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How to make money with ClickBank step by step in 2020?

Looking for a guide on how to make money with ClickBank? If so, this is

What is ClickBank? ClickBank (CB) is an online marketplace that connects publishers/web admins with affiliate marketers. This article provides updated information on how to make money online with Clickbank in 2020.

Clickbank was founded in 1998 and is famous as the largest network in the United States.

If someone is interested in starting affiliate marketing, ClickBank is the perfect place. It’s easy to get started and unlike competing platforms. It is a larger marketplace and provides publishers with an excellent secure payment system and effective affiliate materials.

Article index

  • How to get started with Clickbank?
  • How do you choose the right product to promote?
  • How to find products on ClickBank?
  • Step 1: Find the categories.
    • If you are doing affiliate marketing with a website:
    • If you do affiliate marketing without a website:
    • What to do with my categories?
  • Step 2: gravity filter
    • What is gravity, and why is it important?
    • How do I configure my gravity filter?
    • Step 3: review product metrics
    • Step 4: visit the sales pages.
  • How to promote ClickBank products?
    • Don’t go straight to using banners and direct links.
    • Focus on contextual text links
    • Write product reviews and comments.
    • Develop funnel tactics
    • Comparison of products
    • Track your products
  • conclusion

How to get started with Clickbank?

Content creators or marketers upload their products to the ClickBank marketplace and set a commission percentage. The affiliate, I mean they choose a product to promote and create an exclusive link for the sales page of that product. You can embed this unique link on a blog or website, post it on social media, or include it in an email to a subscriber list; the options are varied.

When customers click on your link and purchase the product, they are rewarded with an affiliate commission. The rest goes to the seller. Everything is pretty straightforward. So it is not so easy to determine which products to promote and how to enable them.

The other option is to create your digital product and upload it to the CB platform to sell it. You can sell yourself and capture affiliates who sell the product for you in exchange for a commission. Of course, this is a bit more complicated, but you are in complete control of your product. It should be a goal to follow if you want to experience the Internet entirely.

How do you choose the right product to promote?

If you are reading this guide, you probably already have a website or plan to create one. Your website must be targeted at a specific niche.

It is convenient because it will be tough to sell a product to “grow the buttocks” on a video game page.

Going to a specific audience will have a better chance of selling a product. And a little advice: “Never try to sell; rather, it helps to find solutions to a problem.”

Do you understand me? I hope so because your success depends on it. If you ignore me, you will start to sell a lot.

To find products that fit your niche, you should start a keyword search related to the place using tools like Keyword Planner, Google AdWords, Keyword, or others on your network.

Do not underestimate this step; an excellent KEY study can generate many dividends. Maybe your website is acne.

Searching for ” Acne ” shows several high-volume keywords, such as ” quick acne cures ” and ” juvenile acne recipes .”

Then, by searching for keywords on Clickbank, you can find relevant and related products. You can search for the best Clickbank niches 2020 from the search box in the market.

best clickbank niches 2020
  • $ / Initial Sale: Refers to the average amount an affiliate earns for each sale.
  • % / Sale: is the average commission rate generated by all sales of a vendor’s products.
  • Gravity: is short for gravity, which incorporates the number of affiliates who earned a commission for promoting the product in the last 12 weeks.
  • Average Total Billing: Refract refers to the average amount of affiliate commission that generates money due to new invoices. Renewals are recurring products like memberships or subscriptions.
  • Avg% / Rebilling: is the average commission rate obtained only for rebilling.

Once you find a product that suits your niche, you need to evaluate ClickBank’s indicators. Beneath each product, there are several statistics, and understanding what they mean is critical in the decision-making process. To make money with Clickbank, first, understand the terms given in each Clickbank product.

A general rule of thumb is to choose a product with a severity score of at least 20. Suppose you can find one over 50, even better. But be careful when you hit the triple digits.

This means that the product has intense competition, so make sure you are prepared. You can also read product reviews to gauge public opinion.

Are there many complaints? Are there enough refunds? Make sure the answer is no.

Before choosing a product, check the sales page. Is it something you can read?

Is it well written and well designed?

Many sales pages are junk, so sales are wrong even if the product is good, and you may have to cut through the weeds before you find something worth promoting.

And, of course, make sure the product generates recurring commissions.

At ClickBank, affiliate programs pay a hefty commission based on your commitment.

How to find products on ClickBank?

To make money with ClickBank, the leading marketplace for digital products on the web, it is filled with thousands of different products that you can promote heavily if you are in the world of affiliate marketing.

Some products are wrong, some are normal, and a much smaller selection is good. Choosing the right product at ClickBank can mean the difference between making little or no money or having a bank account full of cash.

This is especially true once you start building more extensive lists of good traffic numbers – a simple product switch to something that becomes even 1% better could bring in much extra money.

How to make money with ClickBank?

Step 1: find the categories.

Once you have reached the Marketplace tab to make money with ClickBank, the first option you face is: Which category should you choose first? The answer to this question depends on whether you already have your website up and running. I will walk through two scenarios:

If you are doing affiliate marketing with a website:

Since you already have a website up and running, it should be pretty easy for you to choose the categories that best suit your audience.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is the focus of your website, your “niche”?
  2. What categories of the ClickBank marketplace do your chosen niche products have? For example, if you have a website for weight loss, you might consider the following main categories:
  • Health & Fitness
  • Cooking, food, and wine
  1. Who would be most interested in my website?
  • For example, if your audience is male, female, or both? A rough idea of ​​age? What interest rates do they have?
  1. What else could anyone be interested in hearing that?
  • For example, if your audience is predominantly women ages 18-45 with interest in weight loss, you might also consider:
    • Self-help
    • Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs
    • Home & Garden
    • Parenthood and family
    • Languages

It depends on the theme or features of your website and what you think your audience would be interested in.

Make a list of your possible categories in order of relevance to your audience.

You can do this on paper, in a Word document, or on a spreadsheet. Excel allows you to do very cool things.

If you do affiliate marketing without a website:

Make money with Clickbank without a website, don’t worry! Whether you plan to build one or not, you still have a chance to start over, which is very exciting.

The main aspects to consider when choosing your category are:

  1. What are you interested in?
  • It’s much easier to target the categories that interest you, ideally if you know the subject.
  1. What categories will be the most profitable?
  • Do you want to make sure a category has a solid selection of suitable products for you before proceeding?
  • It is good to research this point well before continuing.

You are on the right track if you can find a category that you like with many good products.

You’re the best option once you choose, either on paper or in a Word document. If you plan to build a website, be sure to write down all the categories that cover more or less the same audience.

What to do with my categories?

You want to go through the following steps, starting with the first couple of options on your list and working your way down until you’ve found a handful of good products to promote.

subcategories in clickbank

For this example, I’ll look at the ” Diets and Weight Loss ” subcategory of the main ” Health and Fitness ” category.

Step 2: gravity filter

Of the main category you want to study, the first thing I want to do is set up the “Severity” filter in ClickBank. This allows you to see how successful you are at the moment with any given product.

What is gravity, and why is it important?

The severity is based on the number of members currently earning commissions on a given product. If many different affiliates sell a product, it will be severe. If too few affiliates make sales, it will have low severity.

How do I configure my gravity filter?

Gravity value in clickbank
  • Ideally, look for products with a severity score of at least 6, so you will set this number as the lowest acceptable to you as a filter.
  • Anything below 6 means a product that has very little evidence of success. I’m not saying that low-gravity products can’t be successful; you may be just new and haven’t had a chance to succeed yet. Often though, low gravity just means the outcome… well, shit.
  • Finding the hidden treasure takes a lot of effort and risk, so it’s best to look for higher-gravity first-gravity options.
  • While high severity means a high success rate, it can also mean increased competition. Often this will not be too much of a problem, but for safety, the orientation of high gravity products and a few with medium gravity is considered to achieve the best dispersion.

Step 3: review product metrics

  • Now that you have a list of products with a severity rating of at least 6, it’s time to choose the most profitable products for your final list. So what metrics other than severity indicate a good product?
  • There are a few other metrics available to you on CB. You can find each of them in two places: the filter box on the left, where you can choose to set your preferences, and at the bottom of each list.
  • So let’s define what these stats are and what they mean to you.

Average $ / Sale:

  • The average amount of sales per customer that affiliates make over time.
  • This will include the original product sale but could also have “chargeback” values ​​- people who spend more with the seller after the initial purchase of the product (top sale).
  • While this is the average amount other affiliates make, there is no guarantee that you will do the same.

$ Initial / Sale:

  • The amount that a person would earn from an immediate sale.
  • The initial $ / sale is much safer when considering the value of your profit per sale because it is the amount that you would earn from each sale at the same time. Even if a customer does not purchase other products or subscriptions later, you will pay this amount.
  • You can set a minimum value for this with the filter on the left to ensure you are promoting a product that will make you enough money. For example, you might decide that you don’t want to make less than $ 20 per sale and set the minimum filter there.

Total average rebilling:

  • The average amount people make after their initial purchases (if you buy more).
  • The total average chargeback is each customer’s average purchase amount after the initial investment. This is great because you earn more commissions from the same customer.
  • If you are interested in successful billing options, such as subscription-based products, set the minimum total average chargeback to be greater than ‘0’ (zero). Then start looking for opportunities with a real rebill value of the good, terminals, and the average $ / sale is more significant than $ / initial sale. These are reasonable indications that a product is invoiced correctly.
  • This is just one way to see if sellers are stingy with their commissions, which only leaves a small percentage for you.
  • It is easier for sellers of digital products to give affiliates a higher percentage of the sale price because there is no cost, unlike physical products. Because of this, it is widespread to see ClickBank commission rates around 75%.

Step 4: visit the sales pages.

When a product looks good on paper (or, in this case, on a computer screen), it’s time to see if it works. Good statistics often indicate that the sales page is working, but you should check it out before sending traffic to the sales pages.

To go to a product’s sales page, click on its name.

Video sales are often very effective, so that’s a good sign if a deals page has an appearance. If you have a video, but the content is very compelling, that is very promising. Think about the page layout, copy text, and any bonuses or features offered, such as price discounts or add-on products.

My favorite rule of thumb is this: a great deals page will make you feel good, even if you don’t buy anything.

How to promote ClickBank products?

Now comes the real test to put your strategies to the test: marketing. Marketing your product is by far the most important (and most time-consuming) step on your way to success, which is why many people try to cut corners.

They focus on what they think and not what their customers want. They prioritize sound over intelligence. They assume that shoving a product in the face of a potential customer is perfect for buying it.

But this is not exactly how it works. Here are some tips for promoting your product.

Don’t go straight to using banners and direct links.

Ads like these make a widespread mistake: pre-sales. Pre-sales is the art of building trust and relationships with your customers. It helps you build a relationship and are prepared for an eventual sale. The “Wow, I bought a drink first” marketing mistake is not pre-selling and not being persuasive.

Focus on contextual text links

Contextual text links are embedded in-text links and are well suited for pre-sales. Done right; they don’t feel like promotions at all. It is perceived as a recommendation.

For example, scroll up a few paragraphs and find the link to This is contextual link text. Too bad they don’t pay me if you click on it. I need new shower curtains.

Write product reviews and comments.

Product reviews are like online Ray-Ban affiliate marketing that never goes out of style.

If a customer is interested in a product, they will most likely find reviews for that product, and if you do a compelling study, something that inspires the customer to buy will be very successful.

But because recommendations are so prevalent in Clickbank affiliate marketing, competition is high, and keyword traffic is low.

Working with a particular niche will help you avoid this problem, but you should be prepared to work hard and experience a lot before you see significant increases in traffic, clicks, and conversions.

Develop funnel tactics

As affiliate marketing tactics advance, funnel media are the most complicated and compelling. It works like this:

First, a content article complements a product you are testing for the vendor. For example, if the product is an e-book called The History of Ham, a mini-guide on how to make your ham in strips could be written, created, and offered to you for free.

click on the product title

Then you must use all available resources to direct traffic to the mini-guide. To have access to the guide, they must provide their email address.

The selling point of the history of ham in e-books is at the end of the mini-guide.

If your mini-guide has successfully piqued people’s interest, you will have a good number of purchases.

It also has your emails and can alert customers to other offers.

These funnel media can also be shared.

No one will (hopefully) post a link to a sales page on Facebook, but if you could blog about the mini-guide, that eventually leads to the sales page.

You must maintain a few degrees of separation between the content and the product to share it.

Comparison of products

The closer a person gets to purchase, the more help they need to make their final decision. This is why people love product comparisons.

Like reviews, product comparisons help people evaluate similar products and decide what to buy. But unlike studies, product comparisons put various affiliate products in the customer’s eye. This multiplies your sales opportunities.

Track your products

You can create a unique tracking ID for each product link at ClickBank. This allows you to identify where each sale is coming from (product review, funnel media, email marketing, etc.) and analyze the effectiveness of your promotional strategy.

For example, if you see that you are getting many sales through reviews but not a lot through email marketing, you should re-evaluate your strategy on the latter. Something is wrong.

Add any name you want to the “tracking ID” link to create a tracking ID. But remember, you have to create a new ID for each connection.


ClickBank streamlines the affiliate marketing process and offers thousands of products to choose from.

It’s all up to you to choose the right products and promote them wisely.

Focus on building a customer relationship by providing helpful sales and content to keep them out of control. Clickbank is one of the natural ways to earn money online.

This is a brilliant guide on making money with Clickbank in 2020. Share this guide on Clickbank strategies 2020 with your friends on social media.

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