How to make money on Instagram?

How to make money on Instagram?

Instagram is the network that’s all the rage right now. If you’re an Instagramer and you’re starting to get some audience, maybe you’ve already asked yourself: How to make money on Instagram and monetize your audience?

Instagram has opened up its service to advertising for advertisers, but unlike platforms like Youtube, Instagram doesn’t pay anything back to the content creators and influencers that you are… Plus, since you can’t insert a clickable link in the comment, you can’t easily use solutions with sponsored links.

How to make money on Instagram?
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If you are a super star, you can be contacted directly by the brands and can hope to earn up to 300,000 dollars per post like some top models (yes, it’s true, read the article in Le Point)!

But even if this is not the case, good news: you can still make money with Instagram with ValueYourNetwork!

How to make money on Instagram?

How to monetize your audience on Instagram without being a super star?

The first tip for making money on Instagram may seem very simple, but it’s crucial. You need to build a qualified audience of followers that brands will be interested in and that you can monetize your audience. For this, content is key (“content is king”), it will determine in very large part the success of your audience.

Some tips to build a strong audience on Instagram.

Here are some tips to build your audience and hope to earn money with your Instagram account.

Choose one or more of your interests, passions or expertise for your Instagram account. This will be your common thread: fashion, lifestyle, travel, gastronomy, automotive, sports….
Post content regularly and frequently around these themes, you will then be recognized – legitimately – as an expert in this field.
Put beautiful pictures. The image is the reason for being on Instagram. Be creative, original to stand out from the crowd.
Put comments and especially hashtags related to the image and your interests. Do not hesitate to put several, without falling into the litany of hasthags …

Be involved: answer to the comments of those who react to your publications.
And of course, make your Instagram account known from your other social networks.

By following these tips, you should quickly and naturally build up a nice audience on Instagram of a few thousand, or even tens of thousands of followers.

How to make money on Instagram?

Next, how do you monetize your Instagram audience?

You’ll be able to monetize your audience, ValueYourNetwork will connect you with brands for great collaborations!
The main advantages of ValueYourNetwork are that on the one hand, it’s open to everyone (you don’t have to be a top VIP to earn money with your Instagram account), and on the other hand, you have access to campaigns paid by engagement or in exchange for products. So it’s very simple, and virtuous.
And very important: among all the proposed campaigns, you choose the ones you like and want to relay, in connection with your interests, and you create the content of the post for the brand, respecting the elements of the “brief” of the campaign. This way, it remains sincere, and you feed your community with content that interests them.

Moreover, you can also relay them on your other networks if you wish (Facebook, Twitter…).

Example of a campaign to earn money on Instagram

Beautiful brands trust us for great campaigns on Instagram like Kerastase, Isotoner, Galeries Lafayette, Camizole, Nous & Paname, Nun lingeries, Etam, Calipige, Ikks, etc.

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