Paypal is an application that allows you to pay for almost anything online, but it also enables you to receive payments or credit a third-party account. The great advantage of this service is that everything happens without entering the bank details of the people involved in the transaction. Also, it is a very secure solution. For all these reasons, the application has many users. In Spain, the number of users is estimated at around 10 million.

An online application that allows you to receive and send payments can benefit your website. With this, you will avoid having an online store with a heavy infrastructure to install. Without having all the capabilities of an online store, this service is still an excellent way to sell a product or receive donations if you are an association. There are two integration methods. In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at integrating this service into your WordPress website by showing you the two possible methods.


This extension is called the “Paypal Buy Now Button” and will allow you to set up a PayPal Buy embed that visitors can click. It is placed on web pages by directly integrating a shortcode, that is, a line of prewritten code that you have to paste into the language of your page.

Once the button is configured, people browsing the web will be able to click on it and will be automatically redirected to the app’s official website to proceed to checkout. Please note that you must have an account to benefit from payments or donations made through this purchase button.

This plugin is official, and its creator is a partner of an American company so you can choose it with complete confidence. The great positive point of this solution lies in its simplicity. Let’s see the steps to follow.

You can install it by accessing your WordPress Dashboard and then go to the “Extensions” section and click “Add new.” Then search by entering the PayPal Buy Now Button plugin name and then click “Install”, and don’t forget to “Activate”.

To adjust the parameters of the Paypal Buy Now Button, go to your control panel, select “Settings” and then “Paypal Buy Now Button”.

First of all, set the language you want , there are eighteen languages available. This setting changes the button’s text on your website: If you select “Spanish,” the reader “buy” will appear on the button. If you choose “English”, it will show “buy,” etc.

Then you must configure the currency with which the transactions will be made. It can be the dollar or the euro, depending on your needs. Finally, choose from the four available button sizes. Now is the time to enter your email address, which must be the same as you created the account. If you want, but this is optional, you can configure user landing pages.

Once this configuration is done, you can add the buttons on your website. All you have to do is copy the following shortcode into a “shortcode” block: [wpecpp name=”your product name”price=”10.99″align=”right”]. You have to replace the values “nameofyourproduct”; “10.99” and “right” with the values that suit you best. Note that “right” can only be replaced with “left” or “center.”

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this plugin

A significant advantage of this plugin is the simplicity of implementation. Everything is simple, from purchase to installation to configuration. However, the interface is only in English, and you will not be able to modify the button that will appear on your website.


This solution is intended for people who have a minimum of coding knowledge. To create the buy button, it can be done entirely manually. As with the first solution, we suggest that you follow the steps to install a button step by step, but this time configuring everything from start to finish.

Steps to install a payment button

To start, you must go to the PayPal website. Please note that you must have created your account before. Once on the web, you can choose the type of button you want: purchase or donation. Remember to fill in the requested fields, such as the price or the object’s name. You can also customize the button by adding a dropdown menu or text field. You can also change its appearance.

Select the code and copy it when you’re happy with how the button looks. Then go to your website, specifically to the page where you want to integrate the button. Select “Gutenberg Button” in the choice of the block and you will be able to insert the newly copied code.

This button allows the user to be redirected to the service’s website and will be able to complete the purchase with complete peace of mind . That term will appear if you selected “purchase” during the preliminary setup. The operation is a bit rigid if you want to change this term to another, since you would have to redo all the manipulation from the beginning and copy a code again, unless you are comfortable with code language and can thus easily change the values .

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this method

This method is a bit more complicated but has the advantage of being more customizable. The logistics are a bit longer and more tedious when it comes to changing the aesthetics or the text of the buttons. The user experience has not changed compared to the first method .


We have just seen how to add a payment button. This is very easy when you sell a few products and purchases are made individually. On the other hand, if you’re selling multiple products and a customer is likely to walk away with a bunch of different items, make it easy on them by offering them a basket to fill before they head to the checkout.

WordPress is one of the best website builders. It has many extensions, but the one that interests us now is “Simple PayPal Shopping Cart”. This allows you to add a “shopping cart” feature to your website.

This extension installs like all the others and will ask you for a shortcode again. You can copy this shortcode: [wp_cart_button name = “ProductName” price = “59.99”]. As before, replace “ProductName” with the actual name of your product and “59.99” with the actual price you want to display.

The second advantage of this extension is that it allows you to configure several other essential points for an online store. You will be able to manage product variations, add promotions, program an automatic email after the purchase.


Each method has its advantage. If you are a beginner, this is the solution that suits you best thanks to its ease of execution. With a few clicks, you can modify everything . On the other hand, it has limited modifications , this is the second advantage. You will have more freedom but the installation will also be heavier. All you have to do is focus your priorities and take the solution that suits you best. For websites that have multiple products to offer, we highly recommend the use and integration of a shopping cart to make the user experience easier for customers. Finally, if you have integration problems on your website or if it is difficult for you to configure such a website, do not hesitate to use one of the website builders offered by WordPress, this way you will avoid coding.

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