Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial if you don’t have a large advertising budget. Instead of launching an ad campaign on Facebook or Adwords, you can use SEO natural referencing to get traffic and visitors for free.

How SEO works

When you search on Google, specific results are displayed based on the quality of the writing and the value provided to the reader. Of course, you can create paid ads on Google Adwords. These ads are not related to natural references. If you have written good content on your website or blog, you can expect to appear on the second first page of Google results. Therefore, everyone who clicks on the link you show in the Google results becomes a free visitor. Very convenient.

Of course, it’s not that easy to get to the first page of Google. There are rules to respect.

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers
Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

What rules to follow to improve your SEO natural citation?

Of course, your website must be of good quality and follow the rules set by Google. For example, you must not make spelling mistakes, and your content must provide value. The content must follow Google’s editorial guidelines. The famous search engine constantly updates its algorithm to perfect it and find the best results for its Internet users.

Google has no interest in presenting a website that performs poorly, does not provide good content, and is not exciting to read. You have to tell yourself that it’s a simple algorithm, but it’s very advanced. It can even recognize the images you use and know if they are relevant to your writing article.

Therefore, you need a site that is standards-compliant and responsive. This means it can be read perfectly on a computer than on a smartphone or tablet. It must not attack users through pop-ups; it has no spelling errors and respects excellent headline ratings. The quality of writing articles is also essential. There is no need to place too many keywords in your blog posts. It would be best if you succeeded in finding the right combination of keywords to provide a coherent explanation to your visitors successfully. You can then use bold, bulleted lists or specific text layouts to improve the readability of your posts.

There are hundreds of rules that allow you to improve natural referencing. Everything is not only in writing but in the infamy of your site. Then, if there is a link to your site, we will talk more about you. This is a critical point, as important as the number of seconds a visitor spends on your site.

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers
Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

How long does it take to have a well-referenced website?

As you can see, it takes a lot of work to appear on the first page or in the first results of Google. Therefore, there is a considerable amount of time spent on optimizing and writing your website. Be aware that it takes days or even months to climb up Google’s results successfully. Of course, it all depends on the competition with well-written articles. The more your site talks about a specific topic or niche, the more likely you will quickly appear on the first page.

Of course, one won’t be without the other. If your site is on the first page, it’s because you’ve done a great job optimizing your site. Excellent quality of writing is also a reference for other sites. So the timing may vary. You are also likely to be overtaken by a competitor who will nibble a few places in front of you.

Through my SEO training, I show you how to create a well-referenced website. The work is meticulous, but it can eventually replace paid advertising altogether and bring you a steady stream of visitors, completely free of charge.

Natural citation SEO: How does the Google engine work?

To be successful in SEO natural citation of websites, pages, blogs, the Google search engine uses the software. This software is responsible for indexing sites and merging them into its database. This is then done in three different steps.


Google has a robot (Googlebot) that crawls all web pages to access all available links in its database. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your website by updating it regularly. This will allow the bot to keep returning to your pages.

Furthermore, in addition to posting content to your site daily, you can also add links that point to it. These links will regularly bring search engines back to your page, your website, or your blog, promoting its natural SEO citation.


Regardless of which search engine you use, indexing is crucial in citing your pages. An index is a storage space with a rather large database regularly updated by search engines.

Your pages must be indexed before they are cited. Based on the keywords and content of the page, the robot is responsible for associating them. This will allow him to give credit to this page, depending on his location.

It is important to note that Google’s bot will identify and prioritize the following elements when analyzing a web page.

First, the ”Title” tag and the ”description” tag.

Then the headings H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.

Hypertext links.

Alt attributes (image descriptions).

On the other hand, search engines do not consider and do not interpret the presence of videos or images in the content. For this reason, it is essential to avoid, as much as possible, the use of images to represent links that the Internet user must click on.

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers
Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

Request processing and ranking

These will be automatically classified thanks to the algorithms of the search engines and the analysis of the results during indexing. They will be ranked and positioned on the search engine.

The ranking or classification is the page’s position in the search results after the Internet user has entered the keyword. In addition, it is essential to make subtle differences between keywords and critical expressions.

A keyword consists of a single word, while a keyword phrase consists of multiple words. Therefore, keywords or key phrases are referred to as queries. This is very important for your various researches.

Different types of references in SEO

There are two types of SEO—natural and Paid Reference.

Paid References

You can buy visibility through a sponsored link system. This is “Google AdWords,” also known as Google Ads, so Google reserves advertising space for advertisers in the search results.

Thanks to this sponsored links system, there is no need to wait for months to get good results. It’s a good compromise while waiting for your site’s citations to finish naturally.

Google Ads is also a good alternative that allows pages that cannot be cited naturally.

Search Engine Optimization

To be successful in your natural SEO citation, you only need to follow the rules defined by Google to optimize your site. This will make it visible in the search engine results.

Natural citation via Google plays a vital role in attracting new customers. Success in this area brings a clear competitive advantage. However, it is essential to note that the more relevant the keyword, the more difficult it is to rank it.

The positive impact of SEO natural referencing

The successful implementation of natural referencing will positively impact your website in two main ways.

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers
Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

Primary traffic source 

The main goal of correctly referencing your website is to appear in the first results. Therefore, every time an Internet user initiates a query for a specific keyword present in your content, it is possible to rank better.

The more visible your site is to Internet users due to your positioning, the more visitors you will have on your site.

Gaining Visibility

The correct choice of crucial phrases for your web pages will make them visible in search engines related to the query. Therefore, it is useless to attract many visitors to your carrier if the topics discussed on the latter are of no interest to the relevant visitors.

How can you improve your natural references to generate more traffic?

Search engines will rely on three points to refer to your site. These are the “on loincloth,” “on-site,” and “off” parameters.

As for the first parameter, the search engine will position the site on the page itself. For the second parameter, this will be done on the whole site and finally outside the area for the third parameter.

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers
Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

Page Setup

To position your site well, it is essential to take good care of your content. Since many pages will be indexed on search engines, you can place them on your key phrases.

It is essential to generate original and creative content to write and regularly update blog posts. Then consider optimizing the pages through the foundations of SEO.

In addition to content, it is essential to deal with accessibility and keyword ranking. For this purpose, you can optimize your website pages using keywords. You have to distribute them differently in the content.

Therefore, Google pays special attention to each keyword on the page, taking its function and location into account.

Site setup

Other factors will also come into play to properly cite your site.

Avoiding impediments to good indexing

It is essential to avoid factors that hinder SEO. This will allow the engine bots to explore and index the site’s pages properly.

Therefore, many precautions must be taken when designing a site to improve its citation.

Pay attention to technical aspects.

Google and search engines do not read a website’s content thoroughly when crawling. There are a thousand sites to analyze and explore, and it is essential to make their content easily accessible.

Therefore, several parameters must be taken into account, namely.

The site’s speed: at this level, it is necessary to configure and configure its servers very well. Its location depends to a large extent on the location of the visitor.

Its structure: the easier it is to navigate, the better the site referenced.

Its page code: the fewer errors in the source code (HTML, CSS, etc.), the easier it will be to read.

Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers
Natural reference seo: Dedicated to SEO to attract customers

Parameters off

Search engines will use two metrics to measure the visibility of a website: reliability (TR) and page rank (PR).

The public value of these two metrics has been discontinued from disclosure. It is no longer possible to know what it is worth. But there is no reason to abandon these concepts as they are still very much integrated into Google’s algorithm.

A good SEO for your website will always be beneficial and advantageous.

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