How to make money on Facebook Gaming 6 ways

How to create the page and set up streaming
The first thing to do is create a page focused on gaming videos; the tool is distinct from the traditional page tool, although it is managed similarly.

Go to;
Under “Page Name,” enter the name you wish to use for the page;
Under “Category,” keep the default “Game Video Creator”;
Click on “Continue.”
That done, the page is created.

Optionally, you can turn your profile into a page. But in doing so, you will lose direct interactions with other users.

Streamlabs OBS / How to make money on Facebook Gaming
You can make broadcasts for Facebook Gaming with Xsplit, one of the most straightforward software; OBS Studio, an open-source program with many features, only more complex; and Streamlabs OBS, usually recommended by Facebook.

How to make money on Facebook Gaming 6 ways

How to make money on Facebook Gaming
As with YouTube, Twitch, and other services, monetization on Facebook Gaming is reserved for platform partners through its monetization rules.

The feature is closed to pages that are evaluated and, if eligible, will be allowed to earn money.

The basic requirements are:

Have a minimum of 10,000 followers;
Have at least 30,000 views in videos longer than 3 minutes,
for at least 1 minute.
There are also some policies on what can’t be done, such as static or low-motion videos, text or image montages, and controversial content (sexual, substance abuse, hate speech, illegal activities, etc.), which all can lead to reduced earnings or demonetization of the page.

For the rest, the tips for making money on Facebook Gaming are the same for any other platform:

1 Take care of your visual identity

Facebook Gaming / How to make money on Facebook Gaming
Give a lot of attention to the avatar (use a photo of yourself, people connect more to other people) and the background image, preferably original, and that helps to identify you immediately. This way, you don’t risk being confused or forgotten.

How to make money on Facebook Gaming 6 ways

2 Always publish new content

New contents / How to earn money on Facebook Gaming
Channels that are not always up to date tend to be forgotten. Publish new videos and conduct frequent live broadcasts. Preferably with a fixed day and time, to create a habit in the followers. Always meet deadlines so as not to disappoint fans.

3 Bet on popular games

Simple and complicated at the same time. If, on the one hand, betting on games with a large number of viewers allows you to absorb part of the public from other channels, at the same time, this same public may not be interested in “one more.” Less popular games can make your page a niche channel.

So this step is closely linked to the next one, which is…

Be original

Lights out and one on / originality
Offering “more of the same” will only make you one more in the crowd. Always look for unique interactions and unusual ways to convey. This can be done to differentiate yourself among streamers of a top-rated game or to stand out by publishing less sought-after titles. You need to “sell your fish” and use other social networks to attract more audiences to your page.

How to make money on Facebook Gaming 6 ways

4 Show your face

Ryan McQuire / man wearing a Groucho Marx mask and cigar / Pixabay
Always try to show your face to allow the audience to know you and see your reactions. In some cases, wearing masks adds originality to content, but it’s a precarious move and only appeals to this if you don’t want to show your face in public but will have to compensate in other ways.

5 Conquer your audience

Bruno Contrino / Facebook Gaming booth at BGS 2019 / UOL
Talk to viewers, answer questions, congratulate them when they become followers of the page during broadcasts, publicly thank those who make donations and create situations that encourage them to leave comments (pages with more interactions are more recommended). Do not play quietly, or you will be a boring streamer.

But, don’t be repetitive and use an organic approach when asking viewers to spread the word with likes, comments, and shares. If you are charismatic, you can turn your audience into a small army.

How to make money on Facebook Gaming 6 ways

6 Play with others

Lan Gaming
Playing alone is interesting up to a point and for specific types of games. The most popular ones, however, value teamwork. That is why it is crucial to create multiplayer broadcasts. Invite other streamers, using the classic “the union makes the force,” to promote several channels simultaneously. But, it is also interesting to create actions to play with your followers and strengthen engagement.

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