How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags or # are used to qualify photos or videos using keywords to position them in search engines. With more than 1 billion subscribers, the social network Instagram is the social network of the moment. What makes him the powerful communication tool of today. It is one of the platforms where you can easily reach as many people as possible through a single publication. For this, you must be visible on the platform.

Exposure on Instagram does not happen overnight. It would help if you had a clear communication strategy to increase the number of likes and followers. For this reason, there is a way to successfully increase the visibility of your publication and make your brand widely known on Instagram. It’s about using themed hashtags. Although they originally appeared on Twitter, hashtags are now an essential part of the Instagram newsfeed. How can you best use them? First, we’ll see what they stand for and what they’re used for.

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?
How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag usually precedes a word or group without any spaces separating the group of words. It is used in social networks to better index publications that are relevant to them. Today, many social networks offer access to topic tags. However, hashtags originated from Twitter.

As for Instagram hashtags, you can use up to 30 posts. They will allow the social network to categorize and better organize posts. Thus, these publications can be found as quickly as possible, and Instagram will offer high-quality content to these users.

In addition, you can place Instagram hashtags in the account description and posts. Your bio will allow the platform to refer to your account directly.

Instagram hashtags will allow you to become influential in your field in the long run. You will be able to present yourself to your followers as an expert in the field related to the subject hashtag you use for your publications.

What are the uses of hashtags?

As we have already said, hashtags on Instagram or other social networks allow indexing publications. The platform will categorize thematic tags by category. So, when you use a hashtag, it will index your posts into one or more categories. Everything will be based on the number of subject tags you use. For example, if your post contains three subject titles, it will be ranked in all three categories.

Improve references to their publications

Thus, the central role of Instagram hashtags is to improve the citations of your publications on social networks. It allows you to position your publications in different categories on Instagram. Thus, it increases the visibility of your content. The more Instagram hashtags you use in your posts, the more they drink.

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?
How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

Get more likes and increase your number of followers.

Instagram hashtags will also get you more likes and increase your number of followers. Instagram users are usually interested in a specific domain. Therefore, they search for Instagram hashtags related to that domain. When you post your content using Instagram hashtags related to one of these domains, it is easy for people to stumble upon your posts and interact with your brand. As a result, they will increase the number of likes and followers you have on Instagram.

Increase your sales

In addition to using hashtags on Instagram to increase your visibility, several likes, and followers, it also allows you to increase your sales. If you use Instagram hashtags during the promotion of one of your products, you may attract an Internet user’s attention to that product. He can then buy the product.

However, it is not necessary to use many Instagram hashtags. Using top Instagram hashtags does not necessarily mean that the visibility of your publication will increase. You must know how to choose the most relevant Instagram hashtags for your publication.

How many Instagram hashtags to use?

To use Instagram hashtags correctly, you must first know how to choose them and how many hashtags to use per post.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. That’s a lot, and, indeed, using as many Instagram hashtags as possible doesn’t increase the chances of your posts being seen soon. However, for aesthetic reasons and to avoid the risk of some publications not being displayed due to the keywords used (shadowban), it is not recommended to use such a large number of Instagram hashtags. Keep in mind that the Instagram social network is, first and foremost, a way to communicate in favor of aesthetics.

However, there is no standard number of Instagram hashtags that can be used to make your posts as visible as possible. According to Buffer, Instagram accounts with fewer than 1,000 followers who use 11 Instagram hashtags on their photos have an average of 77.66 interactions per post. Therefore, the number of Instagram hashtags is not the most important thing. Quality should take precedence over quantity.

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?
How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

Use relevant Instagram hashtags.

Using hashtags on Instagram is very important for your digital marketing. Therefore, finding the most relevant hashtags to add to your publications is necessary. It will be a matter of finding hashtags pertinent to the field you operate in. You also have the option to use relevant subject tags. These tags show the most commonly used tags on Instagram related to your domain or post topic. To do this, use popular Instagram hashtags to increase your visibility. However, care must be taken not to use hashtags that are already too popular. This may flood your posts with many posts related to that hashtag.

To avoid this, you need to know the number of posts associated with the hashtag you want to use. As we have said before, if they are too famous, your posts may not stand out from the many posts already associated with those subject tags. If they are used too little, the number of engagements with your publication may be deficient. It is more interesting to choose Instagram hashtags associated with about 10,000 to 200,000 publications. These numbers will give your publication a certain level of visibility on Instagram.

If you are still struggling to find relevant hashtags to add to your posts, it is recommended that you watch the hashtags used by your competitors. You can learn a lot there. See if they use popular hashtags or specific hashtags. This can inspire you to choose your theme tags.

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?
How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

Categorized theme tags

It would be great to categorize the subject tags before adding them to your posts. Therefore, it can have a central theme tag, a primary theme tag, and a secondary theme tag. Direct subject tags must be related to your topic or your intervention area. They must accompany all your publications. For example, if you work in real estate in France, the hashtag could be #real Estate #France. in fact, these are the hashtags that define you on Instagram.

You can then add secondary subject tags to reinforce the main subject tag. They will make the publication eligible. It could be #building.

Finally, a third hashtag category can be added to describe the post further. It could be #ecology #respectforenvironment. This group of subject tags would form #real Estate #France #building #ecological #respectenvironment.

There is another way to categorize hashtags. You can choose to perform this based on brand, industry, target audience, and location. Specifically, it will be a matter of finding keywords relevant to your brand.

If it doesn’t exist, you will create one. Many brands have done this, even using it as a trademark. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to center the tag around their brand. It would help if you made it an experience you will share with the public. Also, don’t create a hashtag that is too long. The shorter it is, the more attention it will attract.
The hashtag for your industry should consider keywords relevant to the product you are marketing or the service you are offering. As for the subject tags related to your target audience, choose them based on their importance. Finally, you will need to add topic tags that indicate the country, city, and location to upload your posts.

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?
How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

Using the Instagram Topic Tag Generator

You can use the Instagram Topic Tag Generator to find relevant topic tags. These are complementary and external tools for Instagram that allow you to find more relevant topic tags. Instagram topic tag generator can be either a topic tagging website or a topic tag generator app. It must be said that the hashtag generator app is much more practical than the website.

Use niche hashtags

There are specific thematic hashtags on Instagram. These are the hashtags used by the internet user community. Although only a few people use them, they will interact with the posts you add to. Therefore, identify the niche hashtags in your industry and use them. This will also allow you to optimize your publications.

By focusing on influencers in your field, you will analyze the hashtags they use and see how much engagement they get with each post. As a result, you will find hashtags specific to your domain.

Instagram hashtags in different languages

With globalization, it is essential to communicate in multiple languages. The same is true for hashtags. If your Instagram account is in French, feel free to add English, Spanish or German hashtags to your posts. This will encourage internet users who speak these languages to be interested in your posts.

Also, if you travel a lot as part of your business, it’s a good idea to use Instagram hashtags in the language of the country you’re visiting. For example, if you travel to Japan, add a hashtag in Japanese. Your publication is bound to be of interest to the Japanese public.

How to optimize Instagram hashtags?
How to optimize Instagram hashtags?

Read his publication

As with any text, it’s essential to read the hashtags you add to your content before you post. Subject tags do not contain spaces. If they combine several words, they may become a bit too long and difficult to read. As a result, Internet users may stay away from it. It is also essential to make sure that they convey your message well.

Also, make sure they do not overload your publication. Tip: Mark the difference between a post and a subject tag by adding line breaks or black bullet points.

Avoid Instagram hashtags that are banned by the social network

There are banned hashtags on Instagram. If you add them to a post, the social network will make the content invisible to other Internet users. Unless they go directly to your account. This will cause your visibility to drop. This is a bit disturbing.

Where can I use Instagram hashtags?

Of course, you can use Instagram hashtags on social networks. You can add them to your previous photos. Thus, these Instagram photo hashtags will describe the image you just posted. You can also use hashtags in your Instagram comments to better highlight your brand. You can also use hashtags in your account description. They will allow you to interact with them immediately after posting. Also, it’s best to put the hashtag in the report rather than the comment.

Whether it’s Instagram photo hashtags or Instagram comment hashtags, they will increase your visibility.

It should be added that you can also use hashtags on story slideshows on Instagram. People searching for popular Instagram hashtags may also see your story in the story collection.

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