How to sell services on LinkedIn

With over 15 million users in Brazil and the third-highest user ranking (after the United States and India), LinkedIn is becoming an excellent marketing tool for B2-B companies. The social network, previously seen only as a platform for recruiting professionals, job offers, and networking, now stands out for its well-segmented audience and exclusive sharing of important information about the business world

In this scenario, the platform provides excellent resources that contribute to the generation of highly qualified leads, either through the sponsored links service, which has a high targeting power to reach decision-maker profiles or through the social network groups.

How to sell services on LinkedIn

What are LinkedIn groups?

On LinkedIn, groups are like forums for discussion and relationships between professionals with common interests. In them, information relevant to the central theme of the community is exchanged, helping to disseminate information, knowledge, and opinions and, of course, strengthen relationships through the exchange of experiences and points of view. You gain your authority on the topic by actively participating in discussions and even starting new conversations.

As a group owner (moderator), you and your company will be seen as supporters and representatives of a cause, which further strengthens your and your company’s authority on the central topic of the discussions.

How to sell services on LinkedIn

How to create your own LinkedIn Group

The very process of creating a LinkedIn group is quite simple, and anyone can do the deed. However, it should be noted that developing your group is no guarantee of a successful strategy. There are a few elements to keep in mind:

Work in a niche related to your business, products, or services;
Check the existence and involvement of groups related to what you want to develop;
Define how the access permission will be to the group, and the publications (remember: it is your company’s strategy, but this does not mean that you should forbid the publications of your competitors. The idea is to create a community, not an exclusive advertising center for your brand);
Do not associate the name of the group with your company, only with your market;
Stipulate a community manager responsible for moderating content.
How to generate B2B leads with these groups.
Cultivating relationships, encouraging discussions, and interacting with participants is part of the lead generation strategy in these groups, which begins with positioning your brand in the group. Check out some tips on how to achieve this goal:

How to sell services on LinkedIn

Position yourself as an authority on the subject

The role of the community manager in the group goes far beyond avoiding spammers. They should encourage dialogue and debate, sharing relevant content and hot topics in the market. If some of this content is also from your company’s corporate blog, people will see it as a reference. In addition to gaining authority, it increases traffic to your website or blog, which should contain calls to action to sign up, bringing the audience even closer to the company.

Share rich landing pages.

In addition to discussions and shared content, wealthy materials like eBooks, white papers, and help tools (spreadsheets and apps, for example), among other content that asks for data in exchange for access, already naturally attract your potential customers.

When you share these materials in your niche group, full of professionals with a direct interest in your business or market, the probability of lead conversion is even higher. So when there is a release of one of these materials, don’t hesitate to share links to downloadable landing pages.

How to sell services on LinkedIn

Connect with the group members you interact with.

Use the opportunity generated by discussions to strengthen your relationship with professionals by adding them to your network. They will have constant access to the posts you make from your profile, maintaining the relationship and generating new business opportunities.

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