How to make money on Facebook: the best methods

Facebook is a hugely popular social network worldwide, with hundreds of millions of active users on it. This social network does not have the same monetization capabilities as others like Instagram or TikTok, but it is another place to make money. However, many users are unaware of how to make money on Facebook today.

Therefore, we will show you how to make money on Facebook. Although this app does not offer as many options for earning money as others, it is a platform that can be monetized continuously, giving good results in the long term. So it is interesting for you to know how it is possible to earn money on it.

1 Requirement to monetize on Facebook

2 Can I monetize my page or group?
3 How to make money on Facebook
3.1 Facebook Ads
3.2 Affiliates and promotions
3.3 Video ads
3.4 Selling products or services
Requirements to monetize on Facebook
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Facebook establishes a series of requirements for monetizing our presence on Facebook. For example, this is only possible via a group or a page on a social network. It is impossible to use a personal profile to earn money on the platform. In addition, the social network has a series of monetization policies for partners. Here, we can see the rules and regulations that are established on the platform to be able to earn money.

How to make money on Facebook: the best methods

These are a series of rules that apply to all content on Facebook pages, events, and groups. As you will see below, the list is quite extensive, but we can summarize it in several points. So you know what is required if you are looking to earn money on the app:

Create the content on a supporting surface (pages, events, and groups).
Residence in an approved country.
Comply with EU rules.
Follow the monetization policies set out on the platform.
Share original and authentic content (no fake news or hoaxes).
Comply with payment conditions.
Monetize authentic interaction.
Follow the conditions for groups, pages, or events on Facebook.
Comply with the rules for governments.
Connect with compliant entities.
Develop an established presence.
Can I monetize my page or group?
Facebook report a problem.
If you have a page or group on the social network, one thing you want to know beforehand is whether you can make money from it. Fortunately, the social network informs us at all times whether we can earn money on a page, whether it is possible to monetize it or not. This is done through Facebook’s Creators Studio, an area for content creators on the social network. It informs users whether their page can be monetized or not. The steps to follow are:

Log in to Creator Studio.
Click on the Monetisation tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
Select the page you want to check if it can be monetized.
Click Apply.
You will then see a page indicating whether you can earn money with your carrier. If the icon on the screen is green, we are ready to monetize that page on Facebook. The yellow color indicates that there may be some drawbacks, so it is better to work on them before you start monetizing. At the same time, the red color is going to tell us that, for the moment, it is not possible to use our page to earn money on the social network. If you have that green color on the screen, you are ready to make money.

How to make money on Facebook: the best methods

Facebook dark mode

Making money on Facebook is a question for many owners of groups or pages on the social network. The good news is that there are several methods we can turn to if we want to be able to monetize a page or group on the platform. So there is bound to be a way that suits you, either based on the content you upload to your account or the type of audience you have on that page or group to earn money.

Several methods will allow you to earn money on the social network. We tell you more about each of them individually so that you know more about them and what they consist of and be able to choose the ones that best fit what you need in your account on the app.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to make money. It’s an investment that will give you a boost in terms of visibility and reach for your posts on the social network and being something that works well. This method will allow you to get more people outside your circle of followers, so you will be able to notice how your audience is expanding on the social network, something essential for the future.

Ads are also a potent tool, which allows us to adjust these ads a lot. We can plan them at all times; we can choose the audience we want to target (specifying, in this case, aspects such as age, gender, interests, level of studies, or many more) so that we reach an exact audience. In addition, we can choose when we want these ads to be published.

In addition, we must not forget that Facebook is currently a giant in online advertising, so it is a place where it will be exciting for us to make ads, especially if we are looking to expand the audience of our group or page. This will translate into more income in the future; it is something that we must do at all times. Each page has a section where you can create your ads to start testing this option.

Affiliates and promotions
Another method that works very well is affiliate links or products. You may promote the development of a brand that has paid you for collaboration on your Facebook page, and in that post, you put a link to buy that particular product. That link will be an affiliate link, so the brand will be able to see that there are people who have reached that product thanks to your Facebook post, and you may have generated sales thanks to your post.

In addition, it is also possible to promote products from different brands. A brand will pay you money to upload a post on your page on the social network where you will talk about one of their products. This is a sponsored post, which can help people buy that product, and you will be able to earn money in this way. Since that brand will pay you for this sponsored post that you upload, plus there can be a commission if you generate sales, for example. It’s something that works well for making money.

How to make money on Facebook: the best methods

Video ads

How to make money on Facebook: using ads on the videos you upload. This is a popular method that works very well for generating income. These are short ads added at the beginning or end of your videos on the social network, either before the content starts or right after it ends. This is another way in which you will be able to generate revenue on your Facebook page.

The social network can also identify the natural breaks in the content, so they will also know where to add those ads at all times. As the owners of the page and responsible for that content, we will also be able to choose the placements and color those ads where we think they will work best, for example, so that more people will see them or more people will click on them it.

The revenue you get is somewhat variable because it will depend on several factors. The video’s number of views will influence the revenue generated, as will the advertiser, as some companies will pay more than others to place their ads on your videos. This is an option that works mainly for longer videos.

Selling products or services.

Facebook social media
Another option that many people resort to on the social network is selling products directly on their pages. This is another way to earn money and be another place where you can sell your products if, for example, the page you have on the social network is that of a real shop. This is a way that many people use nowadays, mainly because it allows them to reach a broader and more varied and global audience, which otherwise would not have contact with this brand or shop. So it is another way in which you can earn money on Facebook without too much hassle with your products or services. It’s not something that everyone will be able to do, but it works well.

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