Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Many people think that having many views and subscribers is essential to make money on their YouTube channel. They believe that only advertising is the only way to make money from your YouTube channel. On YouTube, it takes at least 1000 views to earn 1€. This is also true if the option of advertising is activated. In this case, it is necessary to have a large community that can live from YouTube. However, it is still possible to live on YouTube with only 100 subscribers, and I will tell you why.

Living on youtube: the impact of advertising on the salary of Youtube users

When you see an ad on YouTube before you watch a video, it’s because a company has paid Google Adwords so that it can appear on a video or topic. Thus, the money flows to the influencer who created the video and YouTube. Then, thanks to that video ad, the company bets on sales or clinics. You can imagine that a person with few subscribers (say 10,000 subscribers) and posting four videos in a month would generate about 40,000 views.

This theoretical calculation suggests that this person will earn 40 euros from the ad, which is unfeasible despite many subscribers. YouTube ads can make you easy money when you have many subscribers. However, some YouTube hosts with fewer subscribers make more and better money than those with more subscribers.

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?
Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Living on youtube: becoming a YouTube expert can be lucrative.

You should know that a YouTube channel must talk about an exciting topic. The topic you cover must be specific. We call such topics niche or enthusiast-oriented topics. Therefore, Internet users who decide to follow you will subscribe to your channel to get content and not video content on issues that do not interest them. In addition, you are a professional on YouTube, and most people tend to get to know who you are by subscribing to your channel and requesting more videos on the same topic. Chances are you’re talking about hunting, animals, music, or something else.

The topic must allow you to sell direct marketing products or training courses you create or partner with companies that also offer services or items that would be of interest to the community.

Visibility Partners

Let’s say you’re a well-known guitarist on YouTube with about 20,000 subscribers. That’s already pretty good! Now let’s say my guitar lesson business wants to gain exposure. I will then contact you with a partnership proposal and test our application using one of your videos. As a result, I will have access to most of your subscribers. In addition, you will be able to gain visibility thanks to my company. This partnership will benefit both parties and will cost absolutely nothing.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get paid up to hundreds or even thousands of euros for the work of YouTube. If I pay you $1,000 and you bring 20,000 people to my site, that means I get opinions from people interested in the guitar for 5 cents. It’s still a little high, but it’s probably generating more sales than other acquisition channels. So you know where I’m coming from. Companies can contact you on topics you are an expert on, discuss their solutions, and pay you for great partnerships live from YouTube.

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?
Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Product display placement in videos

A company will likely ask you to wear one of the outfits it produces to see the product featured in your video or show it off. This is another type of partnership called product placement. The company can pay you up to hundreds or thousands of euros, depending on your impact, to make one or more videos by highlighting that product somewhere in the video. It’s easy to set up and can save you a lot of money.

The more qualified subscribers you have, the more money you can ask for. If a company now asks you to show the product to 1000 Euros 1000 subscribers and generate 50 sales, it can earn 50 000 Euros. Then you can imagine receiving 2,000 euros or more and even asking for a percentage of the profit. Isn’t life wonderful?

Now the most challenging thing for you is to create quality content with good sound and good pictures to be known on YouTube. We are lucky that YouTube allows very quick citations in its search engine, so many strangers can find you. They can also be shared on social networks, significantly increasing your visibility. The more you progress, and the more you go, the more subscribers you will have and the more opportunities to make money. It is up to you to wisely recruit companies in your field, and they will come to you one day.

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?
Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Live from youtube: how to profit from your channel?

The most famous YouTubers have started becoming stars through almost no means. They have managed to build an audience that produces content designed to entertain, amuse, learn, or help Internet users. Most youtube stars regularly appear on the platform and take responsibility by creating content. Even if the ultimate goal is to make money and a living through your youtube channel, most of these people are happy to know that it is possible to live through youtube.

Live from youtube: How many subscribers can you earn through youtube?

Estimates show that the most famous YouTubers earn up to 1 million. And, for some people, this amount can reach tens of millions. The income of your youtube channel may vary depending on the direction you give it. Here are some examples of notable youtube channels and the revenue they generate

FunToyzCollector: This channel has about 8 million subscribers. In addition, it generates $30.4 million in revenue.

Ray William Johnson: with 10 million subscribers and estimated revenue of $4.2 million.

EpicMealTime: This channel generates $3.1 million in revenue for 7 million subscribers.

Please also note that a smaller range of youtube channels can generate revenue. The value of your payment depends on more than just the number of views you get or the number of subscribers you have. Many factors allow you to make a living from youtube. Among these different factors, we find the level of audience engagement, the niche served, and the avenues of profitability explored. However, these do not exclude the importance of the number of views and subscribers. It would help if you clearly defined your audience before looking at strategies to monetize your youtube channel.

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?
Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Live from youtube: understanding demographics

As you successfully build your audience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various options for profiting from your channel. However, to benefit from these advantages, you must understand the demographics of your Internet users. Brands are more interested in media that serve niche markets for those who want to make a living through youtube. Demographics should take into account the following criteria.

Age: This should include the age range of your channel subscribers.

Gender: You need to know the percentage of female and male subscribers.

Video viewing time: This metric shows how engaged your subscribers are.

Geographic location: you will know which city or country your video views are coming from.

Combination of all other criteria: Combined with the previous standards, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of your subscribers.

With all these demographics, you will define your audience more precisely. It will be helpful if you have to work with brands. In addition, some tools will allow you to compare your channel with other youtube channels.

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?
Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

Live from youtube: how to make money with youtube?

As with bloggers or Instagram influencers, the size of your audience will be the determining factor in the revenue your youtube channel generates. That said, to make money from your channel, you need to create multiple sources of revenue. Therefore, there are many ways to make money with youtube.

How can I make money from ads and build partnerships?

Advertising is usually the first way to make money through your youtube channel. To do this, you must become a partner of youtube. To do this, there are specific steps to follow. First, you need to enable this option for your channel. To do this, you will go to the “Creator’s Studio” section of your account. Then select the “Channels” tab from the menu displayed horizontally. After completing this step, you will click on the “Activate” tab in the Earnings section.

In addition, you must read and accept the rules of the youtube partner program. In addition, to access the youtube ad network, you need to create an Adsense account. As a result, you will be paid, and you will also see reports on the revenue generated by the ads. Finally, you will specify your monetization preferences and request verification of your channel. When you activate the earning feature, you will see a green “$” symbol next to the video. To access the monetization parameters for each video, you can click on this symbol. However, YouTube partnerships are not a very lucrative source of revenue.

How do you make money by selling the products you promote?

There are many advantages to selling any product. Indeed, the best way to market faster through your youtube channel is to incorporate dropshipping and print-on-demand. You have the opportunity to sell the products you show in your videos. However, with this method, you will not have extensive control over the product insertion process or the distribution of promotional content. In addition, you will have to face a very high level of competition. In addition, you can promote and sell the products you manufacture. Selling your products is a strategy that cannot be ignored, especially if you want to profit from your channels. Therefore, you will benefit from the many advantages that this strategy offers.

Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?
Live from youtube: what is the best way to make money on youtube?

I was making a living on youtube: how to sell licensed content to the media?

If you create videos with high potential and generate significant public interest, you can sell them to licensed online media. Thus, many TV channels or news sites on the web can ask for a license. The latter will allow them to use your most viral videos. You also can put the videos on the market for sale.

Being an influencer for your brand

More and more brands are using influencer marketing. Working with brands as influencers will generate more revenue for your YouTube channel as they invest money in advertising. You can be paid handsomely depending on your influence and other essential criteria.

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