How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?

How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?

Starting on YouTube today is an entirely normal thing for the average person. A YouTube channel allows you to showcase your products or services to gain visibility through videos. However, creating a successful video that gets a lot of clicks is more or less a complicated matter. It is essential to understand the critical steps to optimize your YouTube videos.

For this reason, the design of quality thumbnails is essential to increase the number of views and, therefore, the number of subscribers they have on YouTube. Why design high-quality YouTube thumbnails? What are the tools for designing YouTube thumbnails? In this article, you will learn how to create YouTube thumbnails that increase the number of clicks.

How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?
How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?

Why should I start a YouTube channel?

YouTube is now a full-fledged search engine. Launched in February 2005, the platform is now a reference for video content. It continues to grow every day. Its success is, of course, because it is a (video) search engine and a huge advertising platform. Even for some people, YouTube is part of the modern social network.

All these assets make YouTube a platform to research if you have a brand that needs to grow. Or if you have a business, etc. Today, video consumption is shared among the new generation—especially young teenagers. The advent of smartphones is particularly conducive to this. These have features that allow them to view content previously reserved for computers.

However, a considerable effort is required between finding your place in the market and producing content that appeals to people. Whether video quality or presentation quality, you have to know how to keep your subscribers happy.

What are YouTube thumbnails?

A YouTube thumbnail, also known as a thumbnail, is similar to the cover photo of a video on YouTube. YouTube thumbnails have the same function as a social media profile photo or cover photo. That is, the photo or image defines what you are telling in your video. Therefore, it is essential to attract clicks to your videos and drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Use YouTube thumbnails as a marketing tool.

Like headlines, YouTube thumbnails can be a marketing tool for your business. Both are crucial elements that allow Internet users to understand the video content without clicking on it. An attractive and well-crafted thumbnail will entice visitors to click on your video before they even know what it’s about. If you’re a business, you only need to ensure quality in the first few minutes of your video to keep users hanging on until the end.

If YouTube thumbnails can be an effective way to bring clicks and views to your videos, it could also be a source of hate for Internet users. Because if you’re used to hanging out on YouTube, you’ll see videos with attractive thumbnails that are often not as informative as they should be. To avoid this, we must take the necessary steps to overcome it. That said, as long as the YouTube thumbnails provided are of high quality, the content of your videos must keep pace. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid, as much as possible, attractive thumbnails called enticing tactics.

A public YouTube thumbnail is a clickbait thumbnail. It is commonly referred to as pute à clinics or public because it is Web content created specifically to attract the most significant number of Internet users. And it is usually made solely to generate online advertising revenue, regardless of other factors.

How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?
How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?

Using YouTube thumbnails as logos

If a YouTube thumbnail is highly personalized, it can be considered a logo for a YouTuber. Each YouTuber has its thumbnail style. They have a thumbnail template specifically designed to represent their YouTube channel and highlight their graphic charter. In other words, the thumbnails are made with Youtuber codes colors. Custom thumbnails leave such a strong mark on the platform that viewers can identify the channel without viewing or clicking on your video title.

Some youtube users put their logos on the thumbnails to confirm this aspect of identity. This is even more valuable because they immediately promote their brand by doing so. Placing your logo on the thumbnail will identify other sites belonging to that Youtuber.

How to create YouTube thumbnails

Now, I will show you how to design high-quality YouTube thumbnails step by step. This involves understanding the dimensions that need to be used in the design. The favored model is based on the content you provide on your YouTube channel. As you know, YouTube thumbnails for sports channels are different from media that talk about real estate. Find out after the various stages of creating YouTube thumbnails.

Size of YouTube thumbnails

To start creating YouTube thumbnails, you need to know beforehand the correct size. Google offers strong recommendations in this direction. You can choose different suitable sizes. It should be 1280 pixels wide x 720 pixels high, with an image width of at least 640 pixels. It is pretty significant if we often think that the YouTube thumbnail is small in a video.

And, Google has explained in this sense. She explains that the YouTube thumbnail should be as large as possible because it can also preview embedded videos. If it is miniature, it is mainly because it is displayed at a small size in most cases. However, to get a good resolution, it must be within the given dimensions. The aspect ratio of a YouTube thumbnail is 16:9. The formats allowed by YouTube are JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF. It should not exceed 2MB.

How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?
How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?

Tools for creating YouTube thumbnails

To create high-quality YouTube thumbnails and attract visitors, you can use online tools or use applications or editing software. I have provided you with a list of tools for designing YouTube thumbnails. You can choose to create professional-quality thumbnails using Premiere Pro or Photoshop software. Use adobe tools. It can also be done online using free tools.

Canva: online application or website

Canva is a free application that allows you to create high-quality thumbnails. It is a reference platform for graphic design enthusiasts. The myriad of features it offers attracts many people. It should be noted that it is an easy-to-use platform. If you are new to Canva, you need to get started because you might be missing something special.

In addition to creating high-quality thumbnails, you can also use it to design beautiful visuals to post on social media. This tool can quickly achieve any type of artwork (images or even videos). You can customize the thumbnails as needed by simply moving and modifying the position and colors.

There is a paid version that offers more features for designing visual effects. Try it out, as the platform offers one month for free. If you are not satisfied, you can easily cancel your subscription. In any case, in both versions (free and paid), you have a library of photos, frames, illustrations, texts, etc. You need to create high-quality YouTube thumbnails.

Pixlr: a free solution for creating YouTube thumbnails

Similar to Canva, Pixlr is an application that allows you to create a good YouTube thumbnail. Using this application, you can freely add layers to the thumbnails you want to make. There are many filters. So you have unlimited options in terms of design. Compared to the veritable resolution, Pixlr stands out compared to other free tools found online.

iMovie: editing software for IOS

Among the tools mentioned, iMovie is more suitable for use on smartphones. It is software designed for IOS-type systems. As you know, Apple is very conservative with its products. In this sense, the Apple brand got the idea to create its own video/photo editing application. This represents the flagship tool for iPhone and MacBook users. To make YouTube thumbnails, you can use them.

How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?
How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?

Picmonkey and Fotor

For editing photos images, with a set of fonts, frames. picmonkey offers you all these possibilities. You can also use special effects such as shadows, zombification, and even mirroring effects. Similarly, with Fotor, it is easy to make collages with easy-to-manage and straightforward tools. Both sites maintain continuity with the others mentioned and offer the same privileges in their free versions. For the design of your YouTube thumbnails, we are at your service. It’s up to you to test them and see what works best for you.

Photo Editor: the most famous

It is one of the most famous photo editing applications. Very useful for adjusting red-eye, adjusting brightness, contrast, adding stickers, using frames, the application can do it all. Using this application, placing text on these thumbnails or simple images becomes easy. To create high-quality YouTube thumbnails, I recommend it. It also allows you to share your designs directly on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. This is while maintaining essential quality.

Limitations of thumbnails

Indeed, you’ll get the idea. To increase the click-through rate of your videos, it is necessary to create a high-quality and attractive YouTube thumbnail. Thumbnails are just one of the many details of YouTube channel SEO.

Title quality, tags, subject tags, video descriptions, etc., are things that should not be overlooked. These are things that should not be ignored. Most content creators on YouTube don’t necessarily master them, but you should be aware of them. For example, using tools like Google Trends allows you to select optimized tags. This Google platform helps creators understand what users are frequently searching for on the web. This helps to understand the type of content you need to provide. To choose the most appealing keywords.

Moreover, if you apply all these, you will easily make beautiful thumbnails for your videos. Furthermore, you can reach your goal without shooting.

How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?
How to make YouTube thumbnails that increase clicks?


So, to create YouTube thumbnails, choose their identity, logo, colors to design thumbnails that represent you. Or who represents your brand. Using the tools mentioned in the design, you will enjoy creating your thumbnails with your imagination. I admit that doing this produces a small amount of dopamine, which is very useful for the ego.

However, if you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can delegate this task. Many freelancers are working in this field to create very professional miniatures for you. Now you know all there is to know about creating YouTube thumbnails. It’s your turn.

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