How to make money with Facebook, and how much to charge for your services?

With 2,167 million monthly active users on Facebook (data from the Digital in 2018 study), there is no doubt that this social network is full of opportunities to do business and get in touch with potential customers. We know this thanks to our long experience as digital marketing consultants, which has allowed us to analyze all the possibilities offered by social networks in general, and Facebook in particular, to achieve the desired objectives for our clients. We will show you below some formulas that you can use to make money with Facebook. 

How to make money with Facebook, and how much to charge for your services?

What do Facebook marketing consultants do, and how much do they earn?

One way to do business on Facebook is to become a marketing consultant to offer advice to people and companies that want to start or boost their business on social networks. We do just that, and that’s why we know it’s a feasible way to make money with Facebook.

Of course, I do not think that to be a specialized Facebook consultant is enough to launch a website offering the service; the essential thing is to have a good knowledge base and continue training and updating yourself daily. Never forget that this is a flexible and changing social network as it launches new features, improvements, and opportunities for businesses repeatedly that you will need to know, analyze and know how to use to become obsolete.

It will also be vital that you know how to set your service rates well to find the right balance between supply and demand depending on what that service is, your experience and dedication, and the type of client you are targeting. This will also help you calculate how much you can earn as a digital marketing consultant. For this task, we recommend that you consult the results of our study How much do Community Managers and Marketing Consultants make? from which we extract the most relevant data below:

How to make money with Facebook, and how much to charge for your services?

How can I use Facebook to make money with my eCommerce?

If you have an online sales business, you will find in this social network great possibilities for growth that you can exploit to the fullest if you manage to properly combine your eCommerce website with the options of online shopping on Facebook, Facebook Pixel, catalogs, and Facebook Ads. Here is a brief explanation of what each of these tools can do for you:

Online shop on Facebook: It is about creating a tab within your fan page that will serve as a shop to show your products. You can add new products, communicate with customers, receive statistics, make sales and manage your orders directly if you are in the USA. In this way, you could even forget about the creation and maintenance of your web-ecommerce. However, it is not advisable to make your business depend exclusively on this sales channel. Facebook Ads: Segment your buyer personas, create attractive campaigns and sales funnels and invest to achieve better results. Facebook Catalogues: This allows you to upload all your products to Facebook to make dynamic and collection ads and tag products in Facebook and Instagram posts. Facebook Pixel: Its installation on your web-commerce will allow you to track the most important events that the user reaches on your website and advertise depending on the stage of the funnel in which each potential customer is.

How to make money with Facebook, and how much to charge for your services?

Can you make money on Facebook with “likes”?

Although the answer to this question is yes, we are sorry to warn you that we will not give you this secret formula to make money with Facebook for one reason only: It’s not right! From a business point of view, it is unethical against Facebook’s policies to sell or buy “likes.”

As you can see, there is no such thing as a quick way to make money with Facebook. Nothing is free and easy. You will need an excellent online marketing strategy, organization, and knowledge of Social Media, especially Facebook Ads. So, if you are willing to invest your time and train yourself, we recommend starting with this free Facebook Ads Starter Course. 

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