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Increase Instagram Followers: 11 Effective Methods 2021

All the methods you’ll see have been tested on the site you can find at the bottom of the article; in a few weeks, you’ll find yourself with thousands of followers from around the world.

Why increase the number of followers on Instagram?

The reasons can be different; some people like to be popular on this social network, others use it for marketing purposes and promoting their brand, others to make money. Whatever your goal is, the methods I’ll show you later will be instrumental, so stop wasting time, and let’s get down to business.

This list will find the most effective methods to increase followers on Instagram. We will start from the most obvious and commonplace to the lesser-known but highly effective ones. If you intend to become famous on these social networks, I advise you not to neglect a single point.

1.Post original photos and use attention-grabbing filters

This technique may seem obvious to you, but it is essential for success on Instagram.

Remember that the goal is to get followers and ensure that they continue to interact with you over time; otherwise, all your Work will have been useless, and many people will soon stop following you.

For this reason, it always tries to publish quality content that could interest the user.

My advice is to use more or less the same filter to create an identity as if this effect identifies you or your brand.

This is constantly your goal to become famous; otherwise, you are free to post whatever you want and use this tool for pure entertainment.

2.Connect Instagram to Facebook

Connect Instagram to Facebook

Connect Instagram to FacebookOk; this is the first thing we will do once we register. About 30% of Facebook users have an Instagram account, and many of your friends will not hesitate to follow you here as well.

This way, we’ll immediately have an already active follower base on our profile.

This is a fundamental point for Instagram’s algorithm.

3.Likes, comments, and follows

Now we start to think.

By putting different likes or, better yet, commenting on other users’ photos, in all likelihood, some will return the favor with one follow or another. This may sound absurd, but believe me, it is. Even better if you decide to follow that person directly.

In other words, try to be active within the platform.

Follow and comment mainly on well-known personalities, and by your profile or recently registered users, they are usually much more likely to follow you as a result.

4.Write in English

Write in English
Write in English

This is not nonsense; it is also a technique to increase Instagram followers.

English will be a must if you intend to become famous and attract an international audience. This way, the engagement will increase considerably.

This is one of the most functional strategies among those we call “ethical.”

Inserting several viral and relevant hashtags on your photo will increase the number of likes by a staggering amount. To find out which hashtags are the most popular, I suggest you go to Top Hashtag or use Tags For Like, an application that allows you to automatically download a series of hashtags based on the type of photo you post.

6.Publish at the right time

Not everyone knows this, but posting at certain times increases engagement and not a little.

Choose the correct times, usually after 5 pm (especially on Mondays) and Sundays. Also, it’s statistically proven that posting every 3/4 hours significantly increases the organic reach of each post.

To give you an example, you could schedule your profile to post something in the morning, after lunch, after five, and finally in the evening. Still, you could very well post only once or twice, don’t feel obliged to post continuously, try to keep the quality of your profile consistently high.

Personally, to further increase the quality and success of your profile, I recommend never posting more than three photos per day and always adding a description under each image.

7.Follow the hashtag #firstpost

Follow the hashtag
Follow the hashtag

Try typing the hashtag “#firstpost” in the search bar and follow as many people as possible.

It’s statistically proven that newly registered people are more likely to reciprocate. If you also use this hashtag, you might get followers from people using the same technique.

8.Give your profile and identity.

This point is crucial. If you want to be serious and think long-term, treat your profile as if it were a real business.

Unless you’re already a famous person, no one will care what you do in real-time, which is why you don’t have the luxury of posting random photos while you go about your business.

Next, pick a topic and publish mostly online content with it. For example, if you want to try to get into the travel industry, post the most exciting photos worldwide if you’re going to position yourself as a model instead, post photos of yourself wearing different clothes that fit well, and so on.

To give the profile a different identity, as mentioned above, I recommend you always use the same filter almost to identify your style.

Users notice selected and original profiles and are more likely to follow them.

9.Use the Follower Free application or similar

Use the Follower Free app. Until now, we’ve been joking; now it’s getting serious.

Many smartphone applications allow you to increase your popularity on this social network; one example is Follower Free, but there are many others. Always check your phone’s App Store; new ones are released with different names every day.

These extremely easy-to-use applications will allow you to accumulate credits by following people or liking their photos. Once you have earned enough credits, you can, in turn, buy real likes or followers. A twist. With this method, you can get lots of Instagram followers for free.

This is currently one of the cheapest techniques to increase the number of followers on Instagram, the growth is slow, and you will have to follow it a lot, but nobody gives us anything in this world.

10.Use an application like FollowPlanner

Use the Follower Free application or similar
Use the Follower Free application or similar

“Okay, but if I start following random users, I’ll end up with a profile full of people I don’t care about!”

FollowPlanner application is where FollowPlanner comes to the rescue, a unique platform that, among other things, will allow you to automatically stop following all those people who do not return the track to clean the profile.

But not only that, in addition to audience management, it also offers many other features, such as advanced profile analysis, automation of all kinds, scheduling, etc …

A complete tool, in my opinion, it is one of the best for those who use Instagram professionally and to develop seriously.

The platform is in English, but it is highly intuitive and easy to use. The only hurdle to overcome is connecting your account; you will need to set up a proxy.

If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, you’ll find all the information you need in the platform to set it up in the best way.

The guide is in English, but you can easily translate it into French via the browser feature.

Alternatively, there is the live chat, where an operator will help you quickly set up your account.

This little extra step will mean that many will give up using this type of service, making it even more exclusive and advantageous for those who decide to go all the way.

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