How to work and earn money on Upwork

How to work and earn money on Upwork

Seven steps to working and earning on Upwork.

Register on Upwork

Create a solid and detailed profile

Apply for a job offer

Find a job and accept your first contract

Invoice for your services by the hour or define a fixed price based on the task

Complete tasks and earn money

Accumulate positive reviews and recommendations

Upwork has facilitated my journey as an entrepreneur and changed my life by allowing me to live and work worldwide and giving me enough time to blog without stress.

And I’m sure if that’s what you’re looking for, it could be your situation too!

At the end of this guide, you’ll learn how to work on Upwork and get your first contract as early as possible.

But first…

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a free platform, entirely in English*, that connects companies with freelancers worldwide looking for work and short or long-term assignments.

*While the interface is entirely in English, don’t be discouraged if you’re not fluent in English.


Because you will still find job opportunities in French.

In addition, I encourage you to use an automatic translator (such as Google Translate or DeepL) to request an offer if necessary.

At the bottom of the article, I’ll give you all the tips you need to apply for jobs in English, even if you have zero English!

How does Upwork work?

We can summarize the operation of Upwork in 5 steps.

Companies post job opportunities.

Freelancers apply for offers.

Job starts

Freelancers get paid

Repeat steps 1 to 4

So, to start as a freelancer, you must first register.

How do I register on Upwork?

Registering on Upwork is entirely free.

To do so, go to Home > and register from your Google or Apple account or enter your email.

How to register on Upwork

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

You will then see this on your screen.

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

Register on Upwork

Here you have to fill in your first name, your last name, create a password (it must contain at least one letter, one number, or one symbol), fill in your country of origin, and choose your situation as a freelancer, choose ‘Work as a freelancer.

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

Select the username “Username.”

You can uncheck “Yes! Send me beneficial emails from time to time to help me make the most of Upwork if you don’t want to receive emails.

Then verify the terms of use before clicking “Create my account.”

You will then receive a verification email to confirm and activate your account.

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

The final step before you start your application.

How to configure your profile on Upwork?

On Upwork, you will be able to work in different areas: writing, translation, community management, facilitation, web development, programming, accounting, design ……

To be accepted on the platform, you must.

Create a complete and detailed profile

It is essential to focus your profile entirely on one skill. Doing everything is never looked upon favorably by entrepreneurs. If necessary, create a specific secondary profile.

Fill out a complete profile submission form

This part of the process is essential.

You must complete the different sections required and specifically inform about your level of expertise.

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

Completing your profile on Upwork

After entering all these elements, your profile will usually be verified within 24 hours. You will be contacted by email.

Upwork is very strict when recruiting new people, as they do not want to overwhelm the talent pool with job opportunities.

Therefore, Upwork may reject your profile if there are already enough freelancers in your chosen skillset or if you did not fully complete your profile before submitting it.

Please don’t be discouraged; modify your profile and skills slightly and try your luck again if this is the case.

Personally, my profile was rejected twice before it was finally verified.

Then, as I said, I revised my profile based on my skills and the activities that corresponded to mine.

Completing the creation of your freelance profile

Once you’ve been accepted to Upwork, the next step is to complete your profile. I think this is an essential topic, so I won’t go into it too much.

This is what you absolutely must complete.

1. Choose a good avatar

Ideally, choose a framed, clear, bright profile photo.

2. Optimize the bio

Briefly describe the services you offer, your skills in the field, and what you can bring to the client.

Pay attention to presentation and prefer small paragraphs (2-3 lines max) to make reading smooth and easy.

Of course, watch out for spelling mistakes, especially if you are applying for writing or translation 🙂

3. complete profile 100%

Upwork will prioritize your profile and show it to more potential clients if it is fully completed, so please don’t skip any part.

4. Add a portfolio

Here, try to include links to projects you have done related to your chosen field of activity.

You can also add information about your educational background.

Upwork User Guide

Upwork has a great guide with detailed information on creating a profile.

That’s it, and you’re ready to check out the available jobs and choose the right one for you!

How do I invoice on Upwork?

On Upwork, you’ll find three types of tasks involving three invoices types.

Hourly overtime contracts

Hourly billed jobs (per hour)

Hourly billed jobs make up about 80% of the jobs posted on Upwork.

For these jobs, clients typically specify the range of weekly hours they are looking to work and the price range.

This type of contract offers excellent flexibility and can be adapted to the client’s needs.

These contracts are easily scalable if you bring value to the client, which means you can do more work and satisfy the client.

When you validate contracts paid by the hour, Upwork provides you with a timer (time tracker) that is activated each time you work on the contract in question.

Upwork Fixed Price Jobs

Fixed-price billing jobs

Fixed-price jobs have the unique advantage of being clearly defined.

Milestones – Milestones

These are fixed contracts that you will accumulate for the same client.

For example, you can start translating a page for 50€, and then the client will ask you to pay an additional 50€ to solve a new text ……

The client will create a new milestone for each new job, usually called a milestone at a defined fixed price on the platform.

Each time you complete a job, you must submit your work to the client using the “Submit” button. Your client only needs to approve your work.

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

How do I withdraw my Upwork revenue?

When your earnings are available depends on the payment type.

Hourly contracts are based on a weekly billing cycle that ends on Sunday. Therefore, available funds can be withdrawn after ten days.

Fixed-price contracts are based on milestones well-known milestones. After the customer approves the milestone, funds can be withdrawn after a 5-day security period.

To withdraw your income, you must add the payment method (via bank transfer or PayPal) and define your tax status.

Invoicing for work

To set up a payment method, you must.

Go to Settings > Get paid

Click on Add Method

Then select the payment method on the Setup button and fill in the requested information.

Choose when you want to be paid and click “Next.”

Okay, now that you know more about how Upwork works and the types of jobs you can find, it’s time to apply on the platform!

To take it a step further, here is the guide to answering 👉 How to make a payment on Upwork.

How to apply to Upwork? (4 tips)

I’ve collected all my tips here to be more productive and help you quickly apply for a few jobs a day.

Configure search filters

Don’t waste time looking through all the offers if you already know which field you want to work in.

Several filters are available in the left sidebar or under the search bar, so you can select “Advanced Search” and define the parameters you want to filter by.

How to work and earn money on Upwork
How to work and earn money on Upwork

Your feed will show you only those jobs that match your search criteria.

For example, if you are only looking for quotes in French, I recommend that you enter “French” in the search filter and keep the search as a favorite.

Create a script to apply for a job

When applying, you must send a cover letter each time.

The better it is written and the more specific it is, the more you will stand out when applying for the job you are interested in.

It would help to emphasize why you are the ideal candidate for the task.

Write short paragraphs that are concise and clear.

I also use Upwork to hire freelancers, and when I get positive reviews, I move on to the next freelancer.

In addition, I often get applications full of errors or don’t respond to what I asked for in the offer.

This brings us to the next tip.

Personalize your application

A basic script for applications is fine, but it’s not enough.

It would help if you always customized the script to be as relevant as possible to the job you are looking for.

You will see that entrepreneurs often ask for a random word at the beginning of a cover letter. This lets them know who has read the offer through to the end and pays attention to the details.

Applying for a job

Additionally, in addition to the cover letter, entrepreneurs can add specific questions that freelancers must answer.

It is essential to provide the most concise and accurate answers here.

Use the link to apply for the UPWORK offer.

To apply for the Upwork offer, you must use the platform’s virtual currency, Connects.

Using connections on Upwork

Depending on the offer, the number of connections varies from 1 to 6.

Sometimes Connect is not requested when a contractor directly invites you to apply for an offer.

Earn Connections with Upwork

When you first register on Upwork, you will be offered 40 connections.

If you then successfully pass the Upwork Readiness Test (a form), you will receive an additional 40 connections.

In addition, when you submit an application and are interviewed by a client, you will earn ten connections. You can make up to 50 connections every seven days.

Purchase Connects on Upwork

Connects cost $0.15 each and are sold in packs of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80.

Purchase Connects on Upwork

To purchase additional Connects, you must.

Go to ‘Settings’

Select the Members and Connections tab ‘Members and Connections’

Click Add More Connections “Add More Connections”

After selecting the desired number of connections, click “Add Connections,” and your account will be automatically charged.

To learn all about connections and how to manage them best (to avoid waste), discover all our tips here 👉 How relationships work on Upwork.

How do I get a job on Upwork?

To have a chance to get a job on Upwork, you have to apply in the best way possible. You will need to contact employers as soon as possible after your interview with them, and Upwork will also rank you based on how quickly you respond.

For this reason, I recommend that you download the Upwork app on your phone and make sure you turn on email notifications.

As a result, you will be informed of any new opportunities as soon as possible.

As a beginner, focus on small tasks.

The hardest part for Upwork beginners is finding their first job.

However, once you have completed your first task and received positive feedback on your profile, you are more likely to be selected by potential clients.

The easiest way to get your first job and have your profile reviewed for the first time is to look for a quick or “low-paying” job that poses little risk to the client if you miss it (for whatever reason).

Tasks with a budget of 10 to 30 euros won’t make you rich, and it doesn’t take much convincing for a potential client to spend that kind of money on an unknown freelancer like you.

Personally, my first job (paying 10 euros) consisted of recording phrases for voice recognition in a camera application.

The employer accepted everyone and needed more than 100 freelancers.

At the end of the assignment, I was able to ask my employer to leave a comment on my profile, which he accepted without hesitation.

I repeated the process for 3-4 assignments, and by the end of the first week, I had a profile with four positive reviews, which made getting a new job much easier 🙂 .

This brings us to the next critical point.

Ask employers to leave positive reviews.

If the budget for the job is much lower than what you usually charge, let the prospect know in the job application, but also let them know that you are willing to take the job at a lower rate if he can give you an affirmative comment after the job is completed.

Upward Job Review

Since employers continuously like verified profiles and reviews, that review will help you get more clients in the future.

Doing odd jobs initially is also an effective way to build relationships with your clients, and if you do a good job, they will hire you when they need your services.

One of my clients hired me to translate 5 product pages for his e-commerce for 150 euros.

I did a great job, made some suggestions for her copy, and immediately became their editor and translator.

This client proved to be very valuable as I earned 4500€ with him in the first six months of freelancing.

Get your UPWORK badge as soon as possible.

Upwork awards badges to the best freelancers. As a beginner, the first badge you should aim for is the Rising Talent badge, which highlights the best new freelancers on the platform.

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