How to use Facebook groups as a marketing channel for your business

Facebook is still the most used social media network in the world and offers almost endless potential for successful marketing campaigns.

For some time now, Facebook has been focusing more and more on groups and promoting content that encourages sharing between users.

In this article, you’ll learn all the ways you can use Facebook Groups as a marketing channel for your business and build a strong network.

Make your customers happy

What would a successful marketing channel be without happy customers? So take good care of their needs. Are your customers plagued by various questions? Then invite them to a Facebook group to deal extensively with their problems and offer them your help.

You can also create closed or secret groups via the privacy settings. This has the advantage of giving you more control over who joins your group, and you can even offer your group as a bonus for a paid product.

You sell a guidebook on a certain topic?

Then make a nice package out of the guidebook and exclusive access to the Facebook group. The customer will appreciate the help and additional materials you provide in the group. This way you meet the customer on a personal level and have the opportunity to use the group as a marketing channel to promote other products and services that help them with their problem (upselling and crossselling).

Interact with your members

Facebook groups are a great way to separate discussions from the company page and even use them for your business. Offer your customers the opportunity to get to know you and each other.

Organize regular loyalty promotions, sweepstakes or contests for particularly active members and show your gratitude. Don’t forget to link your marketing channel to your website and occasionally link to your products.

Where to put your ideas?
Got a bunch of ideas floating around in your head, but don’t quite know how to evaluate them? Use a secret group to discuss your business ideas with select friends and acquaintances you trust implicitly.

After all, you don’t want the ideas you discuss to get out to the public. Therefore, keep the group as small as possible.

To get the most out of your group, post all important information in the group. Everyone can see it there at any time. Whether it’s recordings from past meetings, notes, or drafts, make sure everyone is on the same page.

Get your feedback

Ready to share your idea with the world? Act smart and use your marketing channel to test out the ideas on your most loyal customers. Create a closed group for this and listen to the gracious opinions of your community.

Your customers will be happy that you value their opinions, you’ll get valuable feedback, and you’ll build an even closer bond with your target audience along the way.

Manage events like a pro

Use your group as a marketing channel for upcoming events. Create a group for everyone who registers for your event. Here your customers can interact with the organizer, get in touch with each other and discuss the content of the event.

The advantage of such a group is that you provide visitors with information at eye level and do not have to rely on impersonal circular e-mails, which in most cases end up in the spam folder.

Ideally, such groups provide you with real-time feedback and ensure that the community interacts with each other. Customers will also thank you for adding value. Hold raffles or invite visitors to participate in flash mobs. The only limit is your imagination.
Improve internal team communication
Of course, your event needs to be well prepared. You can also use Facebook to coordinate every single step with your team. Especially with larger teams that include people from outside the company, it’s not easy to coordinate communication and keep track of everything.

Of course, this is not only true for event planning, but also for all other projects that are handled in a larger team.

A Facebook group gives you the opportunity to explain all the details of the project in detail and you don’t have to answer every question individually. In addition, the members of the group get to know each other better and no small groups are formed in which everyone does their own thing.

It is important that the group members agree to some guidelines beforehand, so that private discussions do not become public.

Show off your expertise

You will only be recognized as an expert if you share your knowledge with others.

To do this, you can of course create your own (open or closed) group and invite your prospects and customers to join it.

In the beginning, however, it is also useful and recommended to demonstrate your expertise in other groups.

Answer questions, make recommendations, give advice and share your most useful tools. Be helpful and share your knowledge for free. Don’t fall into bragging, but present yourself as THE go-to resource for your topic. Once word gets out about your status as a walking encyclopedia, customers will automatically find a way to you.


There are many good reasons to use a Facebook group for your business. With the right strategy, groups can become your business’s optimal marketing channel. Get the most out of your Facebook group by actively engaging with your customers and providing them with value.

If you want to know how to make your marketing channel even more successful, join our Facebook group. Here you’ll find valuable tips on all topics related to community building in practice.

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