How to use Etsy to buy and sell - How the platform works

How to use Etsy to buy and sell? – How the platform works

Currently, the Etsy platform is being widely used for buying and selling items; this is not only because in it, you get many but also because at the time of making payments is as safe as making payments on Wallapop. Not all people currently have the necessary information to carry out purchases or sales on Etsy. If you are one of them, do not worry, then we will give you the necessary information to do it.

What kind of products can be sold on Etsy?
Top selling products
Supported payment methods on Etsy
How to sell my unique products on Etsy?
How does shipping work on Etsy?
Shipping costs
How do returns work?
What kind of products can I sell on Etsy?
On this platform, you will find more than 70 million items classified into three types. These will be shown and defined below:

Handmade products: these are all those items that are made by hand. According to the policies of this platform, they must be sold by the person who created them. Generally, these items are unique. Among them are jewelry, all kinds of clothing pieces, and accessories.
Vintage products are any collection object to be sold in one of these stores; they must be more than 20 years old. If they do not meet this requirement, they cannot be advertised because it would violate Etsy’s policies.

How to use Etsy to buy and sell - How the platform works

Craft products: these are handmade tools that can be used to create new elements or monuments. These are also included in all those used for the animation of children’s parties or weddings.
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Best selling products

These will be shown at the top whenever you enter a category. However, below we will give you a list of the best sellers in a general way; that is, all types will be involved:

Purses, leather backpacks.
Organic beauty products.
Exclusive and personalized clothing.
Delicate jewelry.
Collectible art, more than 20 years old.
Music records.
Vintage household items.
Supported payment methods of Etsy
If you want to buy or sell on this platform, you should be aware of the methods of cancellation that it accepts; these are the following:

Sofort: in Germany and Australia.
Google Play for Android devices.
Apple Play, for iOS mobiles.
Bank debit card.
Klarna financing in the United States.
Klarna Pay, Germany.
Credit card.
Ideal: The Netherlands.
Klarna installment payments: UK, Spain, and Australia.
Etsy gift cards can be Mastercard, visa, Discover, and American Express.
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How to use Etsy to buy and sell - How the platform works

How do I sell my unique products on Etsy?

Placing unique items for sale on the Etsy platform is as easy as posting an offer on the free market; here’s how.

The first thing you will have to do is log in to your Etsy account, the sales account. If you don’t have one yet, you will have to create one. Go to the main registration page (you can do it on a computer or in the application). Then enter your email address in the open window, followed by the name, language, and currency it will use.
Select within your account. Create a sales account.
Your store will open; look for the option Manage store and click on it.
In the new window, select Add.
Click on My store.
Then click on Publish.
You will be sent to a page in it, click on Add portrait, and locate one or several for your ad on your computer.
Another page will open; on it, select the option Thumbnail photo, then search for an image on your device. Choose one where your article is well defined because this will be the main one of the ads you are publishing.
In the information section, you must place the name of the ad or publication and the category it corresponds to.
Describe your product in the Description segment.
In the section Inventory and payment, put that this article is unique and then its price.
Where it says, Delivery Data puts the information that corresponds to it.
If you wish, click on Publish person using Etsy.
How does shipping work on Etsy?
The way products are shipped on Etsy is determined by each store. They must find separately the company responsible for transporting their products (they can use several). This must be reliable and efficient enough since they will have to be delivered in less than 30 days. Otherwise, the store would breach the delivery policy of the Etsy platform.

How to use Etsy to buy and sell - How the platform works

Shipping costs

In the article’s publication, the seller will have to place if the cost of the shipment will be paid by the store or by the buyer. In case the store is not the one that covers the cost, it has to inform the user when requesting the production of the new value that will generate the shipping of this. This price will be set by the transport company used by the store, usually considering the size of the object, the distance from the store, and the place of delivery.

How do returns work?

In the platform policies in question, it is reported that each store can decide whether or not to accept item returns. These must communicate to the buyer if they apply it or not; you have to do it before they cancel the purchase. If they do, they must also inform under what circumstances they accept them and who will cover the payment of the return.

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