How to sell and MAKE money on Amazon

How to sell and MAKE money on Amazon?

There are many business models related to AMAZON. Therefore, we can find different ways to generate income with this big eCommerce.

We are going to name below the different ways that we quickly find today:

Selling products and services: It is the most common way we can find to earn money on Amazon. You sell your products, under your brand or from third parties, to consumers on this platform. Selling on Amazon FBA has become very popular among online sellers lately because of its possibility to automate and scale.

Dropshipping: This method has worked very well in the past but has declined in popularity. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make money with it. On the contrary, it is one of the ways found in the market to start an e-business without much investment. It consists, in a very summarized way, in being an intermediary. Through a web page, a person buys a product that is offered. When this happens, the owner of the page in question buys this product on a cheaper site and sends it to the person who generated the purchase. The people who carry out this type of transaction have no contact with the product; they do not own it. They only generate profits from the difference between buying and selling a product.

Arbitrage: This method has also lost some popularity. It consists of looking for offers and discounts on products and offering them on different platforms to generate sales of these products. With this method, you have to look for new product opportunities constantly. Generally, they are other products, and the profit is higher if the offer or discount is significant.

Physical and electronic books: We have a separate section for readers because that is how Amazon started selling books. Therefore the services offered for this type of sale are different. Think that nowadays, it is not necessary to print a book to reach thousands of people, as long as it has its Kindle version.

Affiliate Program: This method involves charging a commission for selling items that are not your own. Let’s take an example. We have a website that offers different products sold on Amazon, but they are not ours. They belong to a seller who has listed his creation there. If a person through our affiliate link buys a product, we charge a commission. It is not easy to join this program because Amazon is quite strict, but it is an excellent way to earn money.

In this article, we are going to focus on selling physical products. How to sell your own or third-party products through AMAZON FBA. This technique is what we do and with which we have been successful.

When we want to start working with Amazon, we ask ourselves: Can I be an Amazon seller? Can I sell from my country? Do I have to open an account? All these questions are the main ones that arise when you start, and they are easy to find out. Here are some links below with the answers:

How to sell and MAKE money on Amazon

How to open an account to sell?

The problem arises when we ask ourselves the following questions: How much money can I earn with each product? Do I have to start with many effects? Should I use the Amazon FBA service? How long will it take me to recover my investment?

These are valid and natural questions that we ask ourselves from the beginning when presented with investment possibilities or new businesses. But the problem arises when we look for answers to these questions and find all kinds of solutions. People who have earned thousands of dollars in a month, others who have invested little, others who have 1 product for sale, and others who use Amazon FBA.

For us, and hence the creation of this article, the answer to all of these will depend on many factors. And we are going to focus on the three main ones that determine how much I can earn by being a seller on Amazon: MONEY, EFFORT, and TIME. Depending on how much we dedicate to these three factors, we will get our answer. So the right question to know how much money we can make selling on AMAZON FBA would be, “How much am I willing to give for the business?”

The initial investment is fundamental, as in any physical business; knowing how much we are willing to invest will let us know what return we can obtain.

This does not mean that Amazon has a minimum to invest in because it does not. It is to be aware that if we invest $100 in purchasing a product to resell, we will hardly get a profit of $10,000. The speed and profitability of the business will be determined by the initial investment we make.

How to sell and MAKE money on Amazon

learning to sell online

Let’s also think that you get discounts for wholesale purchases by making a more significant investment in merchandise. In most cases, the monetary difference can be huge. It can be the case of products that the supplier offers us $5 per unit, but if we buy them wholesale, the cost is reduced to $3.

The difference between physical and online businesses is in the initial investment. The latter does not require significant outlays of money initially. That is to say, and we do not need to rent a place, prepare it, buy large amounts of stock, hire employees, etc. But this does not mean that we should not take it for what it is: A business.

We can start with a few units to get to know the market and learn. We can reinvest those small profits to grow the business in the medium and long term.


Many people come to Amazon looking for online business ideas that work. When they see how the system works, they think they will buy one product and sell thousands from day one. Let’s face it; we’ve all had this kind of thought.

However, you have to know that Amazon is a real business, and like any business, it will need our effort to be successful. This does not mean that we should give up everything we do and dedicate 24 hours a day, but we should know that the more effort we make, the better the results will be.

How to sell and MAKE money on Amazon


The excellent and different thing that makes this business system is that it has the logistics of Amazon, and that does not benefit incredibly. Since it allows us to create a business that works on autopilot, thanks to this system, we can delegate to them the most tedious tasks leaving a lot of free time for other jobs. Learn more about AMAZON FBA logistics.

But, even though we have the logistics system and the business is running on autopilot, we must dedicate effort to improving and positioning our products or brand. We need at least 2 hours of quality per day to carry it out excellently.


When we talk about time, we refer not only to the time we dedicate day by day, as we mentioned in the previous section. The business needs time to mature and develop.

That is to say, besides dedicating money and daily effort to the business, we will need time to carry it forward. In its beginnings, it will need a lot of analysis time and quality time to avoid making mistakes that we cannot remedy in the future—for example, choosing the wrong product or supplier.

As the business grows, we will need to analyze the metrics to know how everything is going and how we can correct deviations so that our product is the best seller. These tasks may require one to two hours a day at first. However, suppose we want to grow the business. In that case, we will need a more extraordinary dedication since we can analyze new products or improvements in the current one and review the existing metrics.

You can scale the business to levels you can’t imagine. It will depend on the steps and strategy you use and the level of revenue. We can say that there is no floor or ceiling in this business. You can make $300, $800 or $15,000 a month. But you can also choose the wrong product and lose $2,000.

How to sell and MAKE money on Amazon

You should know that it is essential that you train and prepare yourself because the steps you follow from the beginning will determine your future results. Seek help, and choose a mentor to guide you on the right path. If you want more information on how to sell on Amazon professionally, click on the following button.

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