Instagram Shopping: What nobody tells you

A few days ago, Instagram gave us joy and announced the implementation in Spain of Instagram Shopping; after a few days of analysis, I’ll tell you what nobody tells you and explain exactly how you can activate it on your Instagram profile.
Instagram Shopping is a tool modified by Instagram that allows us to tag products in the photos we upload by adding the sale price and a direct link to the tab of the ordered product. Instagram Shopping is undoubtedly Instagram’s big bet for businesses. After successfully testing it in the United States, it has finally decided to launch it in Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Everyone has jumped to share the news, and many people have written about how to implement this feature, but there is a lot of copy-paste and little reliable information when it comes down to it. Most of the messages written about it are limited to cloning the information that Instagram itself shares in its help service, adding little or no information.

Requirements to have Instagram Shopping

The requirements are a priori are these simple, four easy steps:
Sell physical products that meet our merchant agreement and trade policies.

Have the company in some of the countries in which it is implemented
Own an Instagram business profile.This business profile is connected to a Facebook catalog through the Business Manager via Shopify and BigCommerce platforms or directly on your company’s Facebook page.
The first three steps are simple, and there is no room for error, but the fourth point is where there are more doubts and little information.

Instagram Shopping: What nobody tells you

After several days of searching the net and not finding any reliable source, decide to contact directly a company that will implement it, and get to Estamos Chaw, a national brand, of which if you have not yet heard of it very soon you will that specializes in streetwear fashion custom design and urban lifestyle.

Clothing brand Moda Urbana Estamos Chaw

After speaking with them and following the information below, I explained what they needed to do to activate Instagram Shopping and be able to tag your products on Instagram.

Steps to follow to get Instagram Shopping

I will explain to you all the steps to follow to activate Instagram Shopping; some of these steps are mandatory, and others are just recommended; the latter, I will mark with the symbol (R).

The first thing we have to have is a business page on Facebook; as you may already know, having to have a business profile on Instagram. Next, make sure you have both accounts connected. So far, so easy.

Now comes the tricky part, we already have to meet at least one of the following requirements.

Have a store configured on our Facebook page.
Have a catalog of products in our Business Manager identified from the platform you have: Shopify and BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, or Magento.
Option 1 is the simplest since creating a store within our Facebook page is very simple. To start, you must select the settings of your page and click on the Edit page tab by choosing the Shopping (R) option. Then you will be followed by the Shop tab. Once you follow the steps and start including your products one by one, it is recommended to upload a minimum of 10 products .

On the other hand, if you have many products and control a minor Business Manager, you can connect the product catalog of your website with it; however, it is not difficult and not to make the post endless; I will not stop on this since in itself only has a position, although there are some screenshots with the steps to follow, even so, if you have any questions after reading the entire post leave your comment and I will be happy to respond.

Instagram Shopping: What nobody tells you

For this last step

the last step, many modules or plugins can help you do it; as a suggestion, I will tell you if you use Woocommerce can use WooCommerce Product Feed; this plugin does nothing but gives us a URL feed of our product catalog, uploading the file they give you in CSV or entering the feed in XML, and you would have it.

Finally, if you meet at least one of these two options, accompanied by all the above Facebook, you have to Facebook and only Facebook you activate Instagram Shopping; what does this mean? Well, once done all these steps, we will have to wait for the sea is the social network that is active this option, we can not request it by any means; according to the conversation I had personally with Facebook Help support Instagram Shopping is in Beta version and will be implementing the service to all profiles that meet the requirements, as indicated deadlines that can last three days. However, they warn that it may take some more. I would also recommend having the latest version of the application installed on my mobile device.

When this happens and Instagram activates the service for you, a notification similar to this one should appear.

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