How to Make Money on Facebook: See 13 Ways to Monetize

Are you looking for new opportunities for extra income on the internet? Then it’s time to learn how to make money on Facebook.

This social network is full of opportunities for those who want to undertake or learn more about digital marketing.

Even with the growth of Instagram and much discussion about the future of Facebook, the fact is that it is still the most accessed social network in the world.According to Statista, there are 2.41 billion users currently.

So, it’s not today or tomorrow that Facebook will stop being one of the most potent advertising and monetization channels.

Believe me: some people live exclusively from it—many people.

Want to be the next to discover how to make money on Facebook? Then this content can help.

I built an article not for those who believe that money grows on trees or comes out of the tap, like water, but for those who dream of having a good income and working without leaving home, making your schedule.
I will present the best opportunities to make money on Facebook in this context.

Feel free to choose the ones that best match your skills, needs, and current prospects.

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How to Make Money on Facebook: See 13 Ways to Monetize

13 ways to make money on Facebook

Before talking about how to make money on Facebook, I must be honest in giving you some advice: constantly be updated.

After all, changes in the social network are constant.

I say this because you need to know about it, its resources, and its strategies to get financial returns through the platform.

So, to master monetization on Facebook, all you need is dedication and study.

Of course, if you have resources to invest in campaigns, that will help a lot. But I will show you in this post that it is also possible to do well without exceeding the budget.

To help you on this mission, I’ve prepared a list with some tips to turn your presence on the web into an opportunity for extra income.

1 Sell pages

Have you ever seen a page you follow on Facebook change its name from one moment to the next? It could be that it has been sold.

Yes, it’s true that Facebook pages make money and that the more followers you have and the more segmented they are, the higher the amount paid in the deal.

But as all is not flowers, you also have to consider the risk involved. After all, the number of times a page can change its name is limited.

If you are interested in increasing your profitability with the sale of pages, create as many fan pages as necessary and dedicate yourself to capturing fans without haste.

As the process may take time, you should be careful with the content and strategies to gain new fans and likes.

2 Become a social network professional

man typing on the laptop under a table with a Facebook application login page on the screen

I have realized that you have quite a command of Facebook and basic knowledge of digital marketing?

Then you can become a social media professional: a profession known in the market as “social media.”

Those who work with social media management primarily aim to help companies connect with the public, achieving their strategic objectives.

This also means gaining new customers and retaining existing ones.

If that’s what you want, go for it without fear.

You can be self-employed or apply for jobs in digital marketing agencies.

In the first case, it might be good to open a CNPJ as MEI (Microempreendedor Individual) to formalize your business.

In the second case, please take the opportunity to explore the jobs section located within Facebook itself.

How to Make Money on Facebook: See 13 Ways to Monetize

3 Manage your ads on Facebook

option to create an ad on Facebook on a smartphone screen

Want a tip to know how to make money with Facebook ads?

If your thing is to advertise and know how to sell like no one else, you can become an online media specialist.

This is a professional who works only with managing ads on the social network through Facebook Ads, a specific platform for this.

Considering that Facebook’s organic exposure is getting smaller and smaller, paid media has become increasingly important in this channel.

the future of Facebook ads

4 Broadcasting messages from other brands

When looking at your Facebook feed, have you ever noticed that a popular page you follow has featured posts from other brands?

This is an influencer marketing strategy and is called a public post.

Please take advantage of the influence a page has on followers to promote content to them.
Are you in doubt about how to monetize your Facebook page?

You need to know the personas that frequent your page and their pains, needs, and interests to get it right.

The more you know your audience, the easier it will be to sell a space so that other brands can generate value for these users.

5 Sharing ads as an affiliate

In affiliate marketing, you can affiliate with as many companies as you want and receive a commission on your sales.

It is a good option for those who want to work with internet sales or increase the promotion of online products.

Facebook is one of the most used channels to share ads as an affiliate and can bring significant results in sales.

But, of course, to succeed in this journey, it is necessary to know how to show that such products and services can generate value for the public.

I know I sound repetitive talking about this, but everything is a question of value, of the user seeing an advantage in that.

There is no more room for strategies that seek to push a product or service on the customer.

How to Make Money on Facebook: See 13 Ways to Monetize

6 Opening a shop on Facebook

All you need to open a shop on Facebook is a fan page.On it, you can sell the products you want or even let go of things you no longer use.

It works like e-commerce within the social network itself.

Want to start yours? Then follow this step by step guide on how to open a shop on Facebook:

Go to your fan page settings
Click on Models and Guides
Change the default template to the Shopping Template in the Edit button
Click on View details and Apply Template.
Done! The shop will appear on the left menu of your Facebook page.

Just register the products you want to sell or integrate your online shop if it was created on Shopify.

7 Using Facebook Marketplace

Launched in 2018, Facebook Marketplace is like a giant online mall where any social network user can buy and sell products or services.

A suitable option for those who want to learn how to make money on Facebook by selling new or used items.

Want to test the idea and make your first ad there? Just click on the Marketplace option and then the Sell an item button.

To enhance your ad, you can insert photos of the product, set the selling price, choose the category it fits, and even make a description of it.

8 Selling through Messenger

female hand holding smartphone with messenger application login option on the screen

Are you shy and prefer to make money on Facebook without announcing that you are doing it to the four winds?

Then, opting for sales via Messenger may be the best alternative. There, the approach is more direct.

Just create a catalog with the products or services you want to sell and go through the list of friends or users who may be interested.

With practice, you will be able to improve your commercial approach more and more.

Bonus tip: if you approach to contact and make it clear that they are not interested right away, do not force the issue. This will only damage your image in the market and the social network itself.

How to Make Money on Facebook: See 13 Ways to Monetize

9 Selling products

Whether in campaigns or publications, selling products on Facebook is the most used way to monetize the social network.

If you already have a page with a good amount of fans, even better.

Are you just starting? No problem!

You can resort to the help of sponsored campaigns to advertise products and increase conversions into sales.

The advantage is that it allows a specific segmentation of the target audience you want to reach.

10 With game streaming

a digital influencer in the middle of game streaming

Do you enjoy games and think you would do well in live broadcasts? Know that this is another possibility if you want to know how to make money on Facebook.

In September 2018, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network launched a platform to monetize game streaming in Brazil: Level Up.

The program works through Facebook Stars, a feature that allows viewers to rate the broadcast with a certain number of stars.

For each star received, Facebook will pay $0.01 (about 0.04 reais).

Are you interested in signing up? Then, find out the criteria to participate at

11 With a sales group

The Facebook sales groups work as communities of people interested in a common subject.

They are spaces for exchanging tips and information.

An example? Buying and selling used furniture.

To make money this way, you have two alternatives: create your group or search for groups linked to the commerce in your region.

If you prefer the first one, the income can come in three ways: affiliate program, sale of advertising space, or the sale of your products and services.

Do you want to sell in groups that already exist, so you don’t have all the work of starting from scratch?
In this case, all you have to do is search for the communities you are interested in on the social network’s search field, join them and start publicizing what you want.

Their names are usually formed by the structure [Subject – Neighborhood – City].

How to Make Money on Facebook: See 13 Ways to Monetize

12 Writing a digital book

If getting a book published was a lot of work and expensive in the past, the cost is significantly reduced thanks to electronic books, the ebooks.

Practically anyone can publish a digital book, provided they have a good idea.

Here are some tips for writing an ebook from scratch:

Write on an authoritative subject so that the book has more credibility
Choose the publication (PDF format with password or CreateSpace, for example)
Promote your work on the internet (besides Facebook, you can also explore the Free Market)
Be creative in trying to get the attention of potential readers
Work with affiliate marketing to increase results.

13 even looking for security holes in the social network

Check this out: if you understand internet security, you can find out how to make money on Facebook in a way unlike any other.

You have to dig into the social network to search for security holes and vulnerabilities in the platform’s services.

That’s right: Facebook offers financial rewards for those who find security flaws in the social network.

This is an initiative of the Bug Bounty program that offers at least $500 as a reward.

What not to do
number of likes on a Facebook app post

Are you curious to find out what you should not do when making money on Facebook?

Well, come on, I’ll explain it to you right now:

Never buy or sell likes.
Although many people are interested in learning how to make money on Facebook with likes, buying likes violates Facebook’s Editorial Guidelines.

It can even lead to the closure of an account or deletion of the page on the social network.

So, as much as it may seem like an easy way to make that extra cash, forget the idea.

Buying likes will affect the organic reach of the fan page and bring down its respective EdgeRank.

So, the results are neither positive for those who buy nor those who sell.

To be successful on the social network, you need to keep in mind that Facebook Marketing works from two pillars: segmentation and relationship.

So, record what you read now for life: for a page to become a reference, it must have a high degree of engagement of followers and not just a large number of fans.


Did you see the variety of opportunities to make money on Facebook the right way and without breaking any social network guidelines?

If your question was how to monetize ads, clicks, or pages, I just offered 13 options.

Now, it’s up to you to choose the most viable alternative and move forward to achieve your financial goal!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on what’s new on Facebook.

I guarantee that, in some time, there will be many new possibilities for entrepreneurs and sell through this robust social network.

Did you have any questions about making money on Facebook or have an exciting experience sharing ways to monetize your presence on the social network?

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