How to Sell on eBay A Beginner's Guide

How to Sell on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide

With the growth of digital life, how to sell on eBay has multiplied among SMEs, entrepreneurs, and companies that want to offer their products and services online and do it in a marketplace that makes it easy and works for them.

eBay not only works but also has a special prestige. It has maintained a reputation as a trendy and safe place to shop among 183 million customers in the 190 countries where it is present. It’s an authentic brand where extraordinary things happen, and it’s exciting to be a part.

The key to its success?

They have made it a priority to follow trends and people’s needs and consumption habits when selecting products and services.
They have positioned themselves as a marketplace that is an ally of sellers and not as competition.
They have also prioritized transaction security for buyers and sellers.
This means that they have built a universe where you can find the most current and desired products on the market and where you can sell and buy with total confidence. Yes, it’s excellent!

How to Sell on eBay A Beginner's Guide

How to sell on eBay

A lucky story ,In 1995, selling and buying on the Internet was pretty daring, taking into account that at that time, trusting in this new world that had just made sense to everyone was not the norm. However, what was natural was to understand the Internet as innovation, as the great window to solutions and new technical possibilities for those times.

This was the understanding of Pierre Omidyar, who founded a small virtual space called AuctionWeb so that some people could offer their products and others could bid for them. The first to be sold as a laser pointer, for which one buyer paid US$14.63. More than 1 million items had already been sold just two years later—a good story from its beginnings 25 years ago.

Then it was renamed Echo Bay Technology Group, whose abbreviation became eBay. Today, it is the marketplace for sales and auctions preferred by entrepreneurs, organizations, SMEs, and large companies. Everyone wants to buy and sell there.

What are the advantages of selling on eBay?

Maria makes jewelry and displays it on eBay for the first time. Three minutes after clicking to list her products, she makes her first sale. She can’t believe it! And like her, so many sellers are betting on living this kind of commercial magic.

Official eBay data from the second quarter of 2019.Because selling on eBay is easy, many companies prefer to have a store there instead of investing in their eCommerce. Is that depending on the nature of the business, it can undoubtedly be the best option since…

On eBay, it is possible to grow and profit quickly. It is enough to make a few actions for any store that knows how to offer its products well, to have good sales.

The platform also facilitates personalization since it allows to show the products that are more in line with the tastes and preferences of users, which guarantees a very convenient automated segmentation to sell directly to potential customers.

It allows an international expansion, offering products to countries where it would be impossible in a particular way given the costs and production efforts if it is a small company, and it is also an excellent option for large companies that also want to grow in countries where they have not yet reached.

Compared to traditional sales, it reduces commercial costs for international transactions, logistics, shipping, and communication fees, and translation of ads and texts to each country where it is offered.
It is an excellent option for entrepreneurs in times of economic crisis in certain markets, in specific countries, or in situations such as the one we are experiencing in 2020, as many businesses claim to have found the perfect option to continue selling despite the instabilities.
You, too, can be part of this platform and this experience; how? Read on!

How to Sell on eBay A Beginner's Guide

To start with, it’s elementary.

1 – First, you have to create an account.

2 – Give your payment information and associate a Paypal account.

3 – Create an ad for the product you want to sell, with all the product details, images, etc.

And that’s it! Now, if we want to sell professionally, we must consider more things.

1 – Subscription

The first thing is to have an account registered as a business account and verified and an associated Paypal account. With this, we can choose a type of subscription. Different options vary in possibilities and prices.

The primary option allows you to have a space to post your products and manage your sales. The advanced option allows, among other things, to publish several free ads and grow more internationally, and the Premium allows unlimited ads and more tools.

The important thing here is to consider how many products you want to sell per month and the sales goals you have because eBay is not free; it charges a commission for each sale and its functionalities.

2 – Configure the store

The most fun part of the process! Placing all the brand information, image, logo, and of course, the product cards. In this sense, it is essential to evaluate other stores with similar services to see, for example, the price range in which the same products are quoted, comments from buyers, and the stores’ design.

All this can serve to be in line with the eBay universe and have a touch of differentiation.

How to Sell on eBay A Beginner's Guide

3 – Start selling on eBay

With the store ready, we can start selling by making ads since this is the way products can appear in search results. It is a pretty intuitive process where we fill in the steps. The platform has a Buy It Now! Format to make sales at the moment without going through an auction process.

How to sell on eBay and have an excellent reputation

One of the features that make this marketplace be maintained is the care they put into the quality of the traded products and especially in the behavior of their sellers. For this purpose, they have performance standards to measure the excellence of the activities on the platform.

For example, to be an excellent seller on eBay, you must have an account that has been active for at least 90 days, have at least 100 items sold, and 1000 euros in sales during the last 12 months. As well as having a relatively low percentage of drawbacks in several areas.

This means that it is essential to offer impeccable customer service in addition to displaying and selling products. Manage orders on time, have an updated inventory and always have stock, have protocols for unforeseen events, resolve incidents effectively, respond to customer requests equally, and thus also earn a good score.

In addition, you can read some tricks for eBay users to fill their carts with your products and complete the purchase process in this article.

How to Sell on eBay A Beginner's Guide

How to sell on eBay to different profiles

Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace, but you can already know which one is second. In Spain alone, more than 12.6 million items are sold on eBay every year, bought by more than 2.5 million users, and offered by more than 10 thousand active sellers. This gives us an idea of how selling on eBay is a powerful commercial strategy.

In addition, we are talking about sellers with very different profiles, which makes eBay a dynamic and valuable platform at different business levels. To give you an idea, the fashion company Venca, with a significant volume of sales and expansion, uses eBay precisely so that their products have greater penetration in markets in Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom.

But small businesses also find these possibilities on eBay. The essence of eBay is to be the ideal marketplace for small entrepreneurs, as were the collectors of valuable and curious objects who started selling in its beginnings in 1995, and as are the thousands of creatives and merchants who either sell only there or who make part of their turnover selling on eBay.

How to Sell on eBay A Beginner's Guide

Whatever your case, a large company, an SME, or a small business, now you know that eBay can be an excellent option to sell your products and services, so be it!

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