How to Use YouTube to Attract New Customers to Your Business

How to Use YouTube to Attract New Customers to Your Business

Currently, there seems to be evidence to suggest that the future of online marketing lies in video content.

More and more people are turning to video platforms like YouTube to consume content, so if you have a business, you should seriously think about using this platform for your benefit.

Does it make sense for you to add YouTube as a channel to attract customers to your business?

YouTube is today the second most popular website globally, second only to Google. If you’ve been wondering if it’s worth starting a YouTube channel for a while, the answer is yes.

YouTube has enormous popularity and great potential to reach new people (and, therefore, new customers). Therefore, every freelance professional should consider making the most of this platform’s benefits.

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Why should you use YouTube to promote your business?

  1. To build trust

Using YouTube as a marketing tool to build trust with potential customers can be highly effective.

It is much easier to build that trust online through video than with traditional blog posts.

Appearing in a video is a much faster way to reach the viewer (and potential customer) and create a more genuine relationship.

In this way, you clearly show your way of speaking, communicating, etc., and it is easier for others to know you better.

  1. To boost your SEO strategy.

Every freelance professional knows that SEO is the key to getting regular and consistent traffic to your website and having visibility.

In this context, a YouTube video could be a great tool to get you to the first page of Google search results, especially since Google also owns YouTube!

Combining these factors, creating content on YouTube can be a fast track to building solid relationships with potential customers, and it can also surprisingly increase exposure in your target market.

  1. Low investment

YouTube is a free platform that can allow you to reach your target audience straightforwardly and with little outlay (apart from the hours you will have to spend preparing the video that you will upload later).

Therefore, you will publicize your brand and services without a significant financial investment. However, you will have to think about the content and prepare it.

How to use YouTube to attract customers to your business

We’ve already seen that YouTube has great potential for attracting customers, but what kind of videos and content should you create?

Depending on the strategy you consider, you can try one type of content or even mix several of them.

It is essential that you understand this channel as a social network and not as a direct advertising channel.

Your goal is to educate your potential customer, get closer to him, and create a relationship. Of course, finally, the idea is that you buy your product or use your services, but that will come later.

  1. Become an online personality or influencer

Nowadays, being a professional YouTuber is a job like any other. What’s more, a large audience on the networks is often more valuable to brands than traditional advertising methods, such as an advertisement on television or in a newspaper.

Influencers deliver a message and present a product or service to a particular audience naturally. Of course, it is also a formula to earn money for them, but at the same time, a great opportunity as a brand.

If you have a charismatic personality and exude energy, you might consider using YouTube to become an influencer in your niche. A large number of followers means more exposure, which could attract many more customers.

As a freelancer, the goal is not to be recognized as an influencer but rather to be associated as an expert in your niche.

  1. Promote your products and services through video with questions and answers

Do you have a digital product that you are trying to promote? Have you launched a new type of service or package?

Create a video guide to bring your product and service closer to potential customers. Some will likely raise some doubts and are repeated frequently; addressing them will help you sell it and be very effective.

A video can help establish a relationship of trust quickly between your company and your customers.

If you solved the problem or it was exciting, they will likely share the video with acquaintances or social networks. Sharing is effortless on YouTube and can mean a lot to your business.

  1. Testimonials and success stories

You can ask satisfied customers to share their experiences working with you in a short video. They will generally prefer to send you written testimonials, so use them to your advantage!

Ask if you can include them in a video explaining the project you worked on. Make a video with the product and add the positive comments and how you helped the customer.

Video tutorials such as How to or How…The most searched term on YouTube is “How…“, so taking advantage of this situation is a smart move.

Create video tutorials to establish yourself as an expert in your field and increase the chances of appearing in the search results of your niche.

For example, if you are a freelance designer, you could consider making videos like:

  • How to Use Photoshop: A Beginner’s Guide
  • How to become a graphic designer
  • How to create high-resolution images

You get the idea.

Many potential clients will search for answers on their own, so if you have a YouTube presence, they will be able to see your skills and experience before hiring you.

Tips for creating videos on YouTube
Tips for creating videos on YouTube

Tips for creating videos on YouTube

Once you have decided on the type of videos you will make, it is time to optimize them so that they are easily found. Like blog articles are optimized, you should follow some tips to position your videos the way you want.

These are some tips that you should know to use YouTube as a marketing tool :

  1. Eye-catching tickets and titles

You should select a good post or display image and fun or eye-catching titles to attract customers to click on your videos instead of others.

A common tactic is to include the title within the summary image and make sure the image is high resolution. Another tip is that you appear in the image as it again gives confidence and curiosity to potential subscribers.

  1. Post frequently

If a potential customer finds you through an old video, they are likely to click on your profile to view your most recent videos.

It would help if you had an up-to-date YouTube channel. If you haven’t uploaded anything for months or even years, it can show that you are no longer offering your services as a freelancer.

Try to post regularly, even if it’s only once a month! or at least it informs why there are no more videos in the last time.

  1. Include a call to action (CTA) at the end

At the end of the video, make sure you link it to other exciting videos so that viewers stay on your channel.

Additionally, you can encourage users to like you, subscribe to your channel, or head to your website.

  1. Share on social networks.

Having a robust social media strategy is vital for any business. It is, therefore, essential that you share your YouTube videos on other social networks for maximum exposure.

If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, try to share your videos with your followers instead of simply waiting for direct traffic to your YouTube channel. 

Have you ever used YouTube to promote your freelance business? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section!

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