Make money with UpWork.

The Web today offers many alternatives for earning a living as a freelancer. Several platforms have developed over the years, each offering in its way, different paid tasks and actions. Among those that work the most right now is Upwork. What is this platform worth, and what does it offer concretely?

UpWork in a nutshell

In 2003, Upwork was launched as an outsourcing platform, although it was called initially oDesk. It quickly became one of the largest paid microtasking platforms with a community of 2.5 million freelancers with various skills. 

The vocation of Upwork is to connect online employers looking for micro workers with severe and competent freelancers. Most of them are bitter and qualified people. 

The goal is to allow employers to delegate specific tasks that they cannot take care of themselves. Quality of work and time savings are guaranteed, and the prices offered are more than attractive.

Working on Upwork; how is it going?

Working on Upwork is like selling your services on a marketplace. The principle is simple in appearance, but it takes a lot of rigor to ensure regular income. 

Indeed, Upwork has several categories of web skills in which you can be according to your know-how, namely:

· Web, mobile, and software development

· Networking

· Analytics and Data Science

· architecture and engineering

· design and creation

· Writing

· The translation

· The legislation

· Administrative support

· Client service

· Marketing and sales

· Consulting

The platform is only there to put you in touch with employers looking for microworkers. It is up to you to promote yourself to them through discussions. To do this, you will need to clearly and precisely present your skills and give your prices.

Once an employer has decided to work with you, he will assign you work to which he imposes a delivery deadline. Can you make a living with Upwork?

Earning a living with Upwork is it possible?

It is perfectly possible to earn money on Upwork. However, many people wonder if it is possible to make a living from this kind of microwork online. In this matter, you have two choices: work part-time or work full-time.

If you are already in a full-time job, it is less obvious to make a living from microwork. Earnings from this kind of work are generally a means of making ends meet. 

When you work full-time on Upwork, it is possible to live on the earnings of your benefits on Upwork. The main thing is to have work at all times, but above all that your services are well paid.

In this regard, the methods of remuneration vary according to the employers. Some offer hourly pay while others offer task-based payments. It is up to you to negotiate your prices. That it is a secure and serious platform guarantees you a satisfactory level of remuneration.

Upwork is an online freelance platform. It is the new version of Odesk. This platform is intended for online job search for freelancers. On Upwork, companies and individuals advertise remote jobs. The related services are also provided by the site. And you can find contracts that match your skills.

Upwork is one of the most popular platforms in the world of freelancing and has a large international marketplace. The platform is located in California and proceeds itself with workers in freelance status. The main mission of Upwork is therefore to connect people working independently or agencies of independent workers with project leaders.

To build your Upwork profile and be successful in finding clients, there are some tips to consider. Complete completion of basic information is required. Next comes the choice of the categories that best correspond to your area(s) of expertise and highlight the professional experiences. The profile photo is just as important, in order to reassure potential customers. Indeed, this photo will give recruiters a first idea of the person with whom they will collaborate. For this reason, taking care of this profile photo is essential.

In addition, the test section made available to freelancers is an opportunity to demonstrate abilities and allow future recruiters to take your profile into account. Feel free to take these free tests. In general, these are multiple-response questions lasting 40 minutes. Next come the recommendations and reviews obtained from Upwork customers. Another relevant point in order to increase the evaluation rate. A “Top rated” profile benefits from several advantages and receives many more invitations. On Upwork, the competition is huge, knowing how to sell yourself using a small slogan that sets you apart and better still adding a small presentation video is recommended.

At the very beginning of your career on Upwork, you may be confronted with certain difficulties, and it turns out to be quite complicated as you will have to accept missions at a lower cost, precisely to gain experience. Indeed, accepting these offers will make you build a very solid portfolio. And thanks to this, you will get lots of positive feedback from customers. Your future clients will be reassured about your abilities and you will get more and more assignments with higher remuneration.

Regarding contracts on Upwork. They can be hourly or fixed. There are two ways to access an offer. On the one hand, the recruiter would have had a view of your profile. In this case, it sends you an invitation. You can accept or decline this invitation. On the other hand, you find an interesting offer and submit your application. ¨Thereafter, you are contacted for an interview if your profile appeals to the recruiter. After the various stages of recruitment by the client and if you are selected, the latter sends you an offer. Thus, you accept the contract. A note will be mentioned on the “my jobs” tab then on “all contracts”. You also receive a notification warning you of the start of the contract a time already stipulated for a delivery. For fixed-price contracts, after your delivery and once the client has validated your work, the guarantee fund taken from his account is released to your freelancer account. This background will be available after 5 days. Concretely, the fund goes on the platform in “pending” status deducted from the platform’s commission. In the case of a contract per hour, the hours counted during the week starting from Monday to Sunday, pass in “Review” status from Monday of the following week until Friday. This period allows the employer to check the work carried out and, if necessary, contest the hours recorded via the monitoring monitor. After this time, the fund goes into “pending” status and as mentioned above, it will be available after 5 days. Finally, to receive the income, simply make a payment request via the payment method chosen when setting up your question.

There is no easier way than to proceed via the Upwork platform. Indeed, the process is simple and transparent. In addition, payment protection is provided.

In summary, working on Upwork is not very difficult but requires patience and perseverance. Betting on the quality of work and especially respecting the deadlines imposed by the customers are part of the base. So, if you feel unable to meet the deadlines or to be able to take on the tasks described, it is better not to accept them. A single negative comment from a customer can ruin your image on Upwork and your rating.

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