Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

You can insert videos in your Shopify store to promote your products if you want. Videos can sometimes replace product sheets. It makes your store more attractive. Moreover, with videos, the products are displayed, or the information conveyed to the customers is relatively very clear. However, you must know how to insert videos on Shopify. So how to insert videos on Shopify? The answer to this question will be the subject of this article. In addition, we will pay attention to the introduction of Shopify and its advantages.

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?
Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

Inserting videos on Shopify: What is the Shopify store?

Introducing the Shopify store

Created in SaaS computer language, Shopify is an e-commerce platform. It is designed to allow anyone who wants a virtual store to rent a domain and carry out activities there.
The rental period is monthly. Every month, any tenant pays a fee to the platform’s owner. This entitles him to continue benefiting from the latter’s services. This is a unique model of e-commerce.

Shopify stands out among all other platforms for its simplicity. This is already evident when creating a Shopify store. You don’t need to download an application before designing a virtual store. With just a few clicks through the central Shopify platform, you can do so.

This simplicity is also evident in the management and administration of your store. For example, you have the option to insert videos into the Shopify store. This helps you showcase your products to your customers differently and most beautifully.

Likewise, customers can quickly consult your store. It is a perfect platform for newcomers to e-commerce. It is this simplicity that is the source of its success.

Origins of Shopify

As for these origins, Shopify was created and used in 2006. It was the initiative of 3 Canadians. Their initial goal was to create a virtual store to promote snowboarding. So they went to the market searching for the system that would best suit their ambitions. Their search was unsuccessful. They hadn’t found a program that met their wishes.

Therefore, they set out to develop a unique program that would meet the criteria. This led to the platform known as Snowdeville. That was in 2004. The success of this platform pushed them even further. They had the idea to design something bigger to serve the community. So, they improved the program, and Shopify was born in 2006.

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?
Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

Why insert videos in your Shopify store

Today, video is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. It presents itself as the most engaging strategy for your customers. Moreover, 76% of Internet users recognize its usefulness and estimate their preference for video more accurately than anyone else. Thus, it is no longer an option but a necessity for all companies. She plays the following roles.

I am inserting videos on Shopify: beating the competition.
The Internet is where the whole web becomes the center of business, especially when you enter the direct marketing business. Although direct marketing has several proven benefits, it can pose a potential risk to merchants. It’s mostly about your store’s positioning and all the information available. Customers decide to buy a given product after comparing the information available on two or more products. In this case, videos are the best option to attract customers.

Inserting videos in your Shopify store can provide you with better SEO. it is estimated that your store’s chances of appearing on the first page suggested by Google increase 50 times if you have videos on your product list. The higher your videos rank, the higher your consumer adoption rate.

In addition, the presence of videos can better attract the attention of customers or visitors to your e-store. In fact, through video, customers have the opportunity to see the product in action. The video best illustrates the effectiveness of your product. It reassures your customers that they will quickly choose your products over your competitors. In addition, it is essential to note that more than seven in ten consumers (71%) believe that video is the best messenger and reassures customers within minutes.

In addition, we note that videos release information with simplicity and enthusiasm due to the images and explanations they contain.

Video can put you ahead of the challenger’s thanks to all these qualities and advantages. In addition, you can build a reputation using your brand.

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?
Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

Insert a video on Shopify: the video enhances your product’s image.

Due to the influx of visitors, it is estimated that the websites with the most beautiful images are the most valuable. For example, articles with photos are viewed more than 90% of the time than articles without images. This extension to videos must be close to 100%. As a result, your turnover will increase during this period. You will have a good profit margin and a good business reputation.

As far as the customer is concerned, the video will better understand the product. Customers have a better understanding of the product and its mechanism of action. In addition, you can create relationships based on trust and customer loyalty through video. For example, about 96% of product consumers believe that video is vital in selecting and purchasing.

However, it is essential to note that videos are short and cover the essentials. For example, the tape must be very brief for home appliances to highlight these different technical capabilities. If the video lasts, the customer will get bored after 2 minutes and move on. Besides, he won’t have all day to buy a simple device. For this reason, we recommend that you make relatively short videos (usually less than a minute).

Finally, videos save you from having to return the item from the customer after it has been purchased and shipped to them. Thus, it allows you to avoid monetary loss of money.

Video as a sign of commitment

In addition to its role in online marketing, the video itself is a certainty factor that encourages your customers to trust you. In this case, it creates an atmosphere of interaction with your customers and Internet users in form and substance. They promise to share it on several other platforms.

In addition, consumers believe that the companies that put videos of these products on the Internet commit to quality and are prepared to take any responsibility for the quality of their products and promise to compensate in case of dissatisfaction. For example, 77% of e-commerce customers agree with this view.

Finally, it should be noted that you must deal with the video quality. The equipment used to create the video must be of excellent quality.

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?
Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

Some characteristics of the video to be inserted on Shopify

As we explained before, your video must be of impeccable quality. It should be designed to be unique and attractive to customers. Besides that, the video does not need much time. We recommend that you turn it in for a maximum of one minute. As for the file size, the maximum file size you can download and install on Shopify is 20 megabytes. Beyond that, it is not possible to download. The platform will reject it.

The process of inserting a video on Shopify

The process of inserting a video on a product page in the Shopify store is straightforward. It takes just a few clicks and only 5 minutes to complete. To do this, you will need to.

Insert a video on Shopify: Upload your product video to Shopify

To insert a video on Shopify, you must first go to the admin page of the Shopify store. Once on this page, look for the “Parameters” virtual command tool. It is located at the bottom left of the navigation screen. When you click on Parameters, a screen with several sections will appear.

You will need to find the File section and click on it of these sections. Then, press the “Download File” virtual button on the new screen. From there, you will be redirected to your computer’s hard drive to find the video you want to insert into your Shopify store. Once found, click on the file and start the download.

You will confirm the download by checking your Shopify store’s database at the end of the download. The existence of a link indicates this to download the video. After that, copy the stated link and paste it to a location that can be retrieved.

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?
Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

Insert the video in the product brochure of the product in question

To place the video on the product sheet, you must first press the virtual “Products” button. This button is located on the left side and at the top of the navigation screen. Then, you must select the relevant product sheet and open the product sheet. On the latter, you will see a section reserved for the product “Description.”

You must then click on the 2 V-shaped symbols that appear to place the publication in the HTML code. When you are done, copy the code in the description. Also, we must not forget to keep the code in HTML format. Now that you have the necessary HTML code, the video link in your Shopify store is gone.

You will then copy the link to the video from where you left it before and paste it to where the VIDEO LINK is located. This process is the same as the previous one if the video is hosted on another platform, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and many others. You have to copy the link from the hosting site and paste it instead of the VIDEO LINK.

Also, it’s important to note that there is no recommended fixed location for inserting videos on Shopify. It can be in the middle, bottom, or top. It’s not intrusive. It’s entirely up to you and the direction you want to provide for the page.

Finally, you must save all the content you have just completed. This is the penultimate step in inserting a video on Shopify.

Inserting a video on Shopify: the verification phase of uploading a video

You have just completed the most critical stage of the process of inserting videos online on Shopify. However, there is one last one that is equally interesting. This is a video of the verification phase of uploading a video. This later stage includes the ability to validate the video. This will check the correct playback of the video in the front of the Shopify store.

Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?
Inserting videos on shopify: how to achieve it?

You need to press the virtual “View” button to do this. If the video is installed correctly, it will play smoothly and just as quickly. In addition, you will notice that the HTML code can be perfectly adjusted to the screen size of the device used to view the store. On the other hand, if the installation is not correct, you will notice playback problems. In this case, we recommend you cancel and restore the program. This is the best practice.

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