How to sell on Instagram with Shopify

How to sell on Instagram with Shopify

One of the most significant advantages of having a store on Shopify is that the eCommerce platform makes all processes more accessible and more efficient for merchants. It can integrate with different CRMs, account software, payment gateways, etc. Part of that “etc.” is the full integration with social media, which we have found particularly beneficial for Instagram. Selling on Instagram with Shopify has numerous benefits, such as making it easier to sell, providing faster and easier shopping experiences, and offering customers an actual omnichannel experience. Integrating Shopify and Instagram will allow us to sell more effectively, and what’s better, Shopify and Instagram integration is free. Thanks to this integration, you will be able to tag your products in your Instagram posts, and your followers will be able to buy them directly.

Configure/Add our Instagram channel

Next, from Shopify, we go to Instagram under “Sales Channels” and click on “Account.”
We click on “Connect account.”
We enter our login details from our Facebook account to authenticate our Instagram channel.
Sell on Instagram with Shopify. Add sales channel
If we have an iPhone
From the Shopify app, we click “Shop.”
we click on “Instagram.”
We click “Add Instagram.”
We log in to our Facebook account page to authenticate our Instagram account to the sales channel.
From Android
From the Shopify app, we click “Shop.”

How to sell on Instagram with Shopify

Manage your product catalog

We can add our product catalog from the “Shopping” page in our Instagram business profile options. Steps:

Using Instagram, we open our business profile options and then go to the “Settings” section.
We click on “Shopping” and then confirm our Facebook account.
If you don’t see the “Shopping” section, tap “Edit profile” and confirm that you are logged in to your Facebook business page.
Select the product catalog.
Click on the “Done” button.
Change the description of a product.
To change the product description, product name, or price in the product tag details, we need to edit the product post in Shopify and post the updated product on Facebook. Our product description should be the same on Instagram and Shopify.

How to start selling on Instagram with Shopify?

Connecting our Shopify store with Instagram will help our potential customers discover and buy our products directly from our Instagram posts and stories. But first of all, we must keep in mind that sales on Instagram are not enabled for all countries. To make use of this functionality, we must be in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Panama, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France or Australia. It is expected to reach the rest of the countries soon. To start selling on Instagram with Shopify, we need:

How to sell on Instagram with Shopify

Have a Shopify store

Have installed the Facebook channel in our Shopify store and have the Facebook store approved with some products uploaded to our catalog.
Have an Instagram Business account. If you do not know how to do it, in the following article, we tell you how to have your business profile on Instagram: Link Instagram with Facebook step by step – Basic guide.
Fulfilling these conditions, we will already be able to add our Instagram channel to our Shopify store.

What are the Integration options we have for Instagram and Shopify?
Setting up Instagram Shopping
The Instagram Shopping integration with Shopify allows us to tag products in the images of the publications and sell them directly through Instagram.

Sell on Instagram with Shopify. Configure Instagram shopping

We can download the Instagram plugin here. With this plugin, we will be able to offer our customers a way to shop in our store on Instagram through the tagging of products in the images of our publications. Once we download the Instagram plugin for Shopify, it will ask us if we want to carry out the installation, making a double confirmation.

Next, we will need a Facebook catalog or Facebook Shop to install product tagging on Instagram. We need to have an active and working Facebook Shop to do this. If you don’t know how to create one, we explain how to do it in the following article: Making your Facebook Shop the easy way.

How to sell on Instagram with Shopify

Sell on IG with Shopify Tagging products

On the other hand, we will be able to tag up to 5 products per image. Once we have tagged our products in 9 posts, a store tab will appear on our Instagram profile, which will allow our customers to browse our shopping posts without leaving the social network. To sum up, with this integration, we will be able to:

Add Instagram product tagging to our Instagram shopping profile.
Connect our store’s Facebook product catalog to our Instagram commercial profile.
Add shopping tags to our Instagram posts and stories.
Allow customers to shop in our online store without leaving the social network.
Installing the tracking pixel to run advertising campaigns.
We must obtain the Facebook tracking pixel and install it in our Shopify store to perform an exhaustive tracking of our store’s activity. We tell you step by step how to do it in the following article: How to install the Facebook pixel in my Shopify store. Once the pixel has been established in our Shopify store, we can start creating remarketing campaigns and show users who have interacted with our website ads on Instagram based on their activity with our website.

How to sell on Instagram with Shopify


Instagram has millions of users on its platform; this makes it the perfect platform to get visibility or increase sales for any business quickly. So, if we want to have more chances to sell our products or services, we have to be on Instagram. On the other hand, this social network offers its followers an easy and fast shopping experience. And on the other hand, it gives companies the possibility to promote their publications, making them even more visible. Although not always managing this social network and know-how to create advertising campaigns on it is an easy task. If you do not have excellent knowledge or a large budget but want to have advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and get results from day one, Adtuo is your solution. With our advertising platform for social networks, you will monetize every euro invested and achieve your goals proposed. Come and contact us, and we will tell you all without obligation!

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