My 13 Tips for Successful Amazon Affiliate Marketing

1.Learning the Basics of HTML

Learning HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to create web pages and applications is less complicated than ten or fifteen years ago. Indeed, website platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Weebly have simple templates that only require a push of a button to activate a website. However, you will still need to know how to insert images, create hyperlinks, and format text. Mastering HTML and SEO remains the safest way to have a profitable business for years.

2. Choose your niche

Anything sold on Amazon, such as electronics, books, music, cosmetics, and appliances, can be part of your inventory and earn a sales commission. However, lower-priced items like books will only fetch pennies on a sale.

Thus, I advise you to choose product niches with mass consumer demand. Also, if you appreciate or know the field, it will give you a particular competitive advantage. Therefore, I advise you to document a minimum of the subjects you will develop in affiliation.

3.Properly configure your web hosting.

Amazon affiliates can pay next to nothing for a hosting web service. For example, I advise you to use the O2 switch host or even Planet Hoster that I use personally. You can host your WordPress site for about 10 or 15 euros per year and start earning money through affiliation. 

4. Choose your domain name

Then, you will need a domain name such as

Try to be innovative and take an NDD (domain name) related to your product niche. Also, you can find an EMD (Exact Match Domain) to optimize your SEO.

Example of an amazon affiliate site

For example: / etc etc

Also, you have the possibility of buying an expired NDD to recover the history of the site and thus save a phenomenal time in your development in the Amazon affiliation.

5. Register their domain name

The registration of domain names is not expensive because it takes between 10 and 20 euros per year. I advise you to use Planethoster, which is just amazing!

Discover Planethoster now!

6.Install WordPress

So, content marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic. In my personal opinion, I strongly recommend WordPress, which is simple to use and above all free. Also, I see that the SEO is pretty good right from the start.

Also, there are different free or paid themes so some are specialized for Amazon affiliation. However, you can use other platforms like Wix .

7. Keep it simple and pretty

Although content is king, design is increasingly important to consumers who want to visit a credible site. The advantage of Word Press is its flexibility when it comes to design options.

Thus, WordPress offers a variety of templates, which gives you much more freedom and control in designing your site. Also, you can easily connect an autoresponder to relaunch your prospects easily. Indeed, reminders by email are excellent ways to obtain sales and therefore commissions.

Personally, I use several auto-responders that I recommend to you:

· Getresponse

· Infusionsoft

· mailchimp

8. Organize your site by silos

Indeed, it is very important to properly categorize your website in order to optimize its google referencing but also the circulation of its visitors. Thus, SEO experts recommend working in silos.

To better understand the concept, here is what a silot organization looks like.

9.Open an Amazon Affiliate Account

It’s time to open an affiliate account on the Amazon partners site. This will take a few minutes and then you will be able to access the entire Amazon catalog.

How does Amazon Affiliate work?

So, as you can see below, it really is child’s play! To retrieve your affiliate links, simply click on the banner at the top of the site and copy your URL link. Also, you can get a written link / An image or a text + an image.

10.Write articles on your blog

Here is the sinews of war! This is the time to write content to attract visitors. Without this, it is quite impossible to earn money with affiliation.

Also, you will have to master SEO and choose the right keywords to come out well on the Google search engine. I personally use the Serped tool but also which allows me to choose the right keywords.

For this, it will be necessary to write articles optimized in SEO. Here are 13 great tips for writing a great article for Google. 

11.Insert affiliate links

Now that you have written articles, you will have to insert your affiliate links. To do this, you can drag them directly into your articles or make specific pages.

So, I advise you to set up review or comparison pages because this strategy is a hit! Indeed, future customers like to have information before buying and your site is there to help them.

12. Optimize SEO

Often overlooked by affiliates, your site must be optimized for Google in order to be well positioned. For this, you will need Backlinks (links) that will point to your site.

Thus, Google will consider your domain as a trusted site and will move you up in the positions on your keywords. Without this, you are unlikely to have traffic on important requests and therefore earn money on the internet.

13.Promote your site

Finally, you can advertise via Google Adwords, Facebook or Instagram to make your site known. However, I invite you to carefully calculate your commercial margins to prevent publicity from sending you to the mat financially. Also, you can target other French-speaking countries like:

· Belgium

· Swiss

· Luxemburg

· Canada (Quebec)

· Swiss

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