How to sell your products on YouTube

How to sell your products on YouTube

While most Internet users visit YouTube to relax, learn and catch up on the news, some (if not most!) content creators use this multimedia platform to sell their products. Although the reasons are not always obvious, it is a gold mine for making sales thanks to the content created. So why sell your products on YouTube? How can you succeed in attracting customers through your YouTube channel? The answers were without further delay.

Selling your products on YouTube: the reasons.

In recent years, more and more web sellers have started selling on YouTube. Why do they do it, and what are the benefits?
The biggest traffic on the internet
On YouTube, the number of registered users per month is more than one billion. During this time, visitors spend more than 4 billion viewing hours, which is the largest visitor traffic in the world. It is the biggest site with the most visitors on the internet. This is not very surprising, as it belongs to the biggest search engine in the world, which is none other than Google.

How to sell your products on YouTube

A better referencing

Creating content for YouTube not only allows you to be among the most popular e-tailers and influencers of all kinds but more importantly, creating videos to sell your products on YouTube will greatly help your SEO in general. Of course, given the stiff competition on the site at the moment, it is important to have the skills of an SEO assistant or simply a specialized helper in managing a YouTube channel. The SEO of your content will be more efficient.
Easy to identify customer needs
In addition, as opposed to a traditional commercial, creating a YouTube video to place a product will allow you to address your audience in the most natural way possible. You’ll be talking about the topics you and your subscribers are passionate about while presenting your brand as well as your products in a simple and natural way. Whether you’re selling online training or doing product placement for a partner, YouTube is the best place to deliver content that meets your customers’ real needs.
A close relationship with your prospects
YouTube is first and foremost a platform for offering value-added content to Internet users. By posting regularly, a YouTuber creates proximity with his audience while demonstrating his expertise in the field. It is well known that people are more attracted by what they know. This closeness and transparency created between the Youtuber and the users allow the latter to be confident, and this is good for business! Even more so if you add professionalism to your content. By hiring a great video editing assistant at VAV to give your videos a more serious touch, you can only boost your chances of making sales.

How to sell your products on YouTube

How to sell your products on YouTube?

Although YouTube plans to create a full-fledged online store on the platform, for now, it functions as a showcase for your expertise and passions.
The basis of the maneuver is to inspire the trust of Internet users, convince them of the mastery of your niche and make yourself known. In this, the most common practice is to create as much free content as possible: videos (of course), e-books, masterclasses, etc. The idea is to be able to collect a maximum number of contacts by collecting information when downloading your content. Be careful. Your content must be as consistent as possible to keep your audience interested. The more your content captivates people, the more likely you are to sell and attract new customers. It is only when your audience is conquered that you will introduce your paid products such as training, books, or coaching. To start your campaigns, you will probably need a qualified web marketing assistant to advise you in the implementation of a mailing campaign, the launch of your products, the creation of e-books, and the help of a skilled web writer to produce unique SEO optimized content. This can only make your content more SEO friendly and therefore attract more customers.
When you have won over your audience and are ready to start selling products on YouTube, you can insert your sales links in the following ways:

How to sell your products on YouTube
  • Put the links in a video description
  • Display them on the profile banner (the cover photo) of the YouTube channel
  • Use the end screen of a video to place the links
  • Insert redirection cards in videos at the top right of the screen

If you’re new to creating and managing a YouTube channel, YouTube has a built-in workshop where you can edit your videos, add effects, etc., to create an attractive look. If you’re afraid you won’t make it, get help from a YouTube Channel Assistant to provide your beloved viewers with a search engine optimized profile and professional-quality videos.
The ultimate checklist for selling products on YouTube
In order to guide you one step at a time in creating a high-quality YouTube channel and optimizing the content of your channel to attract your target customers to your products, here is a list of details to watch closely:
Preparing a professional YouTube channel

  • Choose the right equipment: choose a professional camera or a photo phone that can shoot in HD. If necessary, buy a tripod and good video editing software, and set up a well-lit and insulated shooting studio…
  • Hire a video editing assistant: his or her help will be invaluable when you have a lot of content to produce in order to maintain the professional level of the work provided.
  • Create the online store or landing page: if you direct the customer to the product right away, the chances are greater than the customer will make an immediate purchase. Don’t let them get distracted by other content before they make the purchase.
  • Create the multimedia calendar to have regular content: regular content always promotes more engagement.
How to sell your products on YouTube

Create engaging YouTube content.

  • Question and answer videos: this type of content allows you to create interaction with your audience and create a sense of ownership. Viewers are more engaged when they feel included.
  • Unboxing videos: Unboxing a product allows the user to get a glimpse of what to expect when buying this product. This is very interesting content to hold the attention of a visitor.
  • Vlogs: this type of content allows you to create a close relationship with your audience. It gives the video a natural and authentic aspect and allows you to share a feeling of conviviality with your subscribers.
  • Explanatory videos and tutorials: if you have tips on how to use a specific product or item, branded or unbranded, don’t hesitate to share them, as people will always want to learn new things.
  • Product reviews and opinions: sometimes, this content will serve as the basis for a visitor’s decision to buy or not buy a product. When you do this, remember to give objective and realistic opinions so that your credit is not questioned, even if your video is sponsored by a specific brand.

Optimize content with free tools.

  • Transcribe videos: transcribing your videos has clear benefits for the video’s SEO on YouTube and in search engines.
  • Hire a freelance transcriber: to do your transcriptions, help can free you from a time-consuming and recurring task so that you can focus on your core business.
  • Creation of playlists for the niche(s): this will direct the visitor to the content he is looking for and encourage chain playback, as several videos of the same theme will be grouped together on the playlist.
  • Creating links with custom YouTube URLs: it is a good idea to create custom YouTube links to make them easier to view and improve the user experience of your channel.
  • Finding a captivating soundtrack: in order not to bore your audience during the viewing, a soundtrack should be carefully chosen. It will increase the playback time of your video.
  • Write great video descriptions: along with the video itself, this description lets the user know if your content is relevant to their search. It is one of the elements that will encourage the visitor to read the video or, on the contrary, push him to go to another one.
How to sell your products on YouTube

Make the content of the YouTube channel viral.

  • Reproducible or real-life content: when your content can be reproduced or applied in real life, your subscribers are more interested in reviewing it and sharing it with their friends.
  • Content that engages users’ emotions: it is well known that emotions are powerful drivers of action. According to a HuffPost study on 10,000 buzzes, the emotions that come up most often in content that goes viral are fear/unexpected (25%), laughter (17%), and amusement (15%). Capitalize on these emotions!
  • Calls-to-action precise to encourage sharing: don’t forget to remind the visitor exactly what you want them to do.
  • To promote your content, don’t hesitate to :
  • Follow influencers to reach their audiences
  • Interact in the comments to encourage the engagement of your visitors
  • Cross-promote between your social networks to attract audiences from one to the other

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