How to use Facebook to boost your business?

Nowadays, every business that is proud of its success in the market should have a presence on the leading social network, none other than Facebook, with more than 2.167 million Facebook users. However, many still have doubts about how to use Facebook to boost their business and how to start on the right foot. In this post, we will explain the first steps you should take as a business manager in this social network, and we will also explain some of its main features from the point of view of how to apply them to a company.

How to use Facebook step by step to boost your business?

To start with our little tutorial on how to use Facebook, here we show you a brief guide to Facebook for your business in which you will see the step by step to get started in business manager and a fan page to manage it:

If you don’t have your account yet, go to and create it following the step by step.

Go to on “create account” and enter your company name, name, email, and the other information requested below (address, website…).In the form, you will find a selection of options regarding the commercial use of the account. You must indicate “Promote your products or services” if the account is a business account or “Provide services to other businesses” if the account is an agency account. Confirm your email address by clicking on the email you will receive. Click next, and you will be logged into your business manager.

How to use Facebook to boost your business?

Next, we recommend that you:

Add your company page:

Simply clicking the “add page” button will allow you to: add a page you are an administrator of, request access to one, or create a page.
If you didn’t already have a fan page for your business, now is the time to create one! And if you already had one, log in from your business account like this.

Add an advertising account:

You will be able to create an advertising account, request access to an existing one, or add one you already have.
We recommend you have an exclusive advertising account for your business to work correctly with Facebook Pixel.
Add other people: add other people to help you manage the account.

There are different types of access:

Employee access: They can only work on assigned accounts and tools.
Administrator access: Full control of your business and can edit settings, people, reports, and tools.
Financial analyst: View business financial data, such as transactions, invoices, account spending, and payment methods.
Financial Editor: Edit business credit card information and financial data such as transactions, invoices, account spending, and payment methods.
Now that you have your business present on Facebook, you need to learn little by little to enhance it and get the most out of it. To get started, we recommend these posts:

How to use Facebook to boost your business?

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How to use Facebook Live for your business?

Video is positioning itself as the favorite content for users, and therefore, Facebook Live is a resource that you should start to control to make your business page grow. But… what is Facebook Live? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a streaming video system, that is, live, broadcast through Facebook itself with no time limit or viewers.

Its operation is as simple as going to your page in the “write something” section and selecting the option “start a live video.” You can do it both from your computer and your cell phone.

And now, I suppose you are wondering how to use this Facebook functionality strategically for my business? Well, it all depends on the type of business you have, but here are some ideas and examples that you can copy or use as inspiration to find the ideal format for your own business:

How to use Facebook to boost your business

If you have a clothing store, do a live show every time a new product arrives, and you launch new collections. In a physical store, you can show the clothes just placed on your shelves or even do your private fashion show showing how a garment feels, your looks, etc. You can show the latest additions to the website in an online store by recording your computer screen.

If you sell training, you can do small live webinars presenting your courses to potential students.
If you have a bar or restaurant, you can do live webinars when you do a special event at the venue.
If you have a hotel, you can do a room tour of rooms and other nice rooms in the building, or even show the views or other particularities of the building.

How to use Facebook messenger for customer service?

We recommend you correctly configure the messages to be able to perform excellent customer service from Facebook. To do this, go to SETTINGS, and in the menu on the left, click on MESSAGES. Thus, you will find a page similar to this one:

The “reply wizard” section is where you will have to pay more attention to configure whether you want to send instant replies to anyone who sends a message to your page, show the response time publicly, or use the features to maintain responsiveness or offer a greeting in Messenger. Depending on your type of business, you can configure it in one way or another, indicating if you wish other faster ways of contact, such as the reservation phone number for a restaurant.

Once you know how to use Facebook messenger for your business, if you want to get the most out of customer service with Facebook, we invite you to go to the MESSENGER PLATFORM section of the configuration menu, where you can configure advanced options such as the theme of bots and subscriptions or chats to insert into a website through a plugin.

How to use Facebook to boost your business?

Finally, after this brief tutorial on how to use Facebook, we recommend this Facebook Pixel Guide and this one on Facebook Ads if you want to continue learning.

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