Make money through Amazon - and you can too!

Make money through Amazon – and you can too!

Most of you are probably familiar with the successful selling platform for various products, Amazon. You will also already be ordering and shopping at Amazon. However, you may not be familiar with making money through Amazon. So there are several ways to make a few bucks. And not just by selling products directly on Amazon. But how can I make money on Amazon? How does it work in detail, and how much money can I make?

What awaits you today.

How do I make money with Amazon?

Amazon Affiliate Program – Make money through links

Make money through Amazon Prime / Amazon Music / Amazon Unlimited

Become an Amazon seller

Make money with eBooks and books

How much money can I make on Amazon?


Make money through Amazon - and you can too!
Make money through Amazon – and you can too!

How do I make money with Amazon?

You can make money on Amazon using many variants. Start with a bit of pocket money and work your way up to a long-term income from which you can even make a living. How much money you make depends mainly on your influence and personal commitment. What options do I have now to make money through Amazon? What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The first option is the Amazon Partner Program PartnerNET. Participation is free, but your income depends on your influence. Another option is to arrange an Amazon Prime membership. You don’t need your warehouse or your products with both variants. This would be a third way to make money through Amazon. Let’s also look at eBook and book sales, which can be very lucrative. But how exactly does it work? How much money can I make on Amazon?

Amazon Affiliate Program: Make money through links.

You may be familiar with the affiliate partner program, and you can also make money on Amazon through special Amazon links. If you run your website or blog, Amazon can also use such programs. If this is the case, you can make money through the Amazon affiliate program. It’s too easy to put links or banners on your site and make sure visitors click on them. This will eventually lead to the Amazon site, or usually to a specific product. If the product is purchased, you will receive an Amazon affiliate commission proportional to the purchase price.

In this case, the effort is limited, but you should consider wisely placing the links. For example, you can test products yourself, display them on your block, and then link to them for your readers. You can also write stand-alone articles and place links there. Your readers can buy products through your links without paying anything.

Make money through Amazon – and you can too!

Sign up in the Amazon Membership Program

Go to the Amazon Partner Network page

Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program in just a few steps

Create your personal Amazon Partner ID

Paste links or banners into your blog or website and share them in a meaningful way

You can also use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram

View your commission list on Amazon and see how many buyers you can generate

The possibility of using Amazon affiliate stores

Get paid to pay you

Install the Amazon Partner Program app on your smartphone anytime, anywhere and use Amazon PartnerNET

So it’s easy to participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program and make money with it. But: of course, you need a certain level of influence so that you can reach enough people. Not all readers will automatically become buyers of the product. Also, if you try to sell too obvious products on your blog, you may close many readers.

Note: Those who participate in the Amazon PartnerNET program and post links on their site must let their readers know this. They need to see that you receive money from Amazon through sales. However, you may not advertise directly for them.

It will help if you avoid these mistakes.

Amazon sometimes reserves the right to remove its affiliates from its partner program. So you must follow Amazon’s guidelines so that this does not happen. Therefore, you should read the requirements for participating in Amazon’s EU affiliate program in advance. Here you can learn what is allowed and what is not allowed. For example, you may not purchase anything yourself through your link or encourage a friend to do so. It is also not allowed to display affiliate links, widgets, or banners in pop-up windows. Time and time again on the Internet, we find sentences from bloggers such as “Do something nice for my site and please use my Amazon link.” Amazon also prohibits this practice.

Make money through Amazon - and you can too!
Make money through Amazon – and you can too!

Tips to get more revenue through Amazon using PartnerNET

Get the right traffic

Choose Amazon products based on your target group and your content

List the top products (bestsellers) on your blog and write something about them

Engage your readers by creating product surveys or guest reviews

Let the experience flow in and provide added value to your readers

Recommend products you have tested yourself or have used for a long time

If you run a WP site, use the Amazon WordPress plugin

The following Amazon plugins are available to support you.

Another Amazon WordPress Plugin Lite makes it easy to insert products into your posts without leaving the editor.

WP AmASIN allows you to create your own small Amazon store on your website.

Earn money with Amazon Prime / Amazon Music / Amazon Unlimited

Amazon Prime is now ubiquitous, and customers love to use it. Prime customers benefit from guaranteed speedy delivery or free shipping. But how can you make money with Amazon Prime? It’s as easy as referring a friend or family member to sign up for Prime. If someone accepts your invitation for a free 30-day Prime membership, you’ll get $3.

The same principle applies to Amazon’s audiobook service, Audible.

Of course, this is not the place to make a lot of money because arranging such a subscription or membership is not as easy as selling a product once. You can still earn a small amount of extra income from it.

Become an Amazon seller

This variant may be more profitable for you, but it is also more difficult. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity to sell your products on Amazon. These can also be used products, or they can be your own or third-party stuff. For example, you might buy a product from a retailer or buy a product that someone else uses. You then place it on Amazon and receive a commission on the sale.

Sign up with your seller account

List products according to Amazon’s instructions

After the product is sold, you will receive a message

Prepare your products for shipping and have them shipped promptly

Make money through Amazon - and you can too!
Make money through Amazon – and you can too!

Have Amazon paid you

Of course, you can also sell your products there, such as books, jewelry, or clothing. It sounds a bit like eBay. Amazon is now more than just a platform for new products from well-known manufacturers. What if I don’t have my effects?

Then you buy other products and sell them to Amazon. This may require some negotiation skills, but it’s not impossible. You may have noticed certain products that Amazon does not yet sell. Here you can buy and resell such products. This variant is, of course, associated with certain risks. After all, the demand for these products may not be high.


It is worthwhile to create your brand store. However, there are some things you need to consider when setting up your Amazon store.

Make money with eBooks and books.

Have you always wanted to write down your wisdom in a book? Or do you have an idea for your guide? Then there is nothing more accessible now than creating your eBook or paperback from your text and selling the book on Amazon. You don’t need a publisher or invest a lot of money before publishing a book. You can now do this easily on some platforms as well. There you upload your text, choose a cover and price, and Amazon creates your eBook for you.

If your eBook is purchased, you will get 70% as the seller. If you prefer to sell paperbacks, Amazon will do this step for you. It’s much easier than finding a publisher on your own. Whether you will be successful with the book depends on your influence. You have to take care of the marketing and quality yourself. But maybe you have some talent and luck and will make money later as a writer. By the way, Amazon doesn’t charge anything for this service. So if you’re not selling anything, you’re just sitting on the time you put in.

How much money can I make on Amazon?

The question of all questions: How much money can I even make from Amazon? The answer is relatively simple: Everything is possible; everything is possible. Some people earn about 1,000 euros a day or more. Some people take home only a little pocket money. If you believe in specific recommendations, we will constantly encounter Amazon FBA. Amazon fulfills you. Ultimately, this means that you create your products, send them to Amazon, and leave everything else to the Amazon platform.

Three key factors can significantly impact the revenue you generate from membership links. Perhaps the most crucial factor is the niche market. You can use several themes to showcase Amazon products very successfully. Some are financially valuable and are also frequently purchased. Whether you sell a product for $5 or $500 will be different. In addition to the product itself, search volume and competition are also important. You will probably get most of your traffic from Google.

Traffic is the second important factor. The calculation here is relatively simple: the more traffic, the more clicks, the higher the purchase probability. So if you offer products in the triple-digit range and have increased traffic, you will be able to make more money than anyone else. All you need is readable content and good SEO.

The third factor is trust. So, your traffic may be high, but almost no one buys your product. Why? Because your visitors don’t trust you. The accusation is usually that you only want to make money from your website. If you don’t add value to your visitors, you will have difficulty convincing anyone to buy from you. On the other hand, the situation is very different if you have trustworthy content with high added value. Therefore, it is essential to know how to integrate Amazon affiliate links.

Make money through Amazon - and you can too!
Make money through Amazon – and you can too!

Amazon FBA – Increasing revenue over time

Of course, if you want to make money through Amazon, you have to support it. Only those who put a few links in their articles can hardly get rich from it. The time is over, even for those who have some influence. So, let’s see how to make money with Amazon FBA. Let’s answer this question: How much money can you make with Amazon FBA?

Featured Amazon FBA

How Amazon FBA works

Data-based Product Research

Just because you like a product doesn’t mean the crowd will too. Therefore, before you decide on a product, you should evaluate it with the help of tracking tools. After a few days, you will receive meaningful sales data, and you will know if it is worth selling your product. So, before you go into production, conduct data-based product research.


Now it’s a matter of producing the product. You need a good manufacturer and know where and how you want to make it. First, you can create a list of possible manufacturers and then call them. Ask for specific quotes and carefully select your manufacturer and manufacturing location.

Shipping to Amazon

Submit your product to Amazon. Perhaps this task can be taken over by your own logistics staff, who check the goods and send them to Amazon. Please note that it takes some time for Amazon to get you logged in, especially during busy times like Christmas. Also, split your deliveries into separate deliveries.

Ensure visibility

You should now conduct extensive Amazon SEO to keep your products moving forward as much as possible. For Amazon customers, usually, only the first two pages are relevant. Therefore, it takes some effort to get into the top 5 products of a specific product category. It is also possible to place internal Amazon ads or generate external traffic. Therefore, work closely with Amazon SEO. A completely separate class with a completely different algorithm and procedure than the classic Google SEO you may be familiar with.

Building a brand

Of course, you should also do external marketing to build your brand. You can start with Amazon, but you should move on if you want to grow a real business out of it. The same goes for branding and positioning yourself in the marketplace, not just on Amazon. So, in the long run, you can make money with Amazon, but you can also go beyond that.

Make money through Amazon - and you can too!
Make money through Amazon – and you can too!


If you want to make money on Amazon, you have to do something about it because, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work by itself. Even if the implementation itself is relatively simple. You now know the way to make money on Amazon. By using the Amazon membership program or by selling your products. But what you need is a specific reach, and you can build it with a good Amazon SEO. So you can even make a lot of money with Amazon.

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