How to post on LinkedIn

How to post on LinkedIn?

How to post on LinkedIn?
How to post on LinkedIn brings us to the central point of our article: the keys to posting effectively on LinkedIn. Our testing allowed us to establish the factors that make a successful post. Throughout the testing period, we kept a tracking chart that included the following:

The format of the post (text, image, link, video, etc.);
The mentions, i.e., the people or companies mentioned in the post;
The number of comments;
The number of reactions (or likes);
The number of shares;
The number of clicks;
The number of impressions, i.e., the number of times the post was seen by LinkedIn members.
To measure the success of our posts, we have chosen to refer to the number of impressions generated. We wanted to know what factors most influenced the reach of our publications: was it the format, the number of reactions, the number of clicks, etc.? Three months later, here are our conclusions!

  1. Encourage discussion
    Our first observation was, not surprisingly, that reactions (likes, shares, and comments) positively impact the number of impressions of posts. However, not all responses are equal: we noticed that LinkedIn’s algorithm loves words during our tests.

Here is an illustration with a post that generated 47 likes but 0 comments versus this post that got “only” 18 likes but was commented on by a company.

We can see that the second post got almost 40% more impressions than the first, despite fewer reactions. We can deduce that the comment of the external company has boosted its visibility!

Here is a first lesson: when you build your posts, invite conversation. How do you do this? For example, ask your subscribers a question or ask their opinion on a current topic. Vrac’n Roll and La Chaise Française, two merchants who use PayPlug, apply these techniques regularly on their LinkedIn page:

Vrac’n Roll LinkedIn

La Chaise Française LinkedIn

As in the example above, we advise you to mention your partners, your customers, or any other person/company concerned by your post: they can thank you in comments, which will improve its reach!

  1. Capitalize on the video
    During the last three months, we tested different post formats (embedded link, image, video) to see if this factor impacted the number of impressions. The result: posts that contain videos generate, on average, 44% more beliefs than those with still images!

Here is an example with a video that obtained 1,957 impressions, compared to an average of 1,157 for our other publications.

A finding that agrees with the results of a study conducted by LinkedIn in 2018: videos are shared 20 times more than other formats, making them a real lever for engagement and awareness.

Don’t have the resources to shoot a video? You can easily make your videos for free!

For example, the Lumen5 tool allows you to create videos from an article, a product sheet, or any site page. You can also start from a blank template and integrate the text and images of your choice or even free videos available on the platform. An excellent way to capitalize on your existing content to increase your visibility!

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  1. Leverage your network
    It’s not that simple. To expand your brand footprint, you need to connect with people in your ecosystem and encourage them to interact with your posts.

You can create co-branded content, develop partnerships, invite influencers or companies to speak on your blog, and organize events with these actors…

The brand Rutabago has understood the interest of conducting operations with food actors and promoting them on its LinkedIn profile. Here is an example of a post that highlights its latest collaboration with the Chef Bambino platform:

Rutabaga LinkedIn

  1. Show the “faces” of your company
    On LinkedIn, don’t hesitate to talk about topics related to the life of your company: it’s the perfect place for this type of post! Events, pictures of your teams, meetings with your customers, “behind the scenes” of the design or packaging of your products… Many possibilities are available to you to feed posts that are sure to be successful!

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