How to make money with SEO, your website 100%

How to make money with SEO, your website 100%!

I’ll ask you something, do you know how to make money with SEO? Do you want to have one more financial income, and you don’t know how to get it?

Maybe it sounds like something very far-fetched, “Make money with SEO, is that possible?”. Although it may not seem like it, making money with SEO is possible. Many already do; although Spanish-speaking, most are from Spain.

There are many ways to earn money, from giving tutorials on creating memes, selling cool memes, creating content, etc.

This time I will explain in a straightforward way how to make money with SEO, something that will be very good for your business or your brand and that you can use as technology tools to position yourself on the web.

But first, do you know what SEO is? Maybe you’ve heard about it, or you’re even using it, and you didn’t even realize it was SEO. So before you learn how to make money with SEO, you will see a little about what it is, obviously in a summarized way and without delving too much into that topic.

SEO is fashionable, but there are a lot of pseudos.

How to make money with SEO, your website 100%

What is SEO?

To not go into so many technicalities, we will explain what SEO is; as mentioned before, you may already know it or implement it without understanding it; either way, knowledge is always welcome to broaden our minds or reinforce something we already knew.

SEO comes from the acronym Searching Engine Optimization and refers to the optimization of search engines (referring to the most popular web search engines such as Google, IE 11, Yahoo, Bong, etc.) of any digital content launched on the web.

If you want to learn more about SEO, visit other posts I have done in the Talend Republic.

SEO focused on SEO for commissions

There are many ways to do SEO; most of the time, SEO is focused on getting ranking results for a website. Doing SEO for a website to monetize itself is an art, and also taking care of many factors that allow this to be possible:

Market research for a proper choice of niche.
Content-focused on generating a particular type of traffic.
Automation of sales or commissions.

There are many factors to measure and validate that a website is doing an excellent job in SEO
Web with SEO focus and web with SEM focus
Like most things, SEO has its counterpart, the SEM, which is the opposite of SEO. Its acronym defines it (Searching Engine Marketing). Likewise, it is dedicated to the positioning of digital content and is very common to find in marketing strategies 4.0.

To clarify things better, we will say that SEM is the paid positioning of digital content; you pay for the positioning; the better you pay for the positioning place, the better the digital content will appear in search results.

How to make money with SEO, your website 100%

But what are the differences between the two?

The results are obtained instantly; with SEO, you have to wait for those results.
If you stop paying for SEM positioning, i.e., your campaign, your position will be affected, while your positioning is more stable with SEO.
SEO focuses more on quality content, while SEM is more about paid advertising on the internet.
An SEO optimized website will always be a better investment than just having a “nice website with paid advertising,” and I will tell you why:

It will be better structured
It will have keywords in its content
Better user experience
Brand differentiators
Better optimized
Highly targeted landing pages
Linkbuilding strategy
Potential to generate partnerships
A website that can generate traffic without paying
Categories focused on user experience
Web created with SEO study to be able to target high possible niches.
This does not mean that you have to abandon SEM. Instead, your SEO strategy should complement SEM; in some cases, SEO will be enough to meet your goals.

Understanding how SEM complements SEO is essential to avoid seeing it as a rivalry.

How to make money with SEO?

Because SEO is adaptable, this allows you to have an extra income with this topic. Some ways to make money with SEO:

Giving service of what you do as a freelancer, that is, as a freelancer (you need to go specializing in your area).
You are giving courses or workshops about your activities.
Offering your website for ads is getting paid for placing ads on your website.
We have an online store that sells a product or service.
They sell products or services on commission (the best-known commissioner is Amazon).
I am validating a PMV of an entrepreneurial project.
These are the most known ways to make money.

How to make money with SEO, your website 100%

Validating an MVP with SEO

You happen to be an entrepreneur, and you create your minimum viable product; in this evolutionary process, SEO can help you a lot; an MVP, by nature, is a product or service that has the minimum to work and, from there to evolve. If you have well selected the niche or sector from the beginning, you will be able to maintain the brand validation that you generated from the beginning of your project.

You have to make money to stay in business.
Projects that were born to be sold automatically
Some projects work without selling their products or services; they only monetize with Google Adsense’s advertising, although other platforms are alternatives to Adsense.

In the SEO world, there are “gurus” who quickly promise this monetization so that you can earn thousands of dollars a week just writing in a blog, do not fall into these shams.

The reality is that monetizing in this way has a process that needs to be careful and detailed, and it is essential that from the beginning, the project has this approach. You have to do a great SEO job even to choose the monetization niche.

Even considering the best SEO practices, projects like this are not going to work in a week, and it will take months to reach a realistic monetization goal.

Content is the star

A project’s basis for monetizing with SEO strategies is content, and content well done.
If you are too lazy to do SEO content, it is good to delegate it to someone to do it for you.

The most effective link building requires a high level of expertise.
Links are the ultra instinct of SEO
The task of link building has become more complex over the years. Linkbuilding is not just a matter of handing out links or putting mentions just for the sake of it or using SEO tools to copy links to competitors.

How to make money with SEO, your website 100%

Some websites already get traffic without investing too much in backlinks, which is achieved by working on search intent.

But due to the latest updates of the Google Algorithm and RankBrain, link building has become a specialty. I have been studying a lot and applying high-level link building strategies, and I can tell you that for the links to work, it is not just about putting links, but it takes a whole process so that although it seems that the connection is “natural,” in reality it is not.

If you want to make money with SEO, learning how to do link building is essential to get good results. Now, if you are not an SEO specialist but need link building, it’s time to delegate it.

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