How to make money with Youtube cards?

How to make money with Youtube cards?

YouTube is a video-sharing service where users can share, watch, upload, and comment on videos. YouTube is one of the most effective platforms available today. It currently has more than 1 billion users. More and more people are creating YouTube accounts. Given the number of YouTube channels, the question needs to be asked: How can I differentiate myself from other YouTubers?

The secret is to get more viewers to watch your videos. Don’t let them leave your channel for free. Give them instructions directly on your track! You should use YouTube Cards to optimize your videos on YouTube, e.

YouTube Cards: What are they?

YouTube Cards are interactive cards that you see in YouTube videos (usually at the end) that allow YouTube users to share clickable links to related content throughout the video. You can add up to five YouTube cards per video. YouTube cards or cards can be used in all of your videos. They can appear in your campaign videos, videos you share daily, and more.

More specifically, YouTube cards are notifications that we embed into videos. Cards can help you promote your videos and products.

How to make money with Youtube cards?
How to make money with Youtube cards?

Where to direct your YouTube cards?

There are different types of cards you can use, not only for promotion but also to get information from your audience, website links, fans, or donations. The most common are YouTube cards that link to another video in a channel or playlist. Adding YouTube cards is not enough; you also need to know which videos to add and when.

The easiest way to do this is to put them anywhere and set your top 5 videos. However, if you want your channel to grow, you must think more strategically. Indeed, if you promote the most viewed videos but not your latest ones, it will increase the channel’s view count but not take it to the next level.

The main goal is to drive traffic to all your content. Why make people watch videos that you already have millions of views on? Instead, you need to draw them to your most recent videos to maintain consistency among your viewers. We don’t think it’s in your interest to get 10 million views on the first video and 1,000 views on the second. Logic dictates that if you get 10 million views on the first, you get at least 5 million views on the second. There we will see that it is coherent. So be sure to position your YouTube card well so that your views stay the same.

Uses of the YouTube card

YouTube cards are mainly used to.

They are promoting their own YouTube channel or other channels.

To survey your audience.

You are directing viewers of your videos to external sites that may or may not be related to your YouTube channel.

YouTube Cards can even be used to encourage people who watch your videos to donate to charity.

Not all YouTube users use YouTube Cards in the same way, and you can be creative and use them in a way that suits your style. Some people understand this early on. This allows them to have a lot of traffic on their channel. You should know that YouTube creators love it when you stay on the platform for a long time. This also allows them to make more profits. Therefore, the more videos you offer through your YouTube card, the more referrals you will get.

Let’s take a straightforward example. A person who sees your video for the first time will watch the content of that particular video and then leave your channel. On the other hand, if you offer him a different range, he will view it, staying on the platform longer. That’s why you rank high when you add YouTube cards to your videos.

How to make money with Youtube cards?
How to make money with Youtube cards?

Attract more visitors

Anyone who watches videos on YouTube knows a red button to click to subscribe. Most YouTubers keep this part the same. But you’re not like everyone else. Be creative and choose to be interactive. Give your audience a sense of your call to action. Giving your viewers some options and emphasizing your call to action phrase is a great way to encourage viewers to subscribe!

External links

You can use YouTube cards to link to external sources. If you’re setting up a new business or building a website, use YouTube Cards to encourage people to join that new business.

Use YouTube Cards to promote an online course, eBook, or landing page. Just make sure it’s a direct link to the specific video you’re adding the card to; otherwise, viewers will be a little confused and frustrated.

How to embed a YouTube Card in your video

By displaying this pop-up window in your youtube video, you get everything.

In your YouTube account, go to your Video Manager.

Find the video you want to add a YouTube card to and select “Edit.”

From the tab bar at the top, select “YouTube Cards” or “Cards” (they can be called Cards or YouTube Cards. They’re the same thing).

Select “Add Cards.”

Next to the “Linked Cards” option, select “Create.”

Enter the URL of the viewer you want to send from the list.

At this point, you can upload an image or choose one of the site suggestions. The uploaded image must be in .jpg, .gif, or .gif format, PNG, and must not exceed 5 MB.

You can then edit the title, call-to-action phrase, and other text. You can change the start time of the card in the timeline below the video.

Finally, click on “Select file.”

In this way, you integrate the youtube card into your video content.

How to make money with Youtube cards?
How to make money with Youtube cards?

Details of the types of YouTube cards

Promote your merchandise

The ability to sell merchandise through video has enabled many content creators to make a living on the platform. The new YouTube Cards feature lets users add images, URL links, and a tremendous call-to-action phrase to encourage them to visit their online sales landing page.

Let’s take a straightforward example. You’re a YouTuber. You have thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel, and your main topic is Apple products. In other words, you promote Apple products in most of your content. You showcase the latest new Apple products, and people follow you because they want to know about the latest new Apple products.

Now, let’s imagine that you will create a website that sells electronic devices online one day. Especially Apple products. You have the option to embed links in your videos through YouTube cards. These links would be directed to your marketplace so that when subscribers click on a listing, they will land directly on your marketplace.

We all know that you must generate more traffic to sell more online. There are marketing strategies to generate traffic and improve search engine optimization. But it will be easier for you because you already have many subscribers. All you have to do is redirect them to wherever you want. That’s where YouTube cards come in.

Raise money to fund your channel

E-commerce store owners can now use YouTube videos to raise awareness about fundraising campaigns. YouTube works with many funding platforms that allow subscribers to click directly from a YouTube card to a given page.

Video or Video Playlist

This card links to a video or video playlist. Store owners can use this feature to cross-promote products or instructional videos or to direct customers to a playlist where they can view all of their store content.

How to make money with Youtube cards?
How to make money with Youtube cards?

Redirect to website

This type of YouTube card takes people to a website associated with your YouTube account, such as your online store. Before adding this map, the merchant must add the site to YouTube. Merchants can use it to drive visitors back to their online store or specific product pages or even newsletter sign-up pages to encourage visitors to stay connected with their brand. You can also use this feature to link to blogs related to your video content.

Promote another channel

This card allows creators to call specific YouTube channels to their audience. This can be one of your channels or your business partners’ channels.

What are the end credits on YouTube?

Suppose you have a YouTube account and want to increase traffic or attract customers to your online store. Or, if you’re going to get more subscribers and improve your overall store traffic while offering a short video at the end of your own YouTube videos, then the end screen is perfect for you!

The YouTube video is followed by an end screen that lasts 5-20 seconds. We understand if you don’t want to embed a YouTube card because it might distract you or your viewers. The finish screen can help you solve this problem. You can encourage your viewers to subscribe, recommend other videos, and most importantly, you can send them directly to your product for purchase!


YouTube Cards benefit YouTube video creators while minimizing the distraction of call-to-action phrase overlays in videos. YouTube Cards also use a minimalist layout that is clean and easy to use for mobile users. Video is a massive opportunity for online marketers, and lists can help you market further, turning viewers into subscribers or even customers.

How to make money with Youtube cards?
How to make money with Youtube cards?

This is a marketing strategy that is used by many. You should not ignore that more and more people are getting into the video business. The number of YouTube viewers is growing every day. No matter what type of video you produce, you have a lot of competition. To stand out or upgrade from the competition, you must also start using cards.

Don’t forget to embed end credits in your videos to make them more optimized.

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