How to quickly transfer the contents of a blog to WordPress

When changing hosting or deciding to move your blog from a fully managed service like or Blogger, a blogger’s biggest problem is how to transfer all the content. Sometimes it is possible to move the entire site, complete with graphics, themes, and plugins. At the same time, it is not possible in other cases due to the limitations imposed by the hosting, but you can still transfer pages, articles, and comments via XML files.

In this article, I explain in a simple way how to correctly migrate blog contents (not the entire site) from a WordPress site via XML files and how to import content to a WordPress blog with the same method from other platforms such as Blogger.

§ How to export blog content in WordPress

§ How to import blog content into WordPress

§ The limitations of migrating a blog via XML files

How to export blog content in WordPress

The textual contents such as articles, pages, and comments and their formatting are exported in XML format, a single lean file capable of recording all the data. To export content from WordPress, you need to go to:

The XML file records the contents of the blog structure and allows you to create a new blog with the same contents, keeping the same tags and categories. However, it does not allow you to export the theme, widgets, plugins, or all those data that contribute to creating the blog’s graphics.

With most hosting, it is possible to export the complete site, while for managed blogging services such as or Blogger, the method via XML file is the only possible way to export the contents.

How to import blog content into WordPress

Importing textual content into the blog is done in the same way, via:

By following the guided steps, the site’s structure will be rebuilt, with all the posts, tags, and categories previously set, while also keeping the permalink structure, i.e., the address of the individual pages, the same. This method of importing via XML file works even if we decide to transfer the blog from Blogger to WordPress when it is impossible to reuse the same themes because they are different programs.

The limitations of migrating a blog via XML files

Transferring content via XML files is an easy and fast method, which can also be used by beginner bloggers. However, it does not allow you to move all the images physically, only those present in the posts. Furthermore, this method does not allow to keep the graphics of the site, which must be rebuilt.

Migrating blog content with importing and exporting an XML file should therefore only be used in.

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