Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel usually means investing a lot of time since you have to think about the content, create it, edit it, publish it and optimize it.

Therefore, it is interesting to know how you have to get some extra income thanks to your YouTube channel.

You must analyze all of them and choose the one that best suits your brand or business because if you do not choose well, you can end your reputation in a moment.

And above all, define a strategy so that your results translate into money and you don’t waste even more time.

Thanks to YouTube, I will tell you nine ways to make money in this post.

Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

1 Monetize your channel

As you may already know, if you have a YouTube channel, you can monetize it to allow ads to be shown on your videos to receive financial compensation.

To monetize your YouTube channel, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel and that your videos have been watched a minimum of 4000 hours in the last 365 days.

If you do not meet these two conditions, you will not be able to monetize your channel, but you can monitor what you need to achieve it from YouTube Studio.

If you meet them, you can go to YouTube’s Monetization section of YouTube Studio and request access to its partner program. You will need to fill out the appropriate tax information, and you will be notified when they review whether or not your channel is eligible.

2 Monetize your YouTube Shorts

YouTube launched a fund for creators, as other social networks have done, to encourage the creation of Shorts.

This is currently in beta, so it is not available in all locations (Spain is one of the locations where it is available).

To monetize your shorts, you must have uploaded at least one short in the last 180 days and some requirements that are not specified (you will be notified if you meet them).

It is specified that videos with watermarks or logos from other social networks, not original or copies of other uploaded videos, are not eligible for monetization.

Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

3 YouTube channel members

You can use this monetization option if you are a YouTube partner.

It allows users to join your channel through monthly fees to enjoy some privileges such as badges or emojis.

To activate this option, go to the Monetization section of YouTube Studio and select the Channel Members option. You will need to set up the membership offer and upload badges or emojis to develop a special connection.

4 Merchandising on YouTube

Indeed you have entered a YouTube video or channel, and you have seen the option to buy some merchandising items of the brand, such as t-shirts.

This is another option that YouTube has to monetize your channel.

To activate this option, you need to have 10,000 subscribers or an official artist channel and have approved the monetization of your channel.

If this is your case, access your YouTube Studio, go to the Monetization section, and the Merchandising option will appear. Fill in the information requested and link the merchandising store to your YouTube channel.

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Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

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5 YouTube Super Chat and Super Sticker

Another form of monetization on YouTube is through Supers. In this case, Super Chat and Super Sticker are options that users can purchase for your YouTube Live.

With Super Chat, you can highlight a message in the live chat.

And Super Stickers are animated or digital images sent through live chat.

This will make your messages (and your username) stand out in other YouTube content creators’ live chats. They will even, in some cases, be pinned to the top of the live chat.

If you are life and want to enable these options

6 YouTube Super Thanks

This is the name they have given to the feature that used to be called “ovation.”

As I write this post, this feature is in beta and only available to a specific group of creators, but it is expected to be open to more creators before the end of the year.

This is a feature that your followers can purchase to thank you for the content you share on your channel. You’ll see a fun applause animation on a channel’s video page.

If you want to activate this feature when it becomes available to everyone, you can do so from YouTube Studio / Monetization.

Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

7 Affiliation

So far, we have seen several functions that YouTube gives us to monetize the channel, but there are also other options, such as this and the next two that I tell you.

Affiliation is a system with which you can earn money through a code or link provided by a brand to promote their products or services.

The more people use that code or link, the more you get paid since you get a percentage of each sale (the rate you get depends on each brand, or it may be a fixed price per sale).

That is why it is widespread when talking about a tool, product, info product, or service that you see a link with UTM codes (shortened to make it prettier or easier to remember).

If you want to support a creator who works with affiliation, it is an excellent way to help them because if you are going to buy or hire something, you know that a percentage of what you pay will go to that person who helps you with your content.

8 Collaborations with brands

Another way to monetize your channel is to do collaborations with brands.

You can talk to brands (that whom you like and share your values) to offer their products or services to your community.

What is the difference between affiliation and collaboration with a brand? Basically, in affiliation, you get a percentage of the sale, and in collaboration, you define a promotion price.

Nine ways to monetize your YouTube channel

9 Sell your products or services.

And finally, you can also monetize your channel by selling your products, services, or info products.

If you have a business, YouTube can help you increase sales.

My recommendation is that you devise a strategy to help you sell your products or services thanks to your YouTube channel so that all the time you invest in creating content generates profit for you.

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