Is it possible to earn money with Linkedin?

Linkedin is a top-rated labor social network these days, most of the people who compose it are professionals over 25 years old, and because of this, it has an excellent boom for business currently, there is a platform that offers a free account and a premium account that has more advanced features. With the free version, you can fill in all the profile fields, and you can follow and accept people to join our network. Still, with the premium account, the personal profile can stand out among the others and expand a private business in the Linkedin community; everything will depend on the plan you select.

Is it possible to earn money with Linkedin

You can make money with Linkedin.

Now the main question is: Can you make money with Linkedin? Suppose you can create a community around your business, in the case of an online business, by selling info products, affiliate marketing, or content marketing. In that case, you can get prospects interested in your work area. If your business is based in a particular location and you want to reach specific professionals in a specific geographical region, you can also do it without any problem; even with the free account, you can do it, but the most advisable for that case would be to use a Premium account.

Filtering people through social networks for our theme is a good marketing strategy; however, in these times, these platforms have reduced the organic reach after seeing the potential traffic they can generate, and of course, they reduce it to pay for their advertising systems, in the same way for free you can get visitors. Still, it takes time to achieve it, and it all depends on what topics are addressed.

Particularly my Linkedin profile, I update it little because I focus more on creating quality content to position the posts well. However, sharing on social networks is an essential part of getting qualified traffic; I almost do not do it for time factors since I manage several blogs simultaneously, but that does not mean that you can not do it.

Is it possible to earn money with Linkedin

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How long does it take to have an extensive network of contacts on Linkedin?
Is it worth paying for advertising on the Linkedin social network?
Linkedin Conclusions
How long does it take to have a great network on Linkedin?
The time it takes you to have an extensive network of contacts who are aware of your publications will depend on you, as it happens with Twitter, people who manage on Linkedin like professionals who create innovative and exciting content topics, if you do not enter this type of people then it will cost you a lot to achieve it, Linkedin focuses on issues that have to do with daily work areas so if you share things there, these must be related to that.

Most of the people that will appear in the suggestions to convert them into contacts and expand the network of followers are people from local urbanisms; if you have a blog that is well-positioned in several countries through it, you can get people from around the world to connect with you, by the way, if you want to communicate with me you can access my profile and send me a request.

Is it possible to earn money with Linkedin

Is it worth paying for advertising on the social network Linkedin?

One of the most frequent questions is to know if it is worth paying for advertising on Linkedin. Let me tell you that any online business with a good reputation, as is the case of this social network, is worth it because the traffic you get is from people interested in the products we offer on our blog or website. Digital advertising is an excellent way to reach anyone, and the one available on Linkedin is as good quality as any other platform recognized worldwide.

If you want to boost your business and acquire a more significant number of visitors or customers, you can use the advertising offered by this social network; Linkedin is one of the most important platforms and where there is more traffic daily, and for that precise reason should not be discarded to get quality traffic and make money with that. Although advertising is usually a bit expensive when directing traffic to external sites, it is worth paying for it if you have an excellent digital marketing strategy.

Is it possible to earn money with Linkedin

Linkedin Conclusions

It can be concluded that with Linkedin, you can make money by getting leads for an online business. Still, like all this equally, you have to handle it carefully and not fall into spamming within the platform, as it can be detrimental to your account and business.

Digital advertising is booming and should be taken advantage of to boost a business; However, it does not influence the positioning; paying for advertising on a platform like Linkedin helps a lot to get customers, so you know if you want to boost your business and make money you should not forget this platform.

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