How to sell on Instagram? Learn how to use the social network in your business!

It is no news that the Internet has changed how we do business. We have more and more people buying from online stores. This has been part of our routine for a while now, but it has intensified with the pandemic. 

With people spending more and more time online, using social networks as a sales channel is key to business growth. And taking advantage of Instagram’s features is a lot simpler than it seems. 

In today’s text, we will cover essential concepts about e-commerce, social networks’ impact on consumer behavior, and tips on using Instagram as a sales channel. Let’s go?

Social commerce

The world stopped in 2020. With home offices, closed stores, reduced hours, and distancing protocols, there was a super accelerated growth in the number of users on social networks. There are currently about 4.20 billion worldwide, an increase of 13.2% compared to last year. The Digital 2021 survey conducted by We Are Social, and Hootsuite reveals this. 

Consequently, social commerce, a term used to describe transactions conducted through social networks, is growing every day. It is estimated that by 2027 more than 604.5 billion dollars will be traded through social networks alone. 

With social commerce, the entire shopping experience – from product discovery to order completion – will happen directly through social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Social networks as a sales channel

With consumers becoming more digital every day, smartly investing in social commerce is fundamental to boosting sales in any business. 

How to sell on Instagram?

According to the “Digital 2021” survey, about 45% of global Internet users use social networks to search for information about products or services they are thinking of buying. This number is even higher among young people, as the graph below illustrates:

The first channels are used to find a brand.

In Brazil, it is no different. To give you an idea, e-commerce sales increased 57.4% in the first semester of 2021 compared to the same period last year. There were more than 78.5 million online purchases in just three months. And as we have seen, social networks are indispensable in this process.

Brands looking to get a slice of the social commerce pie must be aware of what is happening on the networks and invest in the right platforms that fit with the brand’s audience and business strategy.

After all, why sell on Instagram?

If you haven’t started selling on Instagram yet, you may be missing a great opportunity. Being currently the fourth most significant social network globally, Instagram already has more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide. 

Brazil occupies no less than third place in the ranking of countries with more users! There are more than 99 million accounts in the country.

In addition, according to information from the network itself, 70% of people discover new products through Instagram. Thus, learning how to sell on Instagram will help your company reach your target audience assertively and boost sales. But where to start?

Essential tips to start your sales on Instagram

Gone are the days when Instagram was merely an app for sharing photos. The network has become a showcase and online storefront for brands with social commerce. Using the web to sell is much simpler than it seems. 

How to sell on Instagram?

Check out these tips to make your company more attractive and convert more with Instagram:

Invest in the profile:

  • Choose a good photo.
  • Write a well-crafted bio with a CTA.
  • Include a link to your store or website.
  • Use a consistent visual aesthetic.

Use Instagram ads to reach your target audience and boost sales.

Advertise in stories and Reels. Make sure to grab the user’s attention within the first few seconds.

Offer discount codes exclusively to your followers.

Partner with influencers. Influencer marketing offers brands a unique opportunity to reach an engaged audience.

Get the caption and image/video quality right. Investing in an attractive caption and eye-catching illustrations is vital to grab the user’s attention.

Interact with your followers. It is no use just posting. Answer directs and comments, offer valuable content, be authentic, and set up a chatbot (spoiler alert: we’ll talk more about this later).

Shopping features on Instagram

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows business accounts to identify products with shoppable links. This makes Instagram a channel for outreach and engagement and a digital showcase for brands investing in the network.

After registering your products, tag them in posts to make sales right from your feed or stories. This way, users can buy the products presented in photos and videos from anywhere in the application.

There are several features added to Instagram Shopping.

Example of how to use Instagram Live Shopping to sell on the platform.

How to sell on Instagram?

Brand Shop

After registering your product catalog, a store within the network is created for you. It works like a digital storefront that allows users to buy directly from business profile pages.

Instagram Store

This section is dedicated to product posts that enable users to discover new brands. Several features can be found here:

Wishlist: wishlist of posts “saved” by users.

Stores: brands are suggested according to each user’s interaction profile.

Collections and Guides: features that allow companies to customize their stores with product groupings. They work as digital catalogs.

Videos: as it is also possible to indicate products available in videos, this section is similar to exploring, but only with this post format.

Product details page

Here you will find all the essential information about the product: description, image, price, and button with a link to buy.

Shopping tags

You can tag products from your catalog in stories or other Instagram posts by using a tag. By clicking this option, the user is directed to the product’s page on Instagram.

Ads with price tags

You can also promote products with price tags. This is a great sales strategy, as it enables the brand to extend its reach on Instagram by working the bottom of the funnel. 

This way, you can indicate to thousands of people in your audience of interest that that product is available for purchase and provide additional information about your product right there: description, price, size, and, most importantly, a direct link to purchase.

Checkout on Instagram

This new feature, also known as checkout, allows the user to finalize the purchase directly in the app. The quality is only available for some accounts in the United States, but it is already in Instagram’s plans to make checkout available in other countries.

All the features mentioned above are available for commercial profiles on Instagram. If your account is set up as a personal profile, don’t worry, it is pretty easy to change. You also need to perform some settings to unlock Instagram Shopping. Check out the complete step-by-step here.

How to sell on Instagram?

Invest in customer service and sell more

Instagram is not usually used as a customer service channel for most brands. But if you want to boost your business, get ready to serve through the platform.

We know that scaling customer support is no easy task, but the Messenger API for Instagram is here to help you (a lot!) with this task.

Service and Sales with Messenger API on Instagram

The opening of the Messenger API for Instagram is a watershed for brands. With the novelty, your company will be able to automate the service on the social network providing greater satisfaction to your customers and reducing operating costs.

The messaging solution on Instagram goes far beyond support; it is part of the shift to conversational commerce. The new Messenger API allows businesses to integrate messaging on Instagram with their customer service systems. 

In addition, automated responses can also be created and quickly overflowed to a human attendant. The brand doesn’t break the user experience by automating trivial processes and directing to the agent when needed.

And, of course, if you are already a Take Blip customer, you can take advantage of this new feature! Some rules must be followed to release the API on Instagram, but they are pretty simple, and our support team is ready to help! 

How to sell on Instagram?


With people turning to social media to learn about brands and products more often, offering a good support and sales experience on these channels becomes a differentiator for any business, regardless of segment or size.

As we have seen, Instagram is evolving more and more to enable a more interactive experience between brand and customer, removing any obstacle from the buying journey.

In addition to providing various features to make the platform a sales venue, Instagram has enhanced its platform to support customer service.

Using Instagram’s Messenger API, the brand can provide an enhanced, high-quality experience for its customer. Want to learn more about integrating Instagram with your business? Schedule a meeting with our experts now and boost your sales on Instagram.

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