourcing their office work. You can make use of this as a virtual assistant. As such, you should have experience as an office clerk, secretary, or industrial clerk and have at least basic knowledge of accounting.

Virtual Assistant: How To Make Money On The Internet

Your tasks may also include the preparation of trade fairs, booking flights for your client’s employees, creating unique content for the company’s website, etc. You can also relieve your clients of social media activities, create regular newsletters, and the like.


You can also earn money as a blogger. You have to post regularly and achieve a broad reach with your blog to do this. You can generate income by using affiliate links and by displaying advertising banners. You may also want to test products and present them on your blog.

Become a blogger: This is how you get started with your blog

The object to be tested is usually made available to you free of charge, for which you then have to provide a test report. It will make sense if the company also remunerates this. You can share your blog posts, for example, in your private or business profile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and thus increase their reach.


The term influencer was first used by marketers around 2007 and is on everyone’s lips these days. It is used primarily on the Internet and here on ​​social media. As early as the 1940s, scientists were grappling with the importance of opinion leaders. These are the same as influencers – namely, people who are valued by others and thus influence their environment. Of course, the advertising industry and marketing are also interested in such people.

Influencers are exciting for younger target groups. To achieve this, influencers are used in social media, which have a high reach. This includes portals such as Instagram and YouTube and renowned blogs. Influencers often present fashion trends in their videos or blogs and – quite casually – mention clothing from certain manufacturers. With YouTube, the products can be inconspicuously integrated into films.

Some influencers wear accessories or clothing from their clients and receive compensation. In return, the blogs or YouTube channels have to offer a corresponding reach – otherwise, they are of no interest to the advertising industry.

As an influencer, you have to put yourself in the limelight and need a large reach in social media. (Image source: unsplash.com/ Steve Gale)

If you want to act as an influencer, you first have to invest much time (and money) in your social media activities and get yourself a blog, a YouTube channel, and possibly an Instagram profile, which you regularly post with new posts feed. You can look at how other influencers work and check out their website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profile, but above all, their YouTube channel.


With these examples alone, you can see how diverse the range of online jobs is. And we haven’t yet presented all possible job variants. In any case, you need a lot of enthusiasm and perseverance because financial success – at least in some areas – will only come with time. Perhaps that is why it makes sense for you to get into an online job part-time and build up a customer base before you start your own business.

So that reality does not quickly bring you back down to earth, you should build up reserves from the income generated from the start. Because after one year at the latest, you have to disclose your income to the tax office, which will presumably make an additional claim and set advance payments for the current year. In addition, there are contributions to health and pension insurance, which you should also take into account when calculating the price. But of course, that applies to all independent activities, whether an online business or as a craftsman, trader, entrepreneur, etc.

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