Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?

Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?

Using the power of Instagram influencers is a great way to drive potentially qualified traffic to your website! However, many factors can make this operation a natural bust without generating a single sale. We’ll see in this article how to choose influential Instagram influencers and my advice for making as many sales as possible!

Why work with Instagram Influencers?

One thing is for sure, a product or service recommended by a person (in this case, an influencer) has a better chance of making a sale than a simple ad. Why? This is because we use the referral principle. If a friend recommends one service over another, you are likely to instinctively follow his advice so you can avoid searching and wasting time. In addition, it makes you think you are making a good choice because the person is trustworthy.
Therefore, the advantage of an influencer is to build this bond of trust with his community. Your store evolves from being unknown to the unknown to being recommended by the people we love. That’s what makes the difference. Moreover, what we are interested in is the community and the number of visits and sales that will be generated. Never forget this rule: qualified traffic is higher, and therefore fewer followers than a group of followers who are not even interested in influencers. Instantly, you can attract hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site, ready to buy!

Then we can talk about the level of interest between the influencer and his community! All this is measured by the interaction of posts and their number of followers, which gives a ratio that I will teach you to calculate.

Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?
Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?

Instagram Influencers: How to find good influencers?

In the jungle of influencers, it’s easy to make the wrong choice. Why? Many people spend money to have followers or use automated tools like Alfred or Jarvee (this is black hat marketing, so don’t shout it from the rooftops). As a result, they gain a lot of followers but very little interaction! Both the number of likes and the number of comments are exciting indicators of the quality of an Instagram account. To check the quality of your Instagram account manually, the steps are as follows.

Find the average number of comments and likes on a post.
Note the number of followers of the Instagram account.
Do the following calculation: (average number of comments + average number of likes) divided by the number of followers multiplied by 100.
The higher the ratio, the better! This means that the influencer’s Instagram community exists and likes the latter’s posts.
On average, we never work with influencers with engagement rates below 3%!
Thanks to one of the excellent Instagram plugins or applications that analyze the audience of Instagram accounts, there is also an automatic method! I’ll tell you more about it in my special Instagram training to properly become an influencer, automation, and marketing influencer. In short, everything you need to generate a lot of traffic in your sales channels! Also, don’t forget that Instagram influencers can also send you traffic via Stories and IGTV (Instagram TV).

Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?
Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?

How to prepare to work with Instagram influencers?

Everyone thinks that Netflix is done with a simple ad! However, it would help if you were fully prepared for influencers’ impact on your online business. Undoubtedly, the army of visitors ready to buy will land on your site! So, how do you prepare for this partnership?

As mentioned in this article, we must analyze the quality of the influencers.
The community of influencers must be responsive to the audience of buyers in the region you are targeting.
Don’t forget to write a contract (available in Instagram training). You never know if the latter is an accurate account of a person who collects money and runs away before fulfilling his promises!
Predict whether your site and servers can support the visitor load. If Shopify hosts your site, don’t worry. If you are on an external server, you must provide good power relative to the traffic to avoid offline stores due to excessive visits!
Also, provide good after-sales service and a team ready to respond to messages and questions from customers and visitors. Quick response will certainly sell fast!
With all these elements, you’ll be ready to start working with influencers and boost your direct sales or e-commerce store!

Instagram Influencers: I can’t find an online influencer; what should I do?

The best strategy is to become your influencer! For this, there is nothing better than using triangulation strategies and automatic Instagram account generation. I teach you how to become your influencer in your field and get thousands of followers on your different accounts every month with Instashiphacking training! Have fun learning alongside me! Instagram is a significant lever to generate sales and drive your online store fast, instead of setting up ads!

What is an influencer?

The word influencer entered the French dictionary Robert and Larousse in 2017. Today, it is widely used. Thus, an influencer is any person who can influence the various Internet users who follow him through his presence on the web. In addition, the influencer seeks to act on the purchasing power of his Internet users. To some extent, influencers are the stars of social networks and networks. They are primarily bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers. Influencers share their passion with internet users through videos or posts. They are always looking for more followers to grow their community and profit from it. The activities of these people are constantly followed, commented on, liked and shared. However, there are different categories of influencers.

Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?
Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?

What are the different categories and types of influencers?

There are different categories among influencers depending on their activities. Therefore, we will discuss these different categories.


Brands have always used the services of athletes, actors, or singers as their brand image. Even if this is not their main activity, the collaboration of these people with the brand makes them influencers. Celebrities are increasingly promoting brands on their accounts.

Network Stars

This type of Instagram influencer is very well known on the web. These influencers can generate very high traffic and tremendous visibility through posts, videos, or tweets. Therefore, web stars can turn to specialized agencies to manage their partnerships. Brands pay them according to their popularity and receive many products from them. Therefore, partnerships with brands can be lucrative for web stars with very high reputations.


Some influencers can promote products without asking for anything in return. People often favor many brands with large Internet user bases. As a result, these people are satisfied with their products and share their opinions with Internet users. This is a massive advantage for the brand in question. However, if the customer does not like the product, the reviews may be harmful. As a result, you may have a bad reputation among Internet users.

Special Influencers

This type of influencer uses his blog or account for a specific area. As a result, these influencers have a certain legitimacy when talking about topics related to their industry compared to other non-professional influencers. They usually have fewer Internet users than other influencers but attract followers who pay attention to the case presented. They provide brands with targeted visibility to potential buyers when promoting products in their industry.


These influencers have a smaller community than other influencers. They are closer to their internet users and more accessible than other online influencers. It’s easier and cheaper to work with micro-influencers.

Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?
Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?

What is an Instagram Influencer

The Instagram platform is one of the fastest-growing social networks. Today, Instagram has more than 1 billion active user connections per month. In France, Instagram is the second social network with the most significant users. It represents the ideal platform for influencers or future influencers. An Instagram influencer is, above all, an Instagram user who, with a large number of subscribers, high engagement, and recognized credibility, manages to influence the decisions of his Internet users to buy branded products. The importance of the community depends on the brand and even the field of activity of the Instagram influencer. Instagram influencers are people with regular accounts who play an essential role in the community’s decisions thanks to their work or even as a result of chance.
Instagram influencers represent a beacon of light for a product or brand. Therefore, working with Instagram influencers means a successful investment in their advertising campaigns on Instagram for many brands. However, there is no numerical data to justify their reach for Instagram influencers. For example, the number of subscribers does not reflect their trust in influencers. It is then necessary to know how these Instagram influencers intend to excite the public to prospect the brand. The influencer’s media influence and status play an important role in developing the company’s marketing policy. Through its recommendations, it influences the decision of Internet users to buy products.

What are the different types of influencers on Instagram?

In the world of social networks, there are several types of influencers. The most famous are celebrities. These have a significant influence on the decision-making power of Internet users. However, many brands cannot use their services due to the high costs involved. In addition, Instagram has other equally effective categories of influencers.


This type of Instagram influencer has a large following and has proven to be capable. They are good at articulating and using powerful words.

Content creators

Like bloggers, content creators are great influencers. They are strong candidates for brands to work with Instagram influencers with a large following.


They are primarily minimal followers. Most micro-influencers have less than 1,000 followers. However, they have a high engagement rate of internet users.

Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?
Instagram influencers: marketing actions in stories or posts?


In summary, we can say that Instagram influencer accounts have a real community. Therefore, they offer brands the opportunity to grow their business. The goal of Instagram influencers is to build a lasting relationship of trust between themselves and their Internet users. With this confidence, Internet users trust that the influencer will believe them when offered a product to buy. For example, if your close friend or someone you trust tells you about a product, you will believe them. On the other hand, if there is no trust between the person who praises the product and you, you will not consider what he says. This is why Instagram influencers play an essential role in a company’s marketing strategy.

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