How Upwork Interviews Work

How Upwork Interviews Work

An interview on Upwork means that the client has responded to the freelancer’s job application or invited the freelancer to take a look. 

Interviews are a niche market through which a client demonstrates his interest in an application or profile and gives the freelancer a chance to find work. Depending on each individual’s preference, the interview may be conducted through written communication or by phone or meeting. It may involve questions to understand better the freelancer’s profile, testing, and discussing the terms of a possible collaboration. 

In the rest of this article, I’ll answer all the questions that an interview on Upwork might raise:

  • How to answer them.
  • What happens after a discussion on the platform.
  • How phone calls and meetings work.

Let’s go!

How Upwork Interviews Work
How Upwork Interviews Work

How do I respond to an interview invitation from Upwork?

An invitation to an interview is a message sent directly to you by a client who wants you to discuss an offer together. 

An interview is not just about the job you are applying for. 

If your freelance profile is of great interest to a client, you can also receive a spontaneous invitation to an interview without applying in advance. 

The procedure for answering an interview is simple.

In the menu, open the tab “Find a job” > “Proposal.”

Go to the “Interview invitations” section. The number of new invitations you have received is shown in brackets on the right. 

Click on the title of the job opportunity to accept the interview invitation, reject it or archive it. 

How Upwork Interviews Work
How Upwork Interviews Work

Accepting Invitations 

To do this, click on “Accept.” Later, you can make a new offer to the client or leave it as it is. 

When you first start on the platform, it isn’t easy to find a job, so it is advisable not to discuss the terms of cooperation, especially at the financial level. 

The most important thing for you at this stage is to find work, chain tasks and gradually accumulate income, and most importantly, positive opinions to expand your profile. 

Refusal of an interview 

If for some reason, the job offer in question does not meet your requirements, you can refuse the invitation to an interview. 

In this case, the system will provide you with multiple reasons for rejection, and you must select one or more relevant to you to help the Upwork algorithm understand the type of job you are looking for.

As a reminder, when you decide to accept or reject an offer, it is best to do so as soon as possible, as your response rate will be displayed in your profile. The higher it is, the more you are perceived as a passive freelancer, which clients highly appreciate.

What happens when Upwork interviews you?

Once you accept an invitation to interview with Upwork, the client can immediately contact you in the messages section and discuss their work project with you. Before sending you a contract, he will want to make sure that you fit the job profile he is looking for and that you have no problem with his terms.

The client ensures that he is dealing with the ideal profile for his job

With this in mind, you will usually have to answer some additional questions to prove that you are competent for the job at hand. 

These can be direct questions related to understanding the job or the skills you mentioned in your application. 

The client may also ask you to perform a test (most of the time for a fee) where he commissions you to do a small job similar to the one you will have to do if you are eventually accepted, with instructions and a specified delivery time. 

Good things will only start when you convince your client of your expertise.

Employers offer terms of cooperation.

If you manage to convince your client that you can bring added value to their project, you can discuss and finalize the contract terms, especially with regard to price and deadlines. 

This information should be as unambiguous as possible. 

Once again, it is not in your interest to be demanding when you start using Upwork. When you have a higher profile, more work, more positive opinions, and a significant income, you will be in an excellent position to negotiate and meet your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to bring them to the client’s attention to eliminating any gray areas if you have any quick questions. 

If specific files, applications, or hardware are to be used, the client should make them clear to you to know what needs to be used.

The client makes an offer.

If you agree on a workflow and compensation, the client will send you an offer, which you must accept to begin working together. 

Only then can you consider yourself hired and take the necessary steps to strengthen and maintain the client’s trust. 

This entire process can also be done by phone or in a meeting.

How Upwork Interviews Work
How Upwork Interviews Work

Interviews and Work Sessions

How do calls and meetings work on Upwork?

Upwork gives you the ability to make and receive secure video and voice calls from its messaging center. 

How do I answer a call from Upwork? 

Once a call is received, an incoming call window will contact the customer or their team directly. Click the green button with the phone icon to answer it. Freelancers can decide to use their video or microphone for the call. 

What are the appropriate options?

Options can be changed using the buttons at the bottom of the call screen.

In addition to this, you can share your display in real-time by selecting the screen button at the bottom of the call screen.

You can then choose to share the entire screen or a specific window. 

You can also minimize the call window to show your message room during a live audio or video chat. 

How Upwork Interviews Work
How Upwork Interviews Work

Using Zoom in Up Work

How do I close a call?

When the call is over, you can hang up by clicking the red button.

The application then enables you to comment on the quality of the call by commenting on it. 

Go to the “Settings” tab in the call window to do this. 

Newer versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari support upwork calls.

How do I use Zoom on Upwork?

Upwork has partnered with Zoom to integrate its services directly into the freelance platform. Zoom meetings (sessions) are available on Upwork. 

As mentioned above, when you start on the platform, you will have more opportunities to join the communication channels that your clients have already begun to.

They will send you an invitation link via message, which you can click to join the meeting. 

Standalone software supports zoom calls. You don’t need a Zoom account to follow Zoom meetings through Upwork.

Can we use Skype or Slack to chat with our customers?

You use other applications (such as Skype or Slack) to communicate with customers initially contacted on Upwork. The platform does not limit how you can share with customers during an interview or after you have already won a contract. As long as all payments are made through Upwork, there is no violation at this point. 

However, it is best to continue using Upwork at least through the initial interview phase.

What is an unsolicited proposal?

After accepting an invitation or submitting an application for a job opportunity, the client can choose to respond or not. In the first scenario, the invitation or proposal becomes an active application, and a message room is created for freelancers and clients to discuss the project in depth. 

How do I access a valid proposal?

To access your active proposals, you must. 

In the menu, go to the “Find a job” > “Proposals” section 

View the “Active Proposals” section. The number in brackets to the right of the title already tells you the number of active proposals you have.

At this point, you can send a message to your client and even decide to update your proposal before creating a final contract. 

You cannot edit the cover letter, but you can update the terms, including bids or pricing.

How Upwork Interviews Work
How Upwork Interviews Work

In summary

Interviews are one of the features that set Upwork apart from many other freelance platforms. 

An invitation to an interview proves that the client has some interest in the given profile or in applying against their posted job offer. 

Once sent, it is best to respond as soon as possible. If the response is good, the client and freelancer will engage in detailed discussions to ensure that they can work together to achieve their respective goals and define the terms of this collaboration. 

These negotiations can occur via written, voice, or video calls or zoom meetings. 

If agreed, a contract is initiated. Once the freelancer accepts the offer, the collaboration can continue through other communication channels such as Skype or Slack, as long as payments continue to be made through Upwork.

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