How to recover your Facebook account: hacked, blocked, forgot password…

If you can’t log in to your Facebook account, there are several ways to recover it.
Recover your Facebook account with a password reset
The social network has a dedicated page to help you recover your account and reconnect to your profile. On this page, enter your mobile number or email address, then reset your password, choosing to send a reset code by email or SMS. You will then be able to confirm that you have received the code and log back into your account.

There is a Facebook page to find your account. Capture BDM

If you can’t log in to your account via the page above because you don’t have the correct phone number or email address, here are some tips:

Ask one of your Facebook friends to check the “About” and “Contact Information” section of your profile to give you your email address or associated phone number (provided you have allowed this information to be displayed).
Remember to test all of your old phone numbers or email addresses on the dedicated help page. It is possible that you created your account several years ago and that it is linked to your old contact information.
Recovering your Facebook account via a friend’s account
Here are the steps to follow:

On your computer, via a friend’s Facebook account, go to your profile,
Click on the “…” below the cover photo,
Click on “Find help or report a profile,”
Select “Other,”
Click on “Recover this account” and follow the required steps.

The option is located below your cover photo. Capture BDM

How to recover a hacked Facebook account

Do you think your account has been hacked, that someone else has gained access to your account? It is essential to secure the report via the help page offered by Facebook. By following the instructions, you will be able to change your password and check recent login activities on your account, which will allow you to find out whether you have been hacked or not, and safely log in again.

Recover a deactivated Facebook account

Does your account appear to have been deactivated, and you don’t understand why? Visit our dedicated form to request a review of your situation. Facebook may deactivate accounts for the following reasons: posting content that violates Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, using a fake name, impersonating someone, engaging in recurring unauthorized behavior, communicating with others to send them ads and promotions, and more.

Still can’t log in? For more information, visit the Facebook Help page dedicated to login issues.

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