Improve your sales as an Amazon affiliate

If you already have your own Amazon affiliate store, skip this paragraph. If not, take a look at this magnificent post by the great Dean Romero on setting up your online viral affiliate store with the collaboration of Romuald Fons from

Since I left my Amazon affiliate store after one year and a half (with regular results), you have to keep in mind that although relying on what is told here, what will determine your success is the analysis of your niche and the data that you can extract.

Position yourself for informational searches

If, for example, you have a store with which you want to sell headphones, trying to position yourself to “buy cheap headphones” or “buy sony headphones” may be an absolute waste of time.

If, on the other hand, you try to position yourself for searches such as “best headphones for running” or “headphones for less than €80, your chances of selling increase, and not only because it will be easier for you to position yourself for those user search intentions, but that it is about searches that hide a purchase intention although at first, they are informative.

Users who arrive through these searchers are looking for information to decide whether to buy or not, which will almost certainly increase your conversion rate.

The search volume is not the only factor that you take into account when positioning your products. Think about conversion and not so much about traffic.

Images and text with affiliate links

Although it seems obvious, I didn’t do it at first, and when I saw the website, I instantly turned all the product images into affiliate links. Now it is very obvious to me, but linking the products from the pictures significantly increased the number of views of the product sheets and the final conversions.

At first, I also created a nice banner with the corporate colors of Amazon that I placed in all the articles and pages between the paragraphs. To finally try various colors, fonts, and shapes and realize that it did not work.

Then I included the links in the content itself, integrating them into the phrases, and discovered that the number of clicks increased considerably… it will be the so-called banner blindness.

Compare products in tables.

I got this idea at the time from the super product comparison website Top Ten Reviews, which I have later seen on another great site such as

By giving the user valuable content (always being objective), we save time when comparing products and exponentially increase the chances that they will click and “swallow” the Amazon cookie.

You can also create product rankings in a specific category based on the reviews you find on Amazon. Although it takes some work to visit each product and then order from highest to lowest according to ratings, it is something that your site visitors will appreciate.

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