How to Sell Successfully on eBay – Guide to Best Auction Tips for Selling Efficiently on eBay

“Three, two, one – mine – The slogan of the online auction house eBay is probably familiar to every bargain hunter. Suppose you want to auction items on eBay successfully. In that case, you should familiarize yourself with a few essential eBay tips and tricks and follow some rules because, with the 1.2 billion listings and 182 million active buyers, it is not easy to assert yourself on eBay. The article, we give you a few helpful eBay sales tips that only the professionals know.

Tip 1 Refer to completed eBay listings for pricing.

One of the most important factors buyers pay attention to on eBay is price. When placing an item, you should, among other things, set the starting price. Selecting a competitive price affects buyers’ willingness to buy and how visible the item is in eBay’s search results.

Before posting a new item, you should first look at completed listings for the thing you want to sell. Analyzing these completed sales can help determine a fair, competitive price for your item.

In addition, such an analysis also gives you clues as to whether you should choose “Buy Now” for your item or create an auction.

Old eBay bunnies are firmly convinced: The bargain instinct is deep in many customers and appeals frequently in eBay auctions. Even for the best products, the less an item costs, the more people are interested. Potential buyers also bid faster if the initial price is lower. However, this principle only applies to highly coveted items.

Tip 2 SEO and user-friendly product descriptions

These should describe your product in great detail and include every word or keyword a potential buyer could enter to find your item. First, compile a list of keywords you want to use in your description. For example, if you’re going to sell a Stevens E-Circle, your keyword list could look like this: e-bike, stevens, electric support, the top equipment, 8-speed hub gear, hydraulic disc brakes, aluminum frame with deep step-through. However, you should also include more broad search terms such as motor-assisted bikes and pedelecs. In this way, you expand your potential clientele with all those looking for high-quality e-bikes.

It’s also important to focus on the most important details about your item, as customers are more likely to pay attention to what’s at the beginning of a description.

It would be best if you described the article as accurately and honestly as possible. When you write your item description, it should also answer any buyer’s questions about the item (size, dimensions, specifications, etc.). In the report for the Stevens E-Circle, you should also indicate, for example, the size, weight, color, equipment, and any special features of the bike.

Similar to pricing, you can also look at similar sold items when preparing the product description to see what keywords your competitors used to sell the same thing.

Remember: Spelling or grammar errors seem dubious.

Learn about and take advantage of the many tools offered by eBay and its partners, such as Inventory Managers to manage item master data, and post listings.

Tip 3 High-quality product photos attract buyers.

Customers don’t want to buy a cat in a bag – they want to see exactly what they believe. That’s why every item you offer must be visible in high-quality photos.

Photos are the first impression. In the age of Instagram and Co., meaningful photos are essential for a successful sale. Below are some tips on making sure your images will attract buyers.
Taboo: Copying images from the web or other auctions. Make sure you take photos of your article yourself! Searching for a picture on the Internet and stealing an idea from various websites or other eBay users may constitute copyright infringement and result in legal consequences for you. Also, do not use stock photos or product images taken directly from the manufacturer’s website. Even if they present a product optimally, they could deter potential buyers because it is evident that the picture does not show the specific item you are selling. Instead, you should use original photos and take photos of the concrete product you are offering for sale.

Light up the article reasonably, position it against a neutral background and take photos with a digital camera as sharply as possible. Photographing a product in a cluttered room will distract you from the item. You can create a simple background quickly and easily by draping a neutral cloth over a table.

Take lots of photos – at different distances. The more pictures, the more likely you will find interested parties for your product. Take photos from different angles. Please show me the scale. A photo alone often makes it difficult to determine the ranking of the article.

Show all defects of the item. If your product has scratches, cracks, or other damage, you should point it out with a photo so that buyers know exactly what they are buying. This creates trust in your offers and reduces the likelihood of a customer returning the item.

Upload photos that have the correct dimensions. The minimum and maximum dimensions for product photos are 500×500 pixels and 9000×9000 pixels. However, eBay recommends using images with a size of 1600 × 1600 pixels.

Tip 4 Set articles systematically, not in bulk.

Due to the workings of the eBay algorithm, it is recommended to post one item per day for several days instead of multiple items in a single day. If you regularly update your product range, you can also maintain the attention of your store’s visitors by offering you new items when you return.

Tip 5 The right time

Does it matter on which day and at what time you start and end your offer? Yes, especially if you’re setting up an auction for a highly coveted item that can still be heavily bid on in the last few minutes.

To increase sales success, you should offer your goods for several days. Experience shows that the offer period of one week delivers the best sales results. Also, set the time of sale to a time when people have time to bid. Sunday night is ideal to start and end your listing, as many people surf the web and shop on eBay. Avoid auctions that end on Friday or Saturday nights when many people are on the move. And don’t end auctions too early in the morning or too late at night when most people are probably already asleep. If you start your offer at 2 pm, it also ends at this time – do you often shop online at 2 pm?

Tip 6 Perfect customer service (fast and polite)

Your customer is king: Direct answers to questions, fast shipping, and goodwill in case of complaints are worthwhile for you in the long term! Make sure to accurately describe the condition of your items, including any defects or defects, to avoid disappointing your buyers. Explain your right of return in case the buyer is dissatisfied. Answer all questions from potential buyers. Try to ship the item within one or two days after the sale.

Tip 7 Trust throughout the sales process

Fraudsters and unreliable sellers abound on the Internet, so it’s essential to build a trust base for eBay sales. You can make yourself, and your eBay store look trustworthy by providing information about yourself, your business, and your terms and conditions. Add a photo of yourself – potential buyers appreciate seeing the face behind your store. Collect and present feedback and positive reviews from buyers to show how you’ve satisfied buyers in the past.

Tip 8 Shipping policy and type of mail

Thanks to Amazon Co., it is common nowadays that customers do not have to pay shipping costs. Many online buyers expect convenient and cost-effective shipping options. So offering free shipping is a great way to make your offer more attractive to buyers. Avoid shipping costs in your eBay shop if possible and include them in the price calculation of your products instead. Of course, you may not be able to offer free shipping for all your items. Fragile, heavy, or international items can cause significantly higher shipping costs, which will reduce your profit. Instead, consider offering only local pickups. Of course, your audience will be limited to people willing to come to you. But this is a clever sales strategy for furniture or other items that cannot be quickly shipped.

Tip 9-30 days free return

Giving your customers the ability to return items for up to 30 days for free will benefit your customers and make your listings more attractive and more likely to appear in eBay’s search results. Suppose you offer a free 30-day return option. In that case, You are also eligible for the eBay Top Rated program, which gives you access to a Top Rated seal that is visible in both search results and your listing. Participating in this program will also gain access to exclusive benefits such as a 10-percent discount on end value fees.

Tip 10 Warranty

As a private seller, you should never forget to exclude the warranty expressly. If you do not do so, you automatically guarantee the statutory warranty period of two years. This can lead to problems, especially with used items. Suffice it to say: “This is a private sale, return and guarantee are therefore excluded. “

Tip 11 Share articles on social media for greater reach

Posting your eBay listing on Facebook, Twitter, or another social network is a way to get more people aware of your items. Your followers are more likely to buy from you if they’re friends, family members, or even people you’ve met through social networks and have already established relationships with you.

eBay allows you to post your listings directly to social media.


Competition on eBay has become very tough. Our auction tips make attracting customers easier and selling things better on eBay. Use the technical possibilities to present your products optimally, and convince buyers with honesty and special treatment at all stages of the offer and sale. Good luck!

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