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If you want to gain a foothold internationally or with a globally active employer, the online professional network of choice is Linkedin. Here you will find international companies, and you can contact their employees. No other network offers this in this form. Read our tips for your LinkedIn profile here:

Employees of international companies are more likely to find themselves on LinkedIn; colleagues from small and medium-sized companies are busy at XING.

LinkedIn is therefore essential when it comes to international companies, says network expert Michael Rajiv Shah, author of the book Career Acceleration with LinkedIn. If you are still at the beginning of your career, you should create a LinkedIn profile and a Xing profile.

Tip: It is best to research where employees from your target companies can find and use the corresponding profile particularly intensively.

The peculiarities of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is fundamentally American: Companies ask applicants for references rather than certificates in the US.

No wonder the US network LinkedIn emphasized recommendations right from the start. This is particularly evident in some functions in the profile, for example, when it comes to confirming your knowledge and skills.

Contact request on LinkedIn

In the past, LinkedIn always asked how you knew your new contact and didn’t allow contact requests to people you didn’t know. This has since been changed, which has led to much more contact pleasure at LinkedIn, especially in the German-speaking area. Especially in Switzerland, LinkedIn has overtaken Xing in terms of user numbers.

The basic profile on LinkedIn is sufficient.

The basic profile on LinkedIn is sufficient.

You can save yourself the expensive premium accounts. If you are active on LinkedIn and connect with employees from companies, you can also send them messages without a premium subscription.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn has adapted its pricing policy in Germany and offers a premium light product that offers essential features. Unfortunately, the subscription is a bit hard to find, so here’s the procedure:

If logged in to LinkedIn, click on the button “reactivate Premium” in the top right corner, then let the cheaper solution be selected. Here the price is 10 Euro per month.

Otherwise, even the smallest subscription offers important information to get insights into applicant statistics and see how you compare to other applicants. You will also find salary data for each position.

Create a LinkedIn profile

Filling out the profile is then very easy. LinkedIn also offers the option of filling out the shape in several languages. LinkedIn provides the function of creating a profile in a different language for each section. Here you select the language you want; LinkedIn transmits the data from your German profile and shows which fields you need to fill in again.

Create a profile in a foreign language on LinkedIn

Create a profile in a foreign language on LinkedIn

LinkedIn and its functions

It would help if you also thought about the statement of your image on LinkedIn – as with XING or in other profiles. Michael Rajiv Shah points out that the picture must look good in three different sizes. LinkedIn shows you the different sizes:

30 x 30 pixels in the keyword search

60 x 60 pixels in the new stream and the person search

200 x 200 pixels in the profile itself

One advantage of LinkedIn is that each piece of information in the profile can be edited individually. You go to Edit Profile and click on the small blue pencil to change text elements.

Even in your area, where your photo appears prominently, you can choose between a slogan or the current position. If you omit the motto here, LinkedIn uses the part of your recent professional experience.

Here are some suggestions:

Engineer: Mechanical Engineer, MSc, Technical University of Munich, Construction Agricultural Machinery

Computer scientist: Computer Science, BSc, TUHH, Games Design, “How green men learn to run”

BWLer: Int. Management (Uni), Branding Process” Frog – Green Lime for Founders”

Social scientist: Master International NGO,” Getting things done with crowdfunding for social enterprises.”

Similar to”I’m looking” and”I’m offering” on LinkedIn, there is a summary about me on Xing. This is a free text field where you describe your goals, experiences, and motivation. Here, too, it depends on the keywords. These ensure that the profile is found and accessed.
Tip: A Google analysis with the GoogleAdWords Keyword Planner helps you find keywords that best describe you and that your desired employers are also searching for

The layout of the workstations (work experience) is reminiscent of American CVs. LinkedIn makes it easy for you and asks for relevant information from time to time. These include company name, title (your job title), location, period, and description (take back your keywords. Use terms that are searched for and make you stand out).

How to best edit your LinkedIn experience

On LinkedIn, you can work with a portfolio for every professional or practical experience. This is then assigned to the respective station.

Even if you supposedly have no or little professional experience, you still have a lot of practical experience from the time of your studies. For example, if you built a racing car with a Formula Student team at the university and attended the events, you can post a video or pictures with last season’s results.

The individual stages of professional experience can be moved up or down as desired, just as it seems logical. It is also possible to create projects to which other LinkedIn members can be added. They can then select whether they want to display the projects there in their profiles. A recruiter who becomes aware of one of the members can also look at other profiles and, if necessary, address further candidates.

Tip: Ask one of your supervisors to confirm your knowledge. In return, you can demonstrate his knowledge.

Recommended profiles appear much more often in LinkedIn member search results and suggestions than those of less active members. So ask for recommendations from the beginning, then you will also be seen more often.

Settings on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers many options for individual profile settings. For example, you can specify what people whose profile you have visited see under Privacy and Settings. You can even decide who can see the photo: only direct contacts, your network, or everyone.

Comprehensive privacy settings on LinkedIn

Comprehensive privacy settings on LinkedIn

Numerous fine settings can also be made in the Communication field. So you can set

how often you receive messages,

whether you want to receive push messages* (push notification: direct message to a mobile device),

what kind of messages you would like to receive,

who can send you invitations,

which letters do you want to receive from LinkedIn?

So take some time to decide which settings can help you find a job.

Possible decision criteria:

You are actively looking for a job: It plays a significant role that you are also found and consciously perceived.

You are happy with your employer but are not opposed to offers from other companies: then you should keep your profile closed and contact yourself if something seems interesting to you.

Link and book tips:

Michael Rajiv Shah: Career acceleration with LinkedIn. Stark Verlag 2014. ISBN 978-3-86668-972-5. € 6.95. The narrow ribbon has it all. In addition to LinkedIn, Shah also explains many functions of Xing.

Anne Jacoby, Florian Vollmers: Cape Town instead of Karstadt. That’s how an international career goes today. Campus Verlag 2014. ISBN 978-3-593-50149-9. € 17.99. The two authors show how this can be achieved with an international career.

Journalist Timo Stoppacher shows some lovely tricks for optimal use of the LinkedIn profile at t3n.

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