How to make professional videos with your phone?

How to make professional videos with your phone?

Many people find it impossible to create professional videos with their phones. They believe that smartphones cannot provide good graphic quality when recording video, no matter how powerful. But you can shoot like a pro with your smartphone, especially since the cameras integrated into these devices have benefited from significant improvements. That said, it’s not enough to pick up the phone, open the “Video” app and start recording to get a high-quality clip. There are several parameters to consider and some common mistakes to avoid.

How to make professional videos with your phone?
How to make professional videos with your phone?

Shooting professional video with your phone: mistakes to avoid

Generally speaking, we have preconceived ideas about smartphones. Since these are not professional cameras, it is assumed that they do not provide good visual quality. This constitutes a mistake, and it is the first one. Indeed, contrary to what many people think, cell phones are indeed cameras. Proof that it is possible to shoot and edit with a smartphone, just like a professional camera.
The second mistake to avoid when using your phone to create professional videos is to shoot in portrait mode. Admittedly, placing a smartphone vertically to record video is still a reflex. However, this method has drawbacks. We can cite the low resolution of the image. The vertical mode does not allow good framing. On the other hand, we get a wider field of view and, thus, a better display with landscape mode.

To make professional videos with your smartphone, you must avoid using the zoom option. Most smartphones have digital zoom, not optical zoom. However, digital zoom makes the image pixelated, giving the impression of zooming in. As a result, it degrades the graphic quality of the video. That’s why you shouldn’t use zoom when you want to shoot professional videos with your phone.

The goal here is to create a high-quality Youtube channel, or why not through video blogs on Instagram and higher quality videos on TikTok. Of course, when you want to sell training online, it is essential to have high-quality sound.

What accessories should I buy to record high-quality videos?

All directors agree that high-quality video requires high-performance equipment. So, for example, to make a movie, professionals need to use various equipment: cameras, tripods, lights, headphones, poles, powerful computers, etc. To shoot like a pro with a smartphone, you don’t need access to all these tools. Nonetheless, some accessories are necessary to purchase.

Buy a high-performance microphone.

Video contains not only images but also sound. The sound attracts the viewer and drives him to follow the movie until the end. Of course, there is a microphone on the phone. However, the best way to create professional videos with a phone is to buy an external microphone.

Indoor smartphone microphones provide good sound quality only when the presenter is nearby. However, this is not easy when recording training videos, for example. Therefore it is recommended to purchase a microphone. Many directors choose a lavalier microphone. It is generally available at lower prices on e-commerce sites.

How to make professional videos with your phone?
How to make professional videos with your phone?

Stabilizing images with a tripod

A tripod is an essential accessory in the kit of an amateur or professional who plans to use a smartphone to make professional videos. Indeed, when you record video with your phone in hand, the lens lacks stability.

With good reason, the wind can move the director. In addition, breathing causes his hands and body to move slightly. However, there is a distinct lack of balance in the video. In this regard, it is essential to purchasing a tripod to create professional videos with your phone.

A tripod helps produce high-quality final productions, adjust the perspective, composition and avoid rushing. By placing the tripod correctly, you will benefit from better stability. In addition, panoramic views can be achieved by rotating the tripod head in all directions. This material is generally not expensive.

Shoulder pads for better stability

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment to shoot movies with your smartphone. But there is another equally useful accessory: the shoulder pod. It has a double advantage. First, it’s suitable for dynamic shooting while maintaining a good grip. Instead of holding the phone with two hands – which can be tiring – we use a shoulder pod.

It helps gain stability if you want to record professional video with your phone, even if you don’t prepare frames beforehand. Its low price remains one of its strengths; it fluctuates between 30 and 40 euros. Another advantage of this tool is that it can be synchronized with a tripod. By using these two accessories, we can get very stable videos.

How to make professional videos with your phone?
How to make professional videos with your phone?

How to make a professional video with a cell phone?

Once you have the necessary equipment to shoot and edit with your smartphone, you can focus on the different stages of recording. Whether posting a video on YouTube or for training purposes, these steps should be followed.

Ensure good lighting

Lighting is an essential element for recording professional videos with your phone. It provides a professional and quality look to the clips. The natural light from the sun is not always enough to meet viewers’ expectations. To follow the video, it must contain high-quality images with good lighting.

For this purpose, spotlights with white light are recommended. But their use requires that you define your action well. If you don’t plan your movements, you risk having shadows appear around you because of the light source. That said, while spotlights are helpful, they can require a significant investment.

There is a simple trick to making professional videos with your phone without a projector. It’s a matter of positioning yourself in front of a large, sunny window. Then, you place your phone in front of you from this angle. With this technique, the sunlight illuminates the face of the person who is recording the video.

How to make professional videos with your phone?
How to make professional videos with your phone?

Choose a good décor and make a high-quality frame.

It sets the tone of the video and gives the viewer an impression of being in the presence of the director. This is especially useful for training videos.

When the video author sits on a couch with the camera in front of him and a neutral background behind him, he keeps the Internet user focused on the content of the training. This principle applies when shooting with a professional camera. It is also helpful to make a movie with your smartphone.

Besides the decoration, the frame is also essential. For a vlog type of video, you put yourself in front of the camera, and the audience’s attention must be focused on the presenter. The latter must therefore occupy the majority of the frame. But this is not about taking center stage to overpower the background. On the contrary, it is still essential. We can move slightly to one side to provide the user with a good view.

Pay attention to the sound quality of the movie.

Even with unique special effects, videos with a poor sound quality rarely engage. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you provide pleasing sound. For this reason, smartphones have integrated microphones. These microphones offer ideal performance, and the sound is usually free of popping sounds. In addition, it can still be heard. However, a question arises about the range of the microphone.

Generally speaking, smartphones do not have a wide range of coverage with built-in microphones. For this reason, to record professional videos with your phone, you need to use an external microphone, such as a lavalier. For better sound, you can also connect headphones or earphones. In addition, the director takes care to reduce noise pollution that may distract the audience. It is best to settle down indoors in a quiet place.

How to make professional videos with your phone?
How to make professional videos with your phone?

Keep the phone stable.

To keep the phone stable, we use a tripod or Shoulder Pro. This is important because poor balance reflects a lack of professionalism in the director’s approach. In addition, Internet users may be distracted while playing video. Ultimately, it doesn’t achieve its goal.

Using a device that offers stability, you can shoot like a pro with your smartphone. For example, it is possible to record images up to the bust. Another advantage is performing gestures and adopting different poses during filming. All of this helps to energize the film rather than bore the viewer.

Focusing on content to enable storytelling

When they follow videos on the Internet, visitors expect to find quality content. If he did not define the goal of the video before starting the recording, the author of the training could develop the theme in all directions. On the other hand, he focuses on the essentials by defining clear lines and storyboards.

As with movies shot with professional cameras, to create professional videos with cell phones, we avoid dealing with overly technical aspects of the subject that doesn’t fit it. Keeping it simple is one of the secrets to making a successful video with a cell phone.

The duration of the recording is also necessary. A too-long video will bore the viewer, even if the subject matter seems interesting. On the other hand, a video that is too short will not develop the subject matter. The ideal is still to find a happy medium. If necessary, as in online training, you can sequence the video by distributing it in a short time. In any case, it is essential to emphasize honor in storytelling. It attracts and engages internet users from the beginning to the end of the video.

For this reason, when you want to shoot professional videos on your smartphone without editing, you must.

Think of a short title that encourages you to discover the content of the video.
Introduce its objective in a few sentences to target the audience.
Provide a theoretical explanation of the subject matter, avoiding unnecessary details.
Provide concrete examples to support your statements.
I am developing a short conclusion that prompts action.
Make the video look natural when shooting.
It is necessary to plan the structure of his video and develop a storyboard. However, what convinces the audience is the naturalness shown by the presenter. How to make your video natural? Keep in mind the critical messages of the presentation. In addition, it is possible to develop a plan outside the storyboard.

In addition, it is worth repeating its presentation several times. This helps to get familiar with the camera. Of course, especially if you are starting to make professional videos with your phone, you will eventually have to repeat the recording many times.

How to make professional videos with your phone?
How to make professional videos with your phone?

Using editing software

Assembly is not a mandatory step. However, the video should be edited before publishing it on the Internet. At this stage, we delete sequences that fail or are useless or those that do not promote a good understanding of the subject. You can also add special effects, gaps, and transitions to make viewing more enjoyable.

In addition, shooting and editing with a smartphone help add a sense of rhythm to the video. That said, the editing step involves using an application that offers this feature. There are several online. Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the most widely used clips. It has options that promote better graphic rendering and the structure of videos.

You can use your phone to design professional videos. It’s just that you need to have the right tools: a tripod and a microphone. We also use the editing application to create transitions in the content. When shooting, it is recommended to render natural, well-lit, and good sound quality.

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